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Photos from Portugal

Hello, lovely readers,

I'm back from Portugal and it was so lovely! Mum and I drank a lot of coffee at cute outdoor cafees, walked steep hills to see Lisbon's historical landmarks, drove to Sintra and went shopping for all the touristy things that are required when travelling. All in all, a great time and I will definitely be back in Lisbon within the next few years. Scroll down to see the results of my vacation.

The view from our hotel, as soon as you step outside the door- amazing.

Lovely street art

Our lovely hotel

Such beautiful buildings, putting Stockholm to shame.

The view from São Jorge Castle.

So. many. hills. My calves are still aching.

The rest of the photos will be coming in a few days, stay tuned!




Style Inspiration: Anne-Laure Mais

                     Anne-Laure Marie: Get The Look 2


Anne-Laure Marie: Get The Look

Packing for Portugal

Hello, lovely readers,

As you're reading this I am in Lisbon, Portugal, having flown out on Friday. I thought I'd share the state of my luggage as I was packing and my best packing tips for you to use the next time you're travelling.

Make a List

About a week before you're travelling, write down all the items you want to bring because you won't remember everything off the top of your head. This way, you won't forget your toothpaste or charger again. Then when packing, tick items off your list as you pack them into your suitcase; easy as that. 

Pre-plan Outfits

As a person focused on fashion, pre-planning your outfits ahead of time saves you so much confusion, unnecessary packing and stress when you're throwing your stuff together. Instead of being stuck with an involuntary all black outfit or one with an odd mix of patterns, lay your clothes out into their designated outfits and take photos so that you'll remember later. You'll thank me later.

Focus on Versatility

When packing, it is crucial that you prioritise items of clothing that you can use in several different outfits. This way, you can pack light, save space for those travel purchases and feel comfortable in your fashion choices. Versatile pieces I recommend include a plain white tee, your favourite jeans, white tennis shoes and a black skirt among other things. To add to this, when packing, pack the basics but focus on your accessories. This way, a white tee and your favourite jeans can be jazzed up with a pair of statement earrings, your new slip ons or an eye-catching bag.





Meet Me At: Petite France

Hello, readers,

This is a scheduled post as I am currently in Lisbon, Portugal (photos coming soon) about another Meet Me At cafe. I first visited this cafe last March when Ida and I first met and loved Petite France. Now that the weather is warmer, I thought it was about time to write a post reviewing it. Scroll down for more.

Petite France is a French coffee shop in Kungsholmen near Norrmälarstrand with a wide range of desserts, seating options and coffee. The cafe has about five different areas to sit, two outside, three inside so that you're sure to get a spot. Expect yourself to be transported to a little cafe in Madeleine, Paris; where the baristas are French and are speaking the language fluently to the many chic customers.

Who would I bring here: A chic friend or two to drink a cappuccino with in the outdoor seating area; enjoying the sunshine.

The crowd: Local couples with their kids, Fashionable Frenchies and (if you're lucky), a dude watching boxing without headphones at the table right next to you.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Petite France's coffee, although not overly roasted and with a nice flavour, does not deliver any sort of impact. I don't know how to explain it but their coffee is bitter but the taste doesn't really appear until a few seconds after you taste it which is kind of a letdown. However, I will still be ordering coffee from Petite France so it isn't a deal breaker. Tip: their soy latte tastes better than their regular cappuccino; I don't know how. A 6.5/10.

Sweets: Petite France really stands out because of their pastries and desserts. Since it is a French cafe, they offer an incredible range of patisserie style items. I recommend you all try their cardamom and vanilla bun as well as their raspberry and vanilla tart. Amazing.

Location and hours: Johan Ericssonsgatan 6, 112 22 Stockholm. A ten minute walk from Fridhemsplan tube station. They're open: Monday: 07-18, Saturday and Sunday: 07-17.

All in all, Petite France is one of my favourite cafes with good food, reasonable prices, plenty of room and a comfortable atmosphere. As the weather gets warmer, I will definitely be heading back more and more often. A 9/10.




Random Favourites

New Monki Sweater

My favourite clothing item of the moment is this sweater that I just came across when I was browsing in Monki. I find it difficult to find a sweater that fits well and actually flatters me. Finally, I found it! A low turtleneck, wide sleeves, a cropped hem and red detailing around the sleeve.


Loka Crush

This has been my latest obsession, I've been drinking the pear flavour of Loka Crush so much recently that I'm a little worried. It's like soft drink but it's way less sweet and made from fructose so it's kinda healthier. Don't judge me.


