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Saffron Bun Recipe


200 g butter

5 dl milk

2 packets (1 g) saffron

1 sugar cube

1 packet (50 g) yeast

a pinch of salt

1 dl sugar

3 tbsp luke-warm water

2 eggs

15 dl all purpose flour

1.5 dl raisins + raisins for garnish

1 egg for brushing



Melt the butter, pour in the milk and make sure it's luke-warm at about 37 degrees. In a mortle and pestle, grind saffron and the sugar cube before adding it to the mixture. Crumple up the yeast in a bowl and add sugar, salt and the water before you stir. After, pour in the saffron milk, add the eggs and mix again. Leave out about 1 dl of the flour for powdering your surface and dough later. Mix in raisins and the other 15 dl of flour. After the dough is properly combined, cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave it to rise for 1 to 1.5 hours. While the dough is rising, turn the oven to 260 degrees and cover two baking trays with baking paper. When the dough has risen, place it on a floured baking board and knead it lightly. Separate the dough in half then divide each of those into four pieces before dividing those into four separate pieces. Roll out each dough piece and make an "S" shape before popping it on a baking tray. Garnish the buns with two raisins and let them rest for about ten minutes. Brush the buns with egg and put them in the oven for up to eight minutes. Let them rest under a towel. And voila, enjoy!




Lovely Adventsfika

Last Saturday, I had a few friends over for "adventsfika". We had a wonderful time and were absolutely knackered when we'd finished gabbing over tea, mulled wine and sweet treats like saffron buns, marzipan figures, gingerbread, toffee, ice chocolates and such.




Black and Grey Comfort

Sweater - Brandy Melville, Pants - Monki, Shoes - Adidas, Bag - Fotografiska, Scarf - ZARA

In winter it is so difficult to put together a cute outfit that still keeps you warm. Today was one of those days when comfort and warmth was my main priority so a sweater and (very thin) sweatpants it is! Although you can't see it in the photos, there is a little alien on the sweater that makes it a little more unique and adorable. Side note: only just realising now that you can see my kitten eating her breakfast in the background of my photos ahaha, she's so cute!




Winter Tag

Favourite winter nail polish?

I like a classic white or dark warm red


 Favourite winter beverage?

Well, I do love coffee but for a seasonal flare, I love to go for Nespresso's Christmas capsules. Other than that I also love mulled wine with almonds and raisins along with julmust.


Most worn winter clothing pieces?

Probably my black winter jacket from Vero Moda and my black American Apparel tennis skirt


Most worn winter accessories?

My gold Brandy Melville ear jackets that look like two arrows, my black mocha choker and my black Vagabond Chelsea boots.


What are your plans for the holidays this year?


I'm planning on working, writing for this very blog and spending plenty of time with family since my dad is coming up fro Australia. I also want to enjoy the holiday season by Christmas shopping, watching Christmas films, eating Christmas treats etc.


Favourite winter scent/candle?

Recently, I found a lovely cinnamon candle from Lagerhaus for about 59 SEK, such a steal!


All time favourite Christmas movie? 

Definitely Love Actually, my all time favourite movie. So sweet and so heartwarming, definitely worth a watch.


Favourite holiday treat?

Oh god, that is impossible to decide... Saffron buns, gingerbread and toffee I think!


Favourite winter lip product?

I like a classic red lipstick or a warm brownish red and loads of lip balm of course!


Favourite Christmas songs?

White Christmas, Auld Lang Syne, All I Want For Christmas Is You and Mer Jul.


What's at the top of your wish list?

Uhm probably Rebecka Minkoff's black mini M.A.C and Ray-Ban's gold n' round sunglasses.



My Gift Guide

Artistic/Urban Outfitters lover

Gift Ideas for the Artistic type

These gifts range in prices so pick and mix as you choose! A few ideas are as follows: a camera (either SLR or Analog) or polaroid (I recommend the Instax mini 90, mainly because its the one I wish I got instead of the mini 8) or some Instax or 36mm film. Coffee table books are always a fun like How to be a Parisian, Bad Girls throughout History or How to be Mindful. A record player is a nice expensive gift but some records are also fun if the person in question already has one. Notebooks and customisable books are also great, by customisable books I mean travel journals, "letters to my future self", mindfulness colouring books etc. At Urban Outfitters you can also get cute little kits like the bonsai tree kit (as seen above) or one of those pothead or cactus kits. Posters and art are a nice idea like the travel scratch map above where you scratch off the gold from any country you've been to. Something that I always appreciate and know is popular among artsy people are art supplies like sketch pads, new/more paint, new brushes etc.



Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

When it comes to clothes, you want to be really careful with sizes, that's why I personally avoid buying clothes for other people since they may not like the style or it may be the wrong size and it's so awkward to ask fo a receipt. I usually go for jewellery and things that are one size or are supposed to be oversized such as statement earrings, midi rings, classic and simple necklaces, hats (I personally like sailor caps and broad rimmed hats) or bags. There are many brands that are reasonably priced yet unique and well made like ZARA, Pop and Suki and Kate Spade. If you are unsure, GO FOR GIFTCARDS. I can't say that enough, it may be boring but it's better to let the person in question choose for themselves instead of getting something that they'll never use.



Gift Ideas for the Foodie

Great for anyone who likes cooking, baking, food or who's just moved out (so pretty much anyone). Gift ideas: cookbooks, kitchen appliances like a Kitchen Aid or a coffee machine like a Nespresso or percolator. Other ideas include cute coffee mugs, pretty baking accessories and chocolate or truffles. Yum! If you want something more DIY-able, bake some sweets like biscuits or toffee and package them up in a cute box with a sweet note, tissue paper and some ribbon. Another idea is to create a "cookie batch in a jar" which is done by putting dry ingredients to your chosen recipe in a mason jar along with the full recipe and voila!



General Gift Ideas

These gifts are more for anyone, just basic things that the majority of people seem to like, need or use that can range in price according to your relationship. Some of these include LUSH products (make sure they have a bath tub before buying any bad products), a 2017 calendar, candles, fun board games like Cards Against Humanity, earphones, phone cases and TV box sets or subscriptions for e.g. Netflix, Spotify or a magazine. If you want something more personal, I suggest creating a photo album with pictures of you two along with sweet notes and memories or a wall calender customised with your own photos. Hope this post gave you some ideas!




My Favourite Christmas Calenders

Lassemajas Detektivbyrå

This Christmas calendar is about Lasse and Maja who run a detective bureau and help the local police officer to solve crimes. I grew up reading the books so when it became 2006's calendar I was ecstatic. I grew so nostalgic writing this post and couldn't find it online or on youtube so I ordered the Dvd from some website and am going to pick it up when I finish writing. Can't wait to watch it again after 10 years!


Hotell Gyllene Knorren

This is my absolute favourite calendar of all time. I have seen it so many times that I can almost quote it. This one is about a family who move from Stockholm to the country where they open a hotel and struggle to keep it open. I also ordered this Christmas calendar online and am sooo excited!


Barna Hedenhös Uppfinner Julen 

The best recent Christmas calendar since the last two haven't been so good. That calendar was also an adaptation of a series of children's books that I read as a kid and have very fond memories of. Love!


Pelle Svanslös

I think I got this as a Christmas present from my parents as a kid and watched it obsessively, only a few years ago did I realise that it was a Christmas calendar and not just a great movie, it is so well done.




This is one of the first Christmas calendars that I saw when I'd moved to Australia and was nostalgic as a little nine-year-old. It was a remake of the TV series about two superheroes and I remember really enjoying it, I think you can find this one on Youtube if you're interested!





Best Christmas Movies

Love Actually

Love Actually is my absolute favourite movie and the fact that is is a Christmas movie just makes it even better! It is such a sweet and heartwarming film about people with connected timelines. It shouldn't just be overlooked as a "chick flick" (hate that word) because it is an incredibly well-done movie that is very intelligent, funny, festive and moving.


The Polar Express


A super sweet movie with a lovely ending about a boy who takes a train to the North Pole. During the movie, he goes on a festive adventure where he learns about friendship, bravery and the love of Christmas.


The Grinch

A Christmas classic based in Whoville. It is about the bitter Grinch who plans on ruining Christmas for all of Whoville's citizens. A great and funny movie!


Mer om oss i Bullerbyn gif

This is for my Swedish readers, if you were anything like me, your childhood was all about Astrid Lingren and Barna i Bullerbyn. The movies were my favourite growing up, the first one being about summer and autumn with the second movie covering the Christmas season. Such a lovely film for nostalgia.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is more of a movie in between Halloween and Christmas since it relates to both. I've written about this movie so many times that it's not even funny since it is in my second favourite movie of all time!


Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton

An old school Christmas classic for all the Swedes out there. You've probably already heard of this movie if you are or speak Swedish so enough said, watch it! 


It's a Wonderful Life

This is a movie that I've heard about every year and never actually seen, until this month and now I completely understand the hype. It is such a festive and lovely movie that makes you feel so warm inside.



This movie gives me a little anxiety but its worth it for the great acting of Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. It is a great movie about a human elf who leaves the North Pole for the US and is a little naive about American culture and the lack of belief in Santa.


Sex and the City 1

You may not think that this is a Chrismas movie but this is the best time of year to watch it! The four girls get on with their lives as the seasons go by and by Christmas and New Year, the movie comes to a heart-warming conclusion that makes me cry every time. Hope this post helps you Christmas cheer!




Saffron Bun Bake

This was my evening last night, baking "lussebullar" for my adventsfika with a few close friends. If you remember my post from the first of December (How to have the best Christmas), I wrote that about the idea to bake Christmassy treats with atmospheric Christmas music in the background, so so I've done. Hope you all have time to bake some delicious treats yourselves, it's worth it. Psst: expect a recipe in a few days!




Best Christmas Music

Some of my favourite Spotify playlists for the Christmas season. In order: a great well-rounded Christmas list, Christmas classics, classical Christmas music, Lucia music, my personal Christmas playlist and finally a more cosy and acoustic Christmas playlist. Enjoy!




Meet Me At: Il Caffe

Hello, fellow coffee lovers!

It's been a while since we met up at a cafe but now I'm back again, providing another relaxed review of a coffee shop here in Stockholm. Today we're meeting an Il Caffe. They have four locations but I will be talking about their cafe near Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm.

Il Caffe is a trendy cafe in Södermalm with a unique vibe due to its environment and decor. The cafe consists of several rooms whose walls are covered in art and posters. The main accents of the cafe are orange, a greyish-blue tone and black. The floors are variations of tile while the walls are a mix of grey, white and blue. Within the cafe, there is also a little bakery called Brödbutiken and a flower shop. In the far end, there is a quiet room with several small tables perfect for anyone who needs a quiet place to work or study. This is where I'll be headed next year when finals are on their way.

Who would I bring here: Since this cafe is so close to my school, I often go here with my lovely friend Alice or I'd go here by myself to study one afternoon.

The crowd: Hipsters, locals with strollers and coffee enthusiasts.

Internet: Yes, the code is listed right atop the counter.

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Great strong coffee that doesn't sway too far to either the acidic or basic side. Although I'd prefer mugs for lattes rather than glasses, just a personal choice. 7/10.

Sweets: Since they have a bakery in tow, their baked treats are aplenty so you have so much to choose from. Favourites of mine include their saffron and cinnamon buns.

Location and hours: Södermannagatan 23, 11640 Stockholm. A ten-minute walk from both Medbograrplatsen and Skanstull. Monday to Friday: 08-20. Saturday and Sunday: 09-19.

Overall rating: I love the feeling of productivity at Il Caffe along with the coffee and the close proximity to my school. I give Il Caffe an 8.5/10.




My Wish/Want List

Wish and Want List
I have a little list of things that I want to purchase for myself so I thought I'd compile them into a lil' collage and share them with y'all. And if any family members are reading, this could serve as some extra inspiration but hey this is more for me. So in a jumbled unorderly order: a cropped turtleneck sweater, Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C, Sailor cap, mum jeans (both black and blue), round Ray-ban sunglasses, Sock boots (these are Mango), Instax and 36 mm film, 1 1/4 inch (32-35 cm ish) curling iron, Hourglass highlighter, coffee table books and art supplies.


NK Christmas Decorations

 There is an air of wonder about the large department store, the tall building is covered in lights and pine garlands that almost creates an illusion of half structure, half Christmas tree and the festive windows gather around its base like colourful gifts for one and for all. The crowds are gathered around the brightly light windows. Everyone wants to see this year's theme. Children run up to glass, their noses almost touching a the observe the colourful life within. They point, ooh and ahh before shuffling down to the next window while their parents pull out a phone to try and capture the moment of childlike wonder. However, the crowds make it impossible to get a perfect shot of the nutcracker-like ballerinas spinning in the forest. Everyone stops to look, whether they're on their way home, rushing to find that perfect gift or taking an evening stroll through the city, they all stand at least somewhat briefly, to survey the spectacle that is the NK Christmas decorations.




