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Two Months in 35mm Film

Style Inspiration: Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy: Get The Look


Clemence Poesy: Get The Look 2

43 Questions about Me

(this post was written in December)


Who do you trust?

My parents


Where would you like to be right now?

Right now I want to be somewhere like Bali or the Maldives. Or maybe Australia, New York or Paris.

Favourite city?

Stockholm or Paris, followed by New York and London.


What is your favourite number?



What is the last thing you ate?

Breakfast consisting of two sandwiches, coffee, orange juice and tea with the family in Uppsala on the day after Christmas.


If you were a crayon, which colour would you be? 

Maybe white or pink.. Never really thought about it..


How is the weather right now?

 It's actually pretty sunny, about five degrees outside.


Who is the last person you were on the phone with?

Probably my mum, we call each other a lot.


What is the first thing you see in the opposite sex?

It depends how close I'm standing to them: hair, clothes and eyes.


Favourite tv series?

Oh god, I have so many favourites! Sherlock, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Community, SNL, Sex and the City and so so so many more. I actually have a post with my favourites that you can find HERE


Do you have any siblings?

Nope, only child



Something like 164 - 166cm


Hair colour?

Blonde in summer, dark blonde in winter.


Eye colour?

Greenish hazel


Do you use contacts?

I'm usually too lazy to use contacts even though they aren't hard to put on so I go for glasses but for special occasions or when I feel like I go for my dailies. 


Favourite holiday?



Favourite month?

I like June the most since it's summer and it contains the initial excitement of school holidays



Celebrity crushes?

Amanda Seyfried, Elsa Hosk, Jude Law and Olivia Palermo. (among others)


Have you ever cried for no reason?

Well, I think there's always a reason for me to cry, even if I don't realise it, it could be something that's built up that I've repressed so it's very cathartic to have a little cry.


What is the last movie you saw?

Love actually on the 23rd with the family


Favourite day of the year?

December the 23rd or/and 24th


Hugs or kisses?



Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla ice cream


Do you have any tattoos?



What are you listening to right now?

I'm re-listening to My dad wrote a Porno podcast: AMAZING! I should write an update post on my favourite podcasts...


Favourite movies?

Love Actually, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Guy from U.N.C.L.E and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Favourite sport?

Netball, Ballet, Ice skating and badminton


What are you doing right now?

Writing this post, listening to MDWAP episode "Texas, USA" and drinking fruit tisane


What books are you reading right now?

Lolita, just finished Frankenstein and wanting to start on Welcome to Nightvale



Just my ears, want to do another set though 


Buttered, natural or salted popcorn?

Buttered and salted popcorn 


Favourite flower?

Peonies, eucalyptus and baby's breath, together, they're even more gorgeous!


Who do you want to see right now?

Kate and Eve.


 Are you still friends with people from school?

Well, it depends on which school in which country... But I have friends who I still talk to from all my previous schools


Do you like flying?

Yes! I love flying, probably because I started travelling at a very young age very frequently and haven't stopped since


Right or left handed?

Right handed

  Dogs or cats?



How many pillows do you sleep with?



Do you miss someone?

Of course


Do you listen to the radio?

I love the idea but no I don't, not even Ekot. I am a huge fan of podcasts though and am almost always listening to one (that is not an exaggeration)


Best decision you've made all year?

I don't really know... I can't think of any major decisions that have affected my life... I really enjoyed a spontaneous trip to our Finish summer house that I decided to join last minute...?


Worst decision you've made all year?

No clue, my life is pretty good right now so I don't see the point in regretting something that I can't change


The latest app the downloaded?


My 35mm Photos

A few months ago, I was given an analog camera by my grandparents and have recently developed my first two rolls of film. (That's why many of the photos look like they're from autumn). It's so exciting to see these shots that I'd almost forgotten about all printed out and glossy. So if you have an analog camera, want to invest in one or have a family member who has one lying around, I highly suggest you take some shots. Side note: the photos aren't this fuzzy in real life, since I only wanted physical copies of my film, I took photos of my photos so that I could share them with all of you.




Favourite Photos of 2016

The year started off in Australia where I spent many of my days at Le Pink Petit Patisserie.

Then we came back to Sweden and celebrated my birthday with the most delicious cake.

In March, I met Ida for the first time at Petite France.

