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♡ Lil' Pumpkins

♡ Happiness and a cappuccino

Hello dear dear readers!

As I'm writing this I am on the tube, heading home. I was getting a really bad headache so I left school a little early but on my way home I stopped by Götgatan and purchased some amazing LUSH bath products as well as a cappuccino and pecan square from Starbucks. I don't know if it's the caffeine buzz or the autumn air but I am so incredibly happy right now and can't wait for the weather to get colder, the drinks to get hotter and festive season to grow bigger.

Tomorrow my school is doing a Halloween costume day as it is the last day of school before Autumn break. All of the corridors (well.. the whole school) are decorated with pumpkins, spider webs, and orange and black balloons. They have also put black covers over the windows so that it is dark and a little creepy when you're waiting for your social science class to start.

It's going to be so great to have a week home so that I can finish my assignments, watch Gilmore Girls (great Autumn show btw), make cinnamon buns and drink lots of coffee!





♡ Me enjoying my latte

When he is acting shady ”but thats none of my business” heheh

♡ Throwback to Drottningholm

Throwback to summer when my dad and I visited Drottningholms castle! I love the outfit that I had that day- especially the skirt! Even though high waisted shorts, crop tops and sunglasses are great I love the booties, sweaters and scarves that come with autumn so I am excited for the coming months.




♡ My love of NARS

So I love NARS and here is the proof of my love of their face products! I recently purchased their concealer and I love it- definetly a favourite! My past two foundations have also been NARS, even though my most recent one ADLW, is my favouite. I also loooove love love the Laguna bronzer as it suits my skin tone perfectly and can be used for both contouring and a natural glow!




♡ What's in My Bag

Hi Luvs!

Since school started about a month or two ago and all of us students have finally settled in, I thought I'd share what I bring to school on the average day.

I am not showing everything since I just picked today at random to shoot this post and I also usually have a water bottle and phone, sometimes my computer!

My planner, a magazine to read on the tube, my art book and a folder for all of my loose papers and pamphlets.

Makeup bag, pencil case and a small bag for other nick-nacks

My wallet (which is broken since the zipper doesn't work..), mint gum, keys and a portable phone charger since the iPhone 5s runs out of battery super fast!




♡ Pink Lemonade

♡ Fika at Gateau


Fika at Gateau with a latte and a delicious danish

♡ Girls Day

Hi luvs!

So yesterday some lovely friends of mine and I went out for a girls day. It consisted of window shopping, makeup purchases and browsing, human rights rants and coffee consumption. The day went by so fast and all in all I had a lovely day.!

By the shoe section in River Island in Gallerian, there were so many gorgeous chandeliers (and shoes) that I just had to snap a few pictures!

Photo of me featuring my injured hand that looks like a strange sweater sleeve... I bought an adorable Brandy Melville sweater recently, it's cropped, grey, super comfy and has the lil' alien on the chest! I named him Billy I think...

I bought a lip gloss from NYX and I love it! It totally changed my entire face and gave me some weird confidence. It sounds weird but it made me really happy to try something out of my comfort zone that looked good since I usually stick to neutral shades for my lips.

I'm a little sad about the weakness of Espresso House's coffee. I love coffee and their selection but they don't really have the kick I need but oh well; coffee is still coffee and filled with the caffeine that I so adore!

My latte featuring caramel n' regular hot chocolates and a chai latte. Recently I tried their caramel latte and it wasn't bad, like a caramel mocha! I wish that Espresso House would do some type of autumn or christmas themed flavours because that would be so festive and cozy!


Two of the girls who didn't mind me being weird and taking a photo of them to show my dear readers! They are so gorgeous ahahah!

The gorgeous building where Urban Outfitters is, I think it used to be an opera or a cinema. I bought a new pair of black jeans that I had been looking for for a long time an they were so amazing on!




♡ Recent Snapchats

Bought a water colour palette - Had a coffee break with mum that consisted of a danish and some coffee - Bough some new stuff later - One of these items was this primer from Too Faced.

♡ Fancy Favourites


NYX Wonder Stick in Light, H&M Cream blush in Sunny Peach, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe.

♡ Vete-Katten

Hello Luvs!

Mys på Vete-Katten med en grön jos och en söt liten fransk bakelse med vitchoklad och hallon! The autumn leaves are starting to fall and that makes me so excited for these rainy days...

Hope you are all enjoying autumn as much as I am!



♡ A Night at the Opera

Hello luvs!

Last night mum and I went to the Opera to see Carmen! It was a wonderful performance even though it was three hours!


Top - H&M, Jacket - unknown, Skirt - Zara, Tights - H&M, Boots - Windsor Smith, Purse - Michael Kors




♡ Morning at Gateau

Hello luvs!

I love those mornings where you just crawl out of bed and see the dark sky outside that comfirms your feellings of being alone in the world. Those clouds that hang so low like a blanket of security as you go about your morning routine... Then on the way to school you swing by a little coffee place to pick up some breakfast and a latte to make your day a little bit sweeter. That was my day yesterday- I had breakfast at this little place Gateau in Ängbyplan with mum and it was so cute! I also picked up a weinerbröd (danish pastry) so that's the bag that I'm clutching for my dear life in the photos below!

Side note: I really like this hairstyle, I just pulled up my hair in a half ponytail so that I wouldn't have my hair in my face. I really like it so I've been wearing it constantly ahah!

Yes... I was very excited and I had good reason to be because that pasty was soo delicious- I highly recommend!

Hope you lovely people are having a great day!




♡ Finally Internet

Hello luvelies!

We finally have internet installed in our new place so I just wanted to let you know that I'm planning on blogging like crazy from now on ahahah!

I miss when I used to (like a month ago) blog everyday and it was so much fun so I'll definitely try to do my best! This blog makes me so happy so I hope that ya'll enjoy it too!

By the way... the photo is from my Instagram ( @sofiavendel) and is of my comfy chair where I like to cozy up n' enjoy a cup of tea and some light reading!




♡ New Brush

♡ H&M Beauty

Hej Raringar!

Härom dagen var jag på H&M och såg deras nya smink! Eeek! Jag har hört så mycket bra saker om deras produkter så jag prövade (Mer om det i ett annat inlägg)! Men jag tycker att förpackningarna är så fina och de kostade inte så mycket som man skulle tro för kvaliteen!Om ni befinner er i/nära en H&M så rekommenderar jag att se om de har nån produkt som lockar! Jag tycker också att de har ett fint matt nagellack som jag vill pröva och några andra hudprodukter!

Kram, Sofia xox

♡ söndag

♡ Pink n' Gold

♡ Fur

♡ Franska Kaffeet

Härom dan var jag och familjen på NK och fikade på Franska Kaffeet och dom har så goda estelle bakelser!

♡ Sol & Sommarlov

Hej Raringar!

Förlåt att det har varit så få inlägg de senaste dagarna, vi har flyttat hus och har ingen internet utan använder lite mobildata men jag tror att allting kommer att vara fixat i typ september!

Imorgon så ska jag börja gymnasiet och jag tycker att det ska bli jätte kul även om jag är lite nervös! Eftersom highschool i Australien börjar i 8:an så har jag redan gjort processen en gång!

Jag hoppas att var du än är så har du fint väder och nån kopp med gott te! kram!

♡ Morning Run

Den fina utsikten igår morse <3

Mah nikeeees

♡ Daisy

♡ Recent Adventures