How to have the Best Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It is the first of December and no one can deny that 'tis the season. So to celebrate my love for Christmas, I am going to have a new post up every day for the month of December with recipes, gift ideas, Christmas movies and festive activities! This is a list that I've compiled, specifically for Stockholmers but it can be applied to anyone. It entails fun things to do to get in the Christmas spirit and I'm going to attempt to do all of the things on my list and document them on this blog so you'll have to check back in every day for something new.


Finding the perfect tree

Imagine: walking through a forest of Christmas trees, smelling that green pine smell that instantly signalling to your brain that the Christmas season is upon us. Buying a Christmas tree is such a staple for me, I have such strong memories from when I was young and my family would go to Zetas or Ulriksdals trädgård to pick out a tree. The darkness would be lit up by garden lights and candles that created such a cosy atmosphere along with their cute cafes providing hot drinks for those needing a rest while picking out whatever it was they needed. It was that feeling, that feeling in the air that covered everything in a Christmas-tinged haze of excitement and the smell of pine trees that sticks with me to this day. And with that trip down memory lane, I definitely think that buying a tree is worth it, even if it's just a little one.


Ice skating in Kungsträdgåren

Here in Stockholm, we have a frozen man-made pond/lake in Kungsträdgården that becomes a cute spot for ice skating during the winter, very festive. I probably won't be ice skating this year because I don't think I have any extra time since I've also lost the touch for ice skating due to living in Australia but maybe next year...


Going to Christmas markets

If you live in Europe, this is most likely a thing that you already do since Christmas markets are very common here. A week or so ago I released a post listing my favourite Christmas markets in Stockholm (find it here) and I also went to the market in Gamla Stan the other day (link here). If there is a market where you live I highly suggest you go since it's a magical affair where the air smells of sugared almonds, the people are milling around the stalls of Christmas gifts and treasures while others sit back and enjoy a cup of steaming mulled wine and maybe a saffron bun. So cosy.


Watching this year's Christmas calendar

Another Swedish cult classic and the first episode came out this morning! I'm writing this post on the 30th of November so I don't know the outcome. I'm planning on getting up a little earlier and watching the first episode with cinnamon porridge and a cup of coffee. If an episode a day isn't enough, check out the previous year's Christmas calendars. I'll have a post up with my favourites in a few days so stay tuned! Last year I also started listening to the podcast Christmas calendar and I definitely think you should too since you can still find the past few years of calendars on the iTunes podcast app. I like to listen to the most recent episode while walking to the bus since it is only about 10 minutes, perfectly matching my walk. My final Christmas calendar related tip is to see the living calendar in "Gamla Stan". I've never been but plan on going at least once. Apparently, every day around 17.00 (just an estimate, since I can't remember the actual time. Google if you're interested), there is a type of scene out of one of the many buildings windows and there is a rush to find it among the locals and tourists milling about. Sounds like such a fun and creative idea!


Seeing the NK Christmas windows

Every year the department store NK has a festive theme in their store windows that attracts a lot of attention. Last year's theme was Christmas through the last 100 years and this year is specifically aimed at children, titled "The Magic Forest"; quite similar to the Nutcracker in theme.


Watching lots of Christmas movies

Yes, we binge watch shows and movies all year round but now you have an excuse: ..its festive...? That counts right... You are perceived as a little strange if you watch Christmas movies all year round (apparently...) so now it time to stay up till 3am every night in a festive frenzy of Love Actually and Home Alone. In about a week I will be sharing my own recommendations in case you run out of movies 'till then.


Baking festive treats

This is something that may seem obvious but taking time out of your schedule to bake something Christmassy is harder than you may think, but as you probably know, the result is worth it. I love baking toffee (knäck), saffron buns (lussebullar), gingerbread (pepparkakor), maybe a gingerbread house (pepparkakshus) and snowball cookies (my favourite synonym for them is Russian tea cakes). Those are my staples that I bake every year but its always fun to try something new so comment if you have any favourite recipes you love. I will be posting some recipies as well on here starting with snowball cookies...