Hotel Halcyon

A few weeks ago, mum and I finished Hotel Halcyon and I loved it (however the ending was rushed, making it less effectful than I thought it would be). The series uses the amazing juxtaposition of upper class 40's glamour and the threat of Germany invading during World War Two. If you haven't seen it, you have to.


Estee Lauder Foundation

My favouuuurite foundation ever. Don't get confused by my face looking disinterested, this foundation is a (way too expensive) miracle foundation that makes my face look good due to the full coverage and combination of a matte yet glowy finish. Love, love love.


Oil PaintI don't know if all of you know that I am an art student but this will definitely prove that to you. For my current art project, I'm painting a portrait in water soluble oil paint (more details when I'm done in early May) and I'm loving it, the slow drying time to let me make mistakes along with the ability to build colour, tone and depth.


Frozen grapes

Last but not least, I have a bit of a weird favourite but I know some of you will agree with me (Ida, I'm looking at you): frozen grapes! This is a trick that I learnt from my Australian primary school days. Instead of eating ice cream, freeze some grapes and you have delicious individual cold sorbet-like things. Yum!




Style Inspiration: Jeanette Madsen

Jeanette Madsen: Style Inspiration

Jeanette Madsen: Style Inspiration 2

Meet Me At: Cafe Le Mond

Hello, lovely people,

This week's Meet Me At post is about Cafe Le Mond, a cute place with a bike theme that is good for studying, a catch up with a friend after school or a good cuppa coffee.

Cafe Le Mond is a chic and trendy cafe in Södermalm with a theme revolving around bikes and cycling. There are two floors so plenty of space to study and/or to sit and relax. The colour tone is navy, grey, wood and pops of a bright yellow. This cafe is both modern and industrial yet cosy and gives you a hug through its atmosphere. 

Who would I bring here: I'd either go and study by myself or with a friend since Le Mond is very close to my school. Or, I'd bring my bike-obsessed dad.

The crowd: A lot of "södermänniskor", mums meeting for coffee and students aiming to study.

Internet: Yes, but I forgot to ask for the WIFI password

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Last time I was at Le Mond,  I didn't actually order coffee (I know, shocker). But as far as I remember, their coffee is delicious, well balanced and strong. Like a 7/10.

Sweets: I didn't manage to closely photograph the options to munch on but you can see them if you look in the left corner of the image above. Le Mond has quite a small range of sweets but to compensate, a large menu with pancakes, acai bowls etcetera.

Location and hours: Folkungagatan 67, 116 22 Stockholm. A quick walk from Medborgarplatsen. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 08-18, Wednesday and Friday: 07-18 and Saturday and Sunday: 10-17. All in all, Cafe Le Mond is a lovely and chic cafe with good vibes, good coffee and good study space. An 8/10.





My Favourite Books

Hello, lovely readers,

I've made an effort to read a lot more recently (despite school stress), so I decided to review my favourite books so that maybe some of you will find something new and exciting to read!

Can't stop staring at my awkward hand, there is no natural way to hold a jumble of books.


Dracula by Bram Stoker

One of my two absolute favourite books is Dracula. I read last summer when I was in the Finnish countryside without internet, trying to avoid thinking about the reason (or rather lack of) for human existence. Great book! This is the origin of the way we see vampires today in pop culture with the garlic and the cape and the wood stake stabby stabby. One of the reasons for it being one of my top favourites is because I have so many nice memories attached to it. I also love the use of journal entries and log books to narrate the story along with the array of protagonists' perspectives and language. If you like classic literature, this is a must.

Favourite quote: "I am all in a sea of wonders. I doubt; I fear; I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul."


Egenmäktigt Förfarande by Lena Andersson

This is the most recent book I've read from this list, also the only Swedish book. Egenmäktigt Förfarnade is about a 31-year-old journalist/philosopher/slightly pretentious human called Ester Nilsson who grows infatuated with a famous/new thinking/slightly narcissistic artist called Hugo Rask. The story follows the ups and downs of their relationship as well as the heartache and butterflies that follow. A great/heart-warming/slightly pretentious (in a good way) book. Read it.

Favourite quote: "Hugo never followed up anything Ester said. Ester always followed up what Hugo said. Neither of them was really interested in her but they were both interested in him."


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre is a book that I read last autumn and really enjoyed, which is very understandable since Charlotte Bronte has a very enchanting voice in her novels (Looking forward to reading more of her work). Jane is a girl who grows up living with some rather cruel relatives before being sent to a religious school where she grows as a person and eventually goes to work as a nanny at a large estate in the country. This is where she Mr Rochester (dun, dun, duuun). Compared to many other novels of similar character (pun not intended), Jane Eyre takes quite a twist with aspects of the supernatural, crime, feminism etcetera. (What else do you need?) If you enjoy Jane Austen or want to start reading Victorian novels, try this one (or Pride and Prejudice, it's also great).