Later that month, I also met Tora for the first time. So many new friendships in 2016!

In April, I had the time of my life in Paris, visiting Arc de Triumph, so many Parisian cafes, the Eiffel tower, Monet's garden and so many french stores.

The view from the Arc de Triumph

Monet's Garden and Champs Elysee

Soon after, it was the summer holidays in early June and Stockholm was so gorgeous and green. This is a shot from my neighbourhood that I'm fond of.

My cousin and I saw Little Mix at Grönalund, so much fun!

Also in June, we got Misha, our little kitten who's now quite big.

Later in the summer, Eve came to visit.

In the end of June, my family headed to our summer house in the Finnish countryside with little Misha.

The first photo that I took when we were back on Swedish soil, a view of Södermalm near Fåfängan.

My cousin Beata and I took the train down to Västerås to visit relatives. That trip was the first time I drove a go-cart, a great time.

In the late summer, We got our little Nea. So so adorable.

A shot that I always look back on fondly. This is a building by my school that has these gorgeous roses weaving up its walls and for some reason I've grown so fond of this photo.

Autumn came to Stockholm. I was obviously excited.

In the new school year, I met Alice and we had an immediate connection, meeting for coffee the very next day after we first met. Such a lovely person.

A shot from an early morning when I wandered around Gamla Stan to take photos for an art project.

The first snow came in early November. So much snow.

And finally, my self-portrait for art class that I'm quite proud of. Such a lovely year and such a lovely way to reflect on it. I've had so much fun, met so many great people and learnt so much. Thank you lovely reader for following along on my journey and I hope you stick around in 2017.




My School Paper

Hello lovely people!

My school has a house system (as previously mentioned), and my house Pavlov, has a paper called The Dog House (after Pavlov and his dogs). Recently it started up again and I am a contributor so it's super exciting and a great learning experience! About a month ago, we released our Christmas issue full of festiveness and a coffee article by me. So go give it a read, the (free) link is down below the cover photo.

(Find the paper HERE)

Our first issue was at the end of November with school news, the editor's chronicle, a piece by me about Australia and so much more, you have to go check it out. It's more in our style since the Christmas issue had to be shorter and released earlier to fit school schedule. (Find the paper HERE)




My December Vlog

Hello, luvs!

Happy New Year! Now that we're in the new year, I thought I'd share a video that I made of my December in 2016. It's a collection of moments from the last month where I've met up with friends for coffee, gone to dinner parties with family and explored Stockholm. I hope you enjoy!






End of Year Tag

If you could look back on one memory from the last year that you wish to relive, what would it be?

I have so many (which is great). Either when I was at our summer house with mum and dad, it was sunny and quiet and I was sitting on the couch eating my breakfast and drinking some gross coffee that was somehow addicting and reading Mrs Dalloway. Or when mum and I ate breakfast at Angelina in the Lafayette on an early morning in Paris, consisting of macarons and coffee. Another option would be when my house won the school's song competition, it was such an incredible and joyous moment that I'd love to go back to.


Best movie you saw this year?

The Guy from U.N.C.L.E, such an amazing movie with incredible 60's fashion.


How did you celebrate your birthday?The day before, I met up with some close relatives and parents at Vetekatten cafe. Then, on my birthday, we had a dinner party at our place with an Estelle tårta from NK along with family and family friends, so lovely! A little overwhelming but great.


Top three beauty products of the year?

Coconut oil, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara


Something special you've got planned for 2017?

A trip to Lissabon, hopefully a trip to Copenhagen and mayyybe a trip to Florence and the surrounding cities... Mayybee..


Three words to describe 2016?

Growth, experience, friendship


Something you're looking forward to this coming year?

The summer holidays. I can't wait to have that extra time to put into my painting, photography, aimless walks, coffee dates and of course: le blog.


What songs remind you of 2016?

These are some of the songs that I listened to this summer and have such positive memories associated with them.


Best book you've read this year?

Dracula and Lolita. Amazing amazing books!


Where did you travel this year?

Australia then to Paris then to Finland then again Finland.


Favourite podcast of 2016?

Probably "My Dad Wrote a Porno"


What do you wish for 2017?


Maybe a nice little place in Karlberg or Vasastan. *crossing my fingers*. I would also love to come closer to working in the fashion industry.


Compared to last year, how are you?