Watching "Luciafirandet" on SVT

Here in Sweden, we have a thing called "Lucia" on the 13th of December and since I was a little kid, my family has watched "Luciafirandet" on SVT almost every year. It so cosy to get up at 7:30 while its still dark outside, make some coffee, warm some mulled wine and some baked Christmassy goods along your breakfast while watching the lucia festivities. If you're not inclined to be up so early (or don't have to), you can still catch up on SVT play whenever you choose.


Make an evening of wrapping presents

I love giving people presents and I also love the process of finding the perfect present through to wrapping it really nicely. That's why I like to have an evening where I settle down with a hot drink, put on a good movie or TV show, gather my equipment and gifts around me and package everything up nicely. It's so much fun and very relaxing to get it all done at once.


Have adventsfika with friends

On saturday I'm hosting a little get-together with a few friends where we'll drink mulled wine, eat saffron buns and have a nice chat. It's fun to organise and bake everything for the relaxed event because now you have an excuse to consume loads of Christmas treats and spend time baking instead of doing homework.


Enjoy a book with a seasonal drink 

What's better than being wrapped up like a burrito in a blanket with a good book or movie along with a steaming cup of coffee while the snow is falling outside your window. Whether you buy one at Starbucks or make one yourself, everyone enjoys a seasonal drink. Later in the month I will have a post with some drink recipies for you to recreate if you're, like me, not inclined to go to Starbucks.


Having a relaxing evening on the 23rd

I don't know if this is something that others are inclined to do so maybe this is just a personal tradition but I like to have a relaxing evening on the night before Christmas: the 23rd of December. Since the month can get quite hectic and I'm usually a little wound up when heading to bed that night (excited yet nervous and a little stressed for the coming day), I like to have a "spa night". By "spa night" I still don't mean anything too drastic since I find it exhausting to do all the prepping and priming. Instead, I like to take a bath with a lush bath bomb, drink some julmust, maybe eat a saffron bun and watch a Christmas movie. After that I may do a face mask and paint my nails for the coming day. Nothing too extreme, just a little beauty routine that helps me relax.




New Instax & 36 mm Film

New film that I'm super excited to shoot with! Stay tuned for the developed final result.




Gamla Stan Christmas Market

A few days ago I went to the annual Christmas market in Gamla Stan that I wrote about a week ago in my post detailing the different markets around Christmas here in Stockholm. It was so lovely with so many lovely stalls selling sweets and treats to passersby, if you haven't been I definitely suggest you go before it gets too hectic before Christmas.




Favourite Vlogmases

Hello, lovely people!

Christmas is coming and with that comes Vlogmas on Youtube! They were first started by Ingrid Nilsen and have been a season staple ever since then. I've been watching all of the main Youtubers Vlogmases for the past few years so I thought I'd share my favourites!


Zoella - 2013

Ingrid Nilson - 2012

Jim Chapman - 2013

Tanya Burr - 2015

Elle Fowler - 2012

Alisha Marie - 2015

Tess Christine - 2015

Meghan Rienks - 2014

As I'm writing this I'm watching Meghan Rienks' 2014 Vlogmas and am a little distracted ahaha, it's just so good! I hope November has been treating you well.





Most Festive Christmas Markets

Hello, lovelies!

Christmas is oncoming and with that comes the festive Christmas markets. I had already written a post covering several markets here in Stockholm but somehow that post disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. So I rewrote it with my favourites; the classics that are always high quality yet cosy and are on the docket for many a Stockholmer every year. Note, these aren't my photos since I didn't have any good photos from last year.


Gamla stan

A classic that started in the 1500s (!!), located in the centre of Gamla Stan, this market is my number one due to the great quality, nice people and festive atmosphere. They're open every day between 11-18 from 21 November to 23 December.



A newer market that has become very successful after its start a few years back. They're open every day between 11-18 from December 1 to 22 December.


Taxinge Slott

Taxinge castle is sixty kilometres outside Stockholm where they have an annual Christmas market with over 100 stalls to look at and buy from. Not to mention that they have an amazing cafe with a dessert buffet. They're only open 10 - 13 November and 17 - 20 November so by the time this goes up, the market may be over, sorry!




An old-fashioned Christmas market with food and festive pieces that started in 1903. You can listen to artists and choirs perform, make Christmas decorations and dance around the tree. They're open every Saturday and Sunday between 10 - 16 between November 28 - December 20.