Favourite quote: "I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will."


Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

It may be a controversial book, I love Lolita so much. Nabokov is such a talented and funny writer (and my favourite author) who I can't say enough good things about. I think it's sad that many avoid this book because of prejudgements and taboo. But, in reality, its a finely tuned satire that plays with dark humour, sarcasm and French puns while being based on a true and very tragic crime. The most divine and well-written narration I've ever read.

Favourite quote: "I need you, the reader, to imagine us, for we don't really exist if you don't."


1984 by George Orwell

Finally, we have this classic piece of literature that (since November of 2016), hits a little too close to home. I read George Orwell's Animal Farm for school in eighth grade and really enjoyed it, even though the symbols were very obvious (although for good reason) and the language was quite plain (but still for good reason) for my taste. Last summer, I decided to follow that up by reading 1984 and loved it even more. Although I don't remember the entirety of the plot and remember thinking that a chunk in the middle of the novel could've been left on the editing room floor, it is a marvellous, insightful and intelligent novel written by the man of the people. If you want to know where we'll end up in the next four years, you should read 1984.

Favourite quote: "Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood."




My Favourite Playlists

Feel-Good Outfit

Coat - H&M, Trousers - Gina Tricot, Blouse - ZARA, Shoes - Adidas, Bag - ZARA

Point 1: I'm loving these fluttery n' flowy pants. Point 2: I'm so happy that Spring is here and that warm weather (15 degrees) is becoming more of an everyday occurrence. Now finally, I can wear skirts without freezing my legs off!




Important Feminist Questions

Hello, lovely readers,

Last month, we had International Women's Day (whoop whoop) and for my school newspaper, I wrote a piece consisting of interviews with some strong/determined/intelligent/feminist friends of mine. Of course, I know other women who I would have loved to interview but I was strapped for time. Read the full article here.


What is the best thing about being a woman?

The best thing about being a woman is that society thinks it’s okay for me to wear a skirt.

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism is so important to me, it is the only political statement I would tattoo onto my body forever!

What would you say to a thirteen-year-old you?

Stand up for your opinion.

What does it mean to be a woman?

It means you are a leader, a mother, a fighter.

Why is gender equality important?

Because it is ridiculous that women do the same job as a man for less wage, that women get catcalled and harassed in the street and get called bossy when they are leading, get called mean names when they stand up for their entitlement to basic human rights.

Who is your biggest role model?

Emma Watson.

What do you think is the biggest global feminist issue?

Women who don't have access to basic human rights because of their gender.



What is the best thing about being a woman?

Everything about being a woman is great, but I would choose one thing I love the woman society!

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism to me means that women's stand up together against the society that tries to shut us down, feminism is power.

What would you say to a thirteen-year-old you?

Stand up for yourself, the ones that don't like you when you are you, are not your friends.

What does it mean to be a woman?

It means that you are powerful and that you can be everything if you don't let people talk you down.

Why is gender equality important?

Equality is important because it is important to show that everyone doesn’t get the same opportunities.

Who is your biggest role model?

Every woman is my role model, every woman who stands up for themselves and others are role models.

What do you think is the biggest global feminist issue?

That women don’t have the same opportunities that men have.



What is the best thing about being a woman?

That us women have such a special bond, you will always have someone in your corner who will stand up for you and be on your side when society lets you down.

What does feminism mean to you?

Equality between all the genders, no matter what you identify as.

What would you say to a thirteen-year-old you?

Even if it's a little corny, I'd say not to focus so much on what others think.

Why is gender equality important?

Because someone shouldn't be treated differently because they're a woman.

Who is your biggest role model?

My best friend. She is so strong and brave enough to stand up for herself.

What do you think is the biggest global feminist issue?

That women around the world are being oppressed and are seen as weak yet have to endure so much just because of their gender.



What is the best thing about being a woman?

The sisterhood. We stand together in such a remarkable way that I love so much.

What does feminism mean to you?

So so much. Becoming a feminist is like taking the pill in Matrix, you can never unsee the marginalisation of women - but it also gives you so much respect for women. 

What would you say to a thirteen-year-old you?