I am so much better. Last year I was so overwhelmed by the move and now, I have come so far and really grown as a person. I am much happier, more positive, more dedicated, and hopefully closer to a job in the field I want.


Your favourite blog of 2016?

Oh gosh. Besides my friends and previous favourites who I've already talked about or who I discovered pre-2016, I have loved reading Flora Wiström's blog. Find it HERE. Happy New Year!





My Style in 2016

My Birthday outfit in January and a look for school in early February.

Another from February, missing the white nails.

Beginning and end of March with Spring just around the corner.

A shot from April, just before I headed to Paris. Next is a jump to July and the warm weather.

A spot of rain a little later in July.

A warm and sunny day just before we dropped off Eve at the airport in the end of July.

Two autumnal looks from October, both featuring pinafores.

A shot from late November, one of my favourite outfits with a cosy knitted jumper, ankle boots and tennis skirt.




Kaffeverket with Alice

A lovely day today with the lovely Alice at Kaffeverket in Vasastan on an incredibly windy and cold day. Nothing that'll cheer you up like a cup of coffee and some girl talk. We also managed to fix my "synintyg" for my driving license so that's pretty exciting! Hope you're all having a lovely day n' keeping warm.




What I got for Christmas

Hello, luvs!

Christmas has just been and I thought I'd join the trend and write a "what I got for Christmas" post. This isn't me trying to brag, nor me trying to make anyone else feel bad nor superior. I just thought it would be fun to share since I so enjoy seeing what others got and want to show appreciation to those who've given me something!

There are a few things that I haven't included, either because I've eaten it, forgot and left something out or received it after I collected these shots. I also received some money and a few books that I'm looking forward to reading! And as I'm writing this I am realising that I forgot to include tea that I've received... one box from Vetekatten and another from T2 from Australia.

I got some lovely luxury slippers and a robe

This Parisian style mirror pre-1900's

LUSH products

New sheets and duvet in Swedish sizes

And a new computer (!!)





My Outfit on the Streets of Sthlm

Jacket - Vero Moda, Pinafore - Urban Outfitters, Polo - H&M, Boots - Vagabond, Bag - Michael Kors, Hat - ASOS

As you've seen in a previous post by now, Ida and I met up for coffee and to exchange Christmas presents! We had so much fun and could've gabbed for hours but I had to take the tube to Arlanda airport to pick up my dad, first time I've seen him in almost six months and it was a lovely reunion. I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones this Christmas and have had a merry season!




NYE Outfit Ideas

Preppy NYE Look

Preppy Party

Flapper Style NYE Look
Dressed up Casual NYE Look
Girl Next Door

My Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas, lovelies!

I just got home from Uppsala and have collected all my photos from the last two days (the 24th and 25th) into a rather long post for you guys so that you can get a little bit of Christmas joy and insight into how my family celebrated Christmas in Sweden for the first time in eight years. Enjoy!

Thanks for the figgy puddings from Haigh's, Eve! Missing Haigh's chocolate so much right now!

Our little breakfast on Christmas eve morning for gift giving within the family

My Christmas eve eve tradition, a Lush bath with gingerbread, "julmust" and a movie, in this case, I watched a Fawlty Towers called The Germans.

The aftermath

Such an empty tree post gift giving

Misha looking cute as always, loving the wrapping from my Christmas present

Then, we headed to Uppsala for "julbord" with mum's side of the family and secret Santa, so much fun!

Finally, we all headed back to a family members house to give out gifts and enjoy some mulled wine and Christmas sweets

We all slept over and enjoyed more family time around the breakfast table with sandwiches, Christmas ham, juice, yoghurt, coffee and tea

I hope you are all merry and bright and have had a lovely Christmas season!




My Christmas Outfit

Dress - ASOS, Shoes - H&M, Tights - Lindex, Earrings - Lovisa

Oh my Christmas is here! I'm having such a wonderful day with presents, several cups of coffee, a little chocolate figgy pudding and family time with mum and dad. I hope your Christmas is also incredible (and if you celebrate on the 25th), I hope it will be. Merry Christmas readers!




Christmas Fika with Ida

Hello and Merry Christmas lovely people!

I'm writing this on the twenty third and yesterday, Ida and I met up for coffee and pastries at our favourite Vetekatten cafe. We took the time to gab over everything that has been happening for the last few weeks and exchanged Christmas presents. (Thanks for the lovely gift, Ida).