Sergels Torg

The Christmas market premiered last year and was inspired by the annual Winter Village in Bryant Park, New York. There are several cute stalls selling various touristy items, doughnuts, sugared almonds and caramel apples, yum! The market starts 21 November and goes on till 23 December. Monday - Friday they're open 10 - 20 and on weekends 11 - 18.




OOTD for a Birthday Party

Pinafore - Monki, Blouse - Rosemude, Flats - Marzio, Necklace - Efva Attling

Yesterday we celebrated my lovely cousin Beata's 18th (!!) birthday with a relaxed yet exciting party consisting of the relatives. It was so much fun! I hope your weekend has also been fantastic!




This is Me TAG

At a cafe...

I'm usually there with a friend enjoying a latte and something sweet. I also make sure to take notes if I'm writing a Meet Me At post but otherwise, we just sit there for an hour or so and discuss our lives and anything that we find important or interesting.


In a restaurant...

I'm the person who has trouble deciding what to order, usually choosing between something pasta and something chicken.


In clothing stores...

I'm walking around with earphones in and listening to a podcast as I check out their newest collection. Usually, I've already looked at the new items or the thing I'm looking for online but I usually get sidetracked by a cute blouse or sweater.


On a plane...

I'm sitting there for the whole eight hours or so watching comedy TV shows while everyone else is sleeping. I don't sleep more than two hours on planes and I'm more than okay with that since I'd be happy if sleep wasn't necessary. I usually watch 2 Broke Girls, New Girl or The Big Bang Theory and ask a flight attendant for some snacks and maybe a coke.. flying is when I pig out and do whatever I feel like, I looove flying! 


At school...

I'm very cheerful and try to work hard to keep from getting stressed. I often need to refuel during long days (especially in the winter) with coffee because otherwise I get tired, in a bad mood and just want the day to end and that's not how I want to spend my time.


In a food store...

I'm listening to a podcast as I walk around with my basket and look through my chosen recipes to grab ingredients. I like to just wander and take my time because food shopping makes me feel so organised and puts me in some kind of cathartic state of relaxation.


In the morning...

I'm a morning person, it's my favourite time of day so I'm always chirpy as long as I get about 20 minutes to myself. I jump out of bed into my dressing gown, put the coffee on, turn on a TV show and start getting ready. This is my "me time" in the morning so that when I get to school, I'm very cheerful, positive and friendly while my friends are still a little groggy.


In the evening...

I switch between working on blog posts, writing assignments and watching Youtube or a show. I'm an introvert and after being at school all day, I need to have down time in the evenings by spending time alone.


On the tube...

I'm listening to music and reading a book or listening to one of my podcast faves, either something funny or true crime... Two complete opposites...


Right now... 

I'm drinking tea, petting my kitten Nea and watching GMM while finishing up this post. I'm so tired and heading to bed as soon as I'm done, I hope you're all having a lovely evening!




Meet Me At: Vetekatten

Hello, coffee lovers!

This week we will be meeting at one of my favourite cafes: Vetekatten. They have a large location with a long and proud history here in Stockholm, with thousands of baked goods and refills on coffee, what's not to love?!

Vetekatten is so gorgeous, with a large location (5 rooms and two places to order). The floor is a dark wood in combination with a white marble tile. There are plenty of windows and walls are a cream white with greyish green moulding to add the Victorian touch. All the tables and chairs in the more modern salon are dark wood with a marble tabletop. The room is bright with simple chandeliers hung from a pale blue ceiling with moulding.

Who would I bring here: Anyone and everyone! Since I love this cafe, I've already been there so many times with so many people and they've all loved it, whether they're a blogging friend (like Ida, seen above), my mum or grandmother.

The crowd: I've seen many different types of people here: Stockholmers, tourists, friends meeting for coffee, family meet ups, couples taking a break from shopping etc.. I don't recommend going here to study since it is quite loud and can get a little crowded so it's a little rude to sit at a table by yourself with just a coffee for two hours.

Internet: Yes, two

Toilet: No

Coffee: Vetekatten's coffee is wonderful. It's cheap and comes in large cups with the possibility of refills, incredible! I give their coffee an 8/10.