BANGS ARE A BAD IDEA. No, but to be serious, I won’t say it gets better, it just gets different. Different comes with its own challenges, but it also comes its own perks. There will be times where you just don’t know what to do and that is okay. Don’t ever feel that because you are loud and kinda weird means that you are not worthy of love. Do not be a different you, just try to be a better you. Also, those guys who bullied you are total assholes.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Every woman expresses her womanhood in a very different way. But I think that every woman is a part of this sisterhood where you all share - even though some women can be really mean and cruel, some kind of ”I get what you are going through." 

Why is gender equality important?

Because every human is worth the same and should be treated the same. We are just weird kinda hairless animals who decided to treat certain people worse because of things that they can’t control. We can’t forget that the patriarchy puts down men too with hyper-masculine standards. But the reason that gender equality often talks more about women is because women are oppressed by a system primary controlled by men. I want people to fight for my rights because I’m human. 

Who is your biggest role model?

Everyone who is out in the world and trying to make it better. 

What do you think is the biggest global feminist issue?

The lack of intersectionality in our feminist analysis. We often praise when a straight white woman gets into a male dominated space (and that is something to praise to a certain extent) but we have to remember that it is important to get ALL sorts of women into all spaces, women of colour, disabled women and LGBT women need to be included. We have to fight for everyone! Because every human is worth the same.


Thanks to these lovely women for participating. Comment if you'd like to see something like this again.



The Best Tiramisu Recipe


5 dl double cream

2.5 dl mascarpone

0.75 dl coffee liqueur

5 tbsp caster sugar

3 dl strong coffee (3dl boiling water and 2 tbsp coffee granules)

175g (one package) ladyfingers

25g dark chocolate

2 tsp cocoa powder



In a large bowl, combine cream, mascarpone, coffee liqueur and sugar. Whisk until the the mixture has the consistency of thickly whipped cream, this should take about three minutes. Get your serving dish ready (ideally a square, relatively shallow baking tin) and dip each biscuit in the coffee for a second or so on each side before placing in the dish. Keep going until you've covered the base of the dish and have half of your biscuits left. Spread half of the cream/mascarpone mixture over the biscuit base and grate most of the chocolate over that. Repeat this layering process one more time. Cover and chill overnight. To serve, dust with cocoa powder and grate over the remaining chocolate.




My Favourite Instagrammers

Camille Charriere - HERE


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MMA: Systrarna Andersson

Hello, coffee addicts,

This week we will be meeting at an enticing cafe in Vasastan. Recently, they changed their name (or owners, I don't know) from Borgs Bageri to Systrarna Andersson so I thought this would be a suitable time to review this adorable coffee shop!

Systrarna Andersson is a very aesthetic and underground cafe with a high ceiling full of unmatching teak vintage chairs, tables and artwork- creating a lovely comforting vibe. This is contrasted with an industrial renovation consisting of white tiled floors and walls along with dark green paint. So so cute and so so homey.

Who would I bring here: A fellow student/friend so that we can study or talk in the quiet environment, especially for breakfast.

The crowd: We were there on a Monday at 11.00 so there weren't that many people there until an hour or two later. The crowd consists of locals with strollers, people working on their laptops and hipsters enjoying a cortado or two.

Internet: Yes, the code is SemlanNummer1 (if I remember correctly)

Bathroom: Yes. HOWEVER, make sure you have a friend waiting on the other side of the door because the door jams shut due to the inside door handle not working. If Ida wasn't there, to open the door from the outside, I would still be in that bathroom.

Coffee: Their coffee is pretty great, strong but it was roasted for too long, creating a sweaty aftertaste that doesn't leave you until you go into retirement. Harsh I know, but I'm just so tired of coffee being ruined by this. A 6/10.

Sweets: Their pastries and desserts are reason enough to visit this cafe. They have several counters covered in brownies, biscuits and buns. Not to mention, very aesthetically appealing.

Location and hours: Karlbergsvägen 45, 113 37 Stockholm, a two-minute walk from S:t Eriksplan tube. Monday - Sunday: 08 - 18.

All in all, Systrarna Andersson is a great cafe with lovely desserts, food and interior that I'll definitely be visiting again soon for some study time and a breakfast or two. An 8/10!




My New ZARA Bag

My new bag from ZARA, a little outside my usual style and comfort zone when it comes to fashion but it's fun, colourful (for my taste) and lets me experiment with my style. Plus, it carries my laptop..




Black n' Denim

Jacket - H&M, Sweater - Monki, Trousers - Gina Tricot, Shoes - Adidas, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff, Earrings - Mango

My outfit for a trip to Millesgården with the family. Right now, they have such a lovely exhibition called Gerda Wegener & The Danish Girl. I highly recommend you head to Lidingö if you're in the area, and check it