I just got an Asos order with this baker boy style cap that I'm loving, despite the fact that its a little small... One size does not fit all.

We are true coffee lovers and Vetekatten's coffee cups are larger than my head so its a perfect fit!

Look at this gorgeous lady! Loving those earrings.

We celebrated with a saffron bun and blueberry bun along with splitting a cheese sandwich, yum!

Thanks for the lovely present, Ida!

Ida opening the present I got her

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, you get the gifts you want but most importantly, that you are surrounded by those you love and those who love you. Merry Christmas!




My Self Portrait

Hello, luvs!

As you may or may not know, I am an art student studying here in Stockholm. Recently, I finished my piece for our segment on potraits and self portraits. It didn't turn out exactly how I planned but I'm still pretty proud of it and thought I'd share my process and result.

I started with a blank piece of paper to test out my rough idea and to work more with oil paint.

Then I started on a large canvas to create the undertones for my skin in the self portrait. This also created the direction of the lines that I would paint along to create depth and facial features.

I then added highlight by throwing on thick layers of light paint for that classic impressionist look in its texture. After that, I went in on the lips again to try and mirror my own, a darkening in the middle of the lower lip, a shadow underneath, create a large philtral tubercle (centre of upper lip that drops down) and highlight the actual lip with lighter reds and purples.

I then just kept adding layers in different colours to add a soft feel that I so love about oil along with outlining my odd jawline and my chin.

The lighting is incredibly harsh so please don't judge the colours. I added depth to the nose, more highlight to the jaw and high points of my face, hurridly created my eye shape, eye and lashes. Not to mention that I also started creating a rough brow shape and started adding the first layers for my hair.

And voila, my end result! The lighting is a little brasy and yellow so there is a change in skintone from the first pictures. I finished up the hair, added a background colour, made my eyebrow lighter, whitened my eyes (a little too much since there's a lack of depth) and just finished some final details along with some additional touch ups.




Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe

- Ingredients -

1 cup milk

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 to 2 tbsp sugar

1/4 tbsp vanilla extract

a pinch of salt


- Method -

The method is suuper simple! Whisk the milk in a pan with the cocoa, then add the sugar, salt and vanilla extract. If you want, this is where you could also add peppermint extract, chilli powder or a cinnamon stick, whatever flavour you're going for. Pour the steaming hot cocoa into your cutest mug, top with some marshmallows, whipped cream (I didn't in the pictures) and a touch of cinnamon and enjoy!




How to be Stylish in the Cold

Merry Christmas, luvs!

Christmas is almost upon us and if you're in the northern hemisphere (or the actual north), then it's going to be pretty cold where you are. One of the worst things about winter is the fact that its so cold so you can't wear any cute outfits and jeans and a t-shirt is always your go to. That's why I thought I'd compile a list of some tips and tricks to stay extra warm (but still manage to be stylish) this winter.



Layering has been a huge trend this autumn during fashion week and continues out of necessity into winter. An idea is to start with something tight (like a shirt), then throw on something warm (like a sweater) before you grab a warm and insulating winter coat. Another idea is to go invisible. By that I mean is instead of layering over, layer under your outfit. Wear tights under your jeans, layer socks (or buy proper winter socks), wear a thermal top under your blouse or bike shorts under a skirt. When it comes to layering, it is customisable, it's difficult to give ideas since everyone's wardrobe is different. Just try to assess your outfit and see what isn't going to be warm enough.


Focus on accessories and details

When your whole outfit is going to be almost the same every day, it's time to look to accessories, jewellery and the small things for assistance. Add a sparkly choker or thin scarf to you grey t-shirt n jeans, find an eye-catching bag that isn't the same colour as your coat, wear frayed or reconstructed jeans, put on some statement earrings, find a pair of cute boots, apply red lipstick, do your hair in a 60's half up-do with a scarf. The options are endless, you just need to be creative and think what would suit your style and what you already have in your wardrobe.


Experiment with hats

This is a simple one but to many (including me), not an obvious one: hats. There are so many hats that have had their moment in autumn that can still be gorgeous with a winter coat. A favourite of mine is the baker boy (or marine) cap but classics include the broad-rimmed hat beanie and beret.