Sweets: They have such a huge selection since they're also a bakery. Vetekatten provides lots of vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree, dairy free sweets and pastries. See the menu above. If you aren't sure what to go for, choose the Leo bun which is free of everything except sugar. My favourite things to order are their pistachio buns, Danish vanilla pastry, chocolate croissant and rum balls.

Location and hours: Kungsgatan 55, 1122 Stockholm, a 4-minute walk from Hötorget tube. Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 20 while Saturday and Sunday: 09:30 - 19.

Overall rating: Their coffee is great, the service is lovely and their food is fabulous, this probably explains why their always packed and its so hard to get a table. All in all a 9.7/10.




Snowball Cookie Recipe

Hello, luvs!

Today I am sharing one of my all time favourite cookie/Christmas recipes. They are usually called snowball cookies but they're also known as Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cakes. No matter, these little biscuits are delicious and a perfect balance between sweet and salty. Yum!


2 cups flour

1 1/2 cup walnuts

3/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup butter

1/3 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar



First, preheat oven to 162C and line a baking sheet with baking paper. In a medium/small bowl, mix flour and salt. Finely chop the walnuts and add to the dry mixture. In a larger bowl, cream the butter and sugar until lighter in colour and fluffy. Beat in the vanilla then add the dry mixture and beat at a slow speed til a dough starts to form. If it is too dry, just use your hands to form a dough. Roll the dough into a tablespoon sized ball and place on your prepared baking paper. They will only spread a little so you can put them pretty close together. Bake for 17 to 19 minutes, until the tops are pale golden and the bottoms are brown. Make sure to rotate the baking tray halfway through the baking time. Let the cookies cool for about 30 minutes on a wire rack, during this time you can put the powdered sugar in a bag. Place 3 cookies at a time in the bag and gently toss them to cover them in the sugar before shaking off the excess. Let the cookies sit an hour to ten hours before sprinkling more powdered sugar over the cookies to perfect them. And voila! Enjoy!





My October Video

During the summer I created a few cute little videos of my adventures and I had so much fun that I thought I'd continue! So throughout October, I made sure to shoot the little things in my life that make me happy: the changing leaves, Stockholm's architecture, the view from my balcony, my cats and coffee dates with my friends.




How to Become a Morning Person

Get a routine

I love routines. They are predictable and easy to follow. Due to this, you get used to them so they become habits which will be more effective and will then save time in the morning. Thanks to this, you're able to leave decision making to more important things than trivial everyday matters. I like to write a list (i love lists) of what my morning routine will be and things that I need to do when I have little time to ponder over things. My everyday routine is starting my day with coffee, then washing my face, getting ready while listening to a podcast before eating breakfast and heading out the door.


Prepare and plan

The night before (or Sunday before), pick out your outfit for the coming day because there is no pressure of time then. You can take your time putting together pieces instead of grabbing any old t-shirt and jeans. Make sure to plan ahead by checking your schedule and diary for any important events, be aware of important times like when school starts, assessment dates and private events. I have a habit that quells my anxiety which is to check what time school starts, and then seeing my travel time in the Res i Sthlm app (highly suggest this for any Stockholmers) so that I know what time I should get up even though I have the same schedule every week (its just something that calms a trigger of mine). I'd also suggest deciding on your breakfast and laying all the non-fridge foods and utensils out to make it easier for yourself the next day. This helps me eat a proper breakfast instead of just grabbing something and that brings me to my next tip...


Eat a proper breakfast

Don't skip breakfast! Despite it being the most delicious meal of the day, it is also the most important and will give you something to look forward to and get up for in the morning. Hot oatmeal with peaches, honey and cinnamon is my go to (just thinking about it made me a little hungry right now) but I often go for toast with butter and cheese if I have less time or greek yoghurt with muesli, almonds and honey. If I have a lot of time or its the weekend, I like to go for waffles or pancakes. Yum!


Have an early night

This is incredibly obvious but I am surprised by how many people my age complain (or brag) in class about how little sleep they got, deciding not to do anything to help themselves like going to bed at 22.00 instead of 03.00 because they were scrolling through Tumblr. Sidenote: I feel like Tumblr isn't really a thing anymore, it feels like angsty teenagers aren't using it as much as my generation did (woah.. I sound really old and cynical)... Maybe it's just me who's out of it... Anywayyys.. try to change your sleep pattern. An idea is to avoid technology before going to bed, I can't pretend that I do this but I have made sure that all my devices have a function which tints the screen more yellow at night to quell the blue tint that suppresses your production of melatonin. iPhones now have this function that you can adjust but for your computer, I suggest you download F.lux, I love this app! However, I do try to read, write or plan future days so that I can be productive and work on my goal of reading more. Another thing that I suggest is to turn on the "Do Not Disturb" signal on your phone when going to sleep, it won't interfere with your alarm.