Wear thigh highs


I love skirts. They suit my style really well and give me a silhouette that I want. So when winter rolls around, you bet I'm figuring out a way to still be able to wear my American Apparel tennis skirt. One solution is to wear thigh highs, whether it be socks or boots (or both), finding a warm pair of socks that you can wear on top of a pair of tights keeps you just as warm (if not warmer) as jeans.


Invest in a proper jacket

When about 90% of your outfit is covered by a big jacket, it makes sense to invest in something proper yet fashion forward. However, this really isn't as simple as it sounds since finding a gorgeous jacket that is also wearable, timeless, incredibly warm and something that you'll use in three years is very difficult. Try to look at the material of the jacket you're buying, along with the stuffing and length of both its arms and body. Try faux fur if you're feeling crazy or how about focusing on the cut like a trench coat, parka jacket, peacoat, cape or wrap jacket. Otherwise, black is a classic that I always go for but if that isn't for you, try something like a brown, navy or maybe a subtle plaid. Crazy I know. Although these colours may be boring, they are practical and will work with all your clothes. A unique colour is super fun one year but the next year you could be tired of it so before you invest, make sure it is something you'll love for a long time.


Scarves and gloves

Scarves and gloves shouldn't be forgotten since a coat can only cover so much of your person. Investing a little extra in these proper accessories is very important since you'll be wearing them every day for at least three months. Finding a more expensive scarf in a proper material will be so great when it's minus 18 degrees outside and your soul is weeping. Since I go for black jackets, i like to pick up a grey, cream, beige or dark muted orange for my scarf. With gloves, you want to do the same, find a pair of insulated gloves in a proper material that will keep your fingers toasty all winter. Hope it helped!




Gingerbread Recipe

- Ingredients -


3 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

3/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp ground ginger

1 3/4  cinnamon

1/4 ground cloves

85 g butter

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 large egg

1/2 cup dark syrup or molasses

2 tbsp vanilla


- Method -


In a small bowl, whisk together baking powder, baking soda, salt, ginger, cinnamon and cloves until well blended. In a separate bowl, beat butter, brown sugar and the egg on a medium speed until well combined. Then add the dark syrup and vanilla and mix again. Add in the dry ingredients until smooth. Divide the dough into two sections and wrap each half in glad wrap. Let it sit at room temperature for between 2-8 hours or overnight. While the dough is sitting, preheat oven to between 175-200 degrees (celsius) and prepare two baking trays with baking paper. Start with one-half of the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin on a lightly floured surface. Cut out the biscuits with cookie cutters as desired and place them on the parchment, a few centimetres apart. Bake each sheet in the oven for up to 9 minutes (or until dark brown, not yet burnt). Allow the gingerbread cookies to cool so they'll firm before decorating with icing. For that, mix together icing sugar, egg whites and a little lemon or vinegar. And you're done, enjoy!




Cosy Christmas Tag

Hey, lovely people!

Christmas is in less than a week (!!) and I thought I'd do a Swedish Christmas question tag. I know that I have a lot of readers outside Sweden so parts of this may make no sense to you. I did my best to translate the questions but some words had to remain in Swedish and even if others are in English, be prepared to google because I had to. You can think of this as an opportunity to learn more about Swedish Christmas traditions and/or a way to find new traditions for yourself.


Gingerbread or saffron buns?

Oh god I love both! home-made gingerbread though, I'll eat saffron buns from anywhere!


Marshmallow Santas or toffee?

Toffee (or knäck). I still like marshmallow Santas but only if they've been open for a week and get a stiff texture, not at all like marshmallow.


Ice chocolate or marsipan?

Marsipan figures. Ice chocolate usually has a weird texture.


Meatballs or sausages?

Meatballs over "prinskorvar".


Christmas sausage or Christmas ham?

Never had either so I prefer neither.


When do you want the first snow to fall?

It snowed first on November second and it's snowed several times since then but I'd love to wake up to snow on the 24th, so maybe on the 23rd or 22nd?


Salmon or herring?

I don't like fish so neither.


Brawn or paté?

Oh god no.


Paradis chocolate or Aladdin chocolate?

I really don't have a preference, chocolate is chocolate and I just do my best to consume all of it.


Spareribs or "Janssons frestelse"?

Janssons Frestelse, if it's without the anchovies.