Exposure to light

Try to find a light source every morning. Get some sunlight by opening up all the curtains (if the sun is up when you get up) or even better, go for a quick walk. Another option is to get a wake up light and this is something that I want to invest in due to my S.A.D and early mornings. The cheapest being about 400kr with the more expensive ranging at about 1100kr. If this isn't for you, just focus on getting fresh air, natural light and maybe wash your face with cold water.


Get up straight away

I don't understand the snooze button. I find it silly that you would voluntarily hear the alarm signal more than once and waste your morning by trying to get eight more minutes of sleep. The few times that I've actually done this, it made me grumpy and even more tired because i hate the alarm sound. Now, as soon as the signal rings, I spring out of bed before I even have time to think since it's become an automatic reaction, not really a voluntary one. This cuts the whole thinking, therefore resenting your early morning out of the process, may sound crazy I don't know! To force yourself to stay up, I suggest making your bed putting on a cosy robe and socks or slippers, washing your face with cold water to refresh yourself and making hot coffee; leading me to my next piece of advice...


Drink coffee

This may be very obvious to any fellow coffee lovers *addicts* out there but it can be a really lovely morning ritual to make your every day more special. Try not to let this become a crutch but really I shouldn't be talking... Since I usually use my percolator, I like to prepare it the night before so that all I need to do is switch it on in the morning instead of going through the somewhat tedious process the next morning. If coffee is too strong for you, go for tea or warm water with lemon which supposedly does wonders for your digestion. However, warm water by itself is preferable though due to the acidity of the lemon ruining your teeth. 


Listen to a something

I like to listen to a podcast or watch a TV show while getting ready. Although it makes me slower, it is something that I enjoy and that makes my mornings better so I want to leave time for it. Do whatever works for you, sometimes I like to play some upbeat music when I first wake up, make my coffee and wash my face before settling down with a podcast while doing my makeup. Hope this helps you become early bird!





Meet Me At: Fikabaren

Hello, lovely readers!

This is the first meet me at that is not about a cafe that I've already visited and loved. Last Sunday I met up with Ida for a coffee at Fikabaren here in Södermalm and was a little disappointed with their coffee. Don't let this discourage you from visiting the establishment though, I'm just a coffee addict who has grown to realise that I'm a little picky therefore probably won't be visiting this cafe again.

Fikabaren is a modern and trendy coffee shop in Medborgarplatsen that serves a range of delicacies and drinks along with a calm atmosphere. The cafe has a dark wood, grey, beige and concrete colour palette that can be seen in the classic yet simple floor and walls, industrial chairs and marble tabletops. To add a personal touch, the walls are covered in artsy photographs.

Who would I bring here: I'd go here by myself to study since it is quite calm with many places to sit or I'd go here with a friend from school if we didn't have enough time to go to another cafe like Pom & Flora.

The crowd: When we were there it was quite quiet but the people there were mainly locals who were gabbing over coffee or working in the peaceful environment.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Not at all for me. I really don't like writing anything negative but this coffee was acidic and bitter, small yet quite expensive. The flavours didn't at all work for me but I think this could improve if they changed their beans and bought some larger coffee cups. Sadly, 3/10.

Sweets: Although I didn't order anything, the sweets out front looked delicious. There were may different types of buns, cakes and sandwiches to choose from, quite similar to that of Cafe Pascal, Kaffeverket and Snickarbacken 7.

Location and hours: Södermannagatan 10, 11623 Stockholm, a short walk from Medborgarplatsen. Monday-Friday: 07-19, Saturday and Sunday: 09-18.

All in all, this coffee shop is very nicely decorated with friendly staff but sadly, isn't for me. 4/10.





It's Snowing!

Oh my god, it has been snowing all week and I'm so happy! Today I had my SPT meeting and there is so much snow out- I'd say more than a metre is gathered outside my door ahahaha.  As I'm writing I'm about to take a bath with some candles and watch Sex and the City. Hope the snow is treating you well and that you're warm!