Mulled wine or "julmust"?

I love both so it depends if I'm in the mood for something sweet and hot or cold and fizzy.


Beetroot salad or "dopp i grytan"?

Never had "dopp i grytan" so beetroot salad. Preferably just regular salad though tbh.


Ris a la Malta or rice pudding/porridge?

Porridge. I'll eat it all year round.


Home or away?

Home with family, maybe a Christmas party at our place with relatives and friends.


"Mysteriet på Greveholm" or "Sunes Jul" Christmas calendar?

I've only seen the recent Mysteriet på Greveholm, not the old version. If we're speaking pre-2000's, I love "Pelle Svanslös".


Sweden or abroad?

Sweden. I've been abroad too many times during Christmas.


Give or get gifts?

I love to give people gifts! But sadly this year, I really haven't had any free time and it's just been a stress factor.


Chocolate calendar or present calendar?

A chocolate calendar I think.


Fake or real tree?

Real, I love the tradition of going to a tree farm and picking the perfect one.


Arne Weise or Ernst?

Ernst 100%


Have you ever had a green lawn during Christmas?

Yes. Several times in Sweden and every time in Australia. Well.. we didn't have a lawn but hey...


When du you decorate for Christmas?

The first of advent, so in the last days of November.


Is there anything negative about Christmas?

Since school finished the 21st, I don't have enough time to enjoy it by buying gifts, listening to music and watching Christmas movies. Instead, I'm writing essays, studying for tests and heading to school every day.


Favourite Christmas film?

Love actually.


Favourite Christmas calendar?

 Lassemajas Detektivbyrå and Hotell Gyllene Knorren.


Are you satisfied with Christmas when it's over or do you want more?

I'm often sad when it's over, you really grow to miss the season when you've been surrounded by it for at least a month.


When do you open your presents?


In Australia, we did half of the family's gifts on the morning/afternoon of the 24th and exchanged some with our friends in the evening when we'd have our Christmas party. Then we'd do the other half in Aussie style on the 25th and do some other friend gifts when we'd celebrate with an Aussie Christmas at someone else's house. Since this is my first time celebrating Christmas in Sweden since I was seven, I'll have to guess that we will be doing everything on the 24th.


Favourite Christmas scent?

Baking gingerbread, Christmas LUSH bath bombs and mulled wine with almonds and raisins.


What creates the most Christmas mood?

There are so many things! Baking Christmas treats with a good Christmas movie in the background or watching "Luciafirandet" on the 13th with the family and saffron buns.


What is most important about Christmas?

To appreciate, to slow down and take a break by just enjoying the season with those you love and whom you feel loved by.





Little Black Party Dress

Dress - Misspap, Shoes - H&M

At my school, we have an event annually called a house supper. This is where everyone from that specific house, dresses up black tie style in minus 2-degree weather and heads to school for a dinner with school friends and acquaintances alike. Since I felt like I really missed out on something last year, I really made sure to go this time. Although I was seated at a table with no one I knew, the evening was lovely due to the atmosphere, lovely decorations and my new favourite dress (as seen above).




Christmas Outfit Ideas

Relaxed yet Chic


Christmas Party Outfit Idea
Classic Cut

Delicious Knäck Recipe

- Ingredients -

2 dl whipping cream

2 dl golden syrup

2 dl granulated sugar

1 dl chopped almonds

2 tbsp breadcrumbs

2 tbsp butter

Paper toffee moulds



- Method -

Mix cream, syrup and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil without a lid. Stir occasionally and leave it on the heat for 15 to 30 minutes. You'll know that the toffee is done when it succeeds "kulprovet". Do this by pouring a little of the mixture into a cold glass of water, let it sit for about a minute before trying to roll the toffee into a ball. If the toffee is firm and moldable, take it off the heat. Add the almonds, breadcrumbs and butter before stirring. Divide the mixture between the toffee moulds and let them solidify. And voila, enjoy!





Skirt n' Thigh Highs

Sweater - H&M, Skirt - ZARA, Boots - Tamaris, Scarf - ZARA, Tigh high socks - H&M

Recently, I've been wearing thigh high socks over tights a lot. I've found that it is just as warm as jeans but you can still wear a skirt in winter. Not to mention that it looks suuper cute! I hope you are all doing well and that the cold weather isn't treating you too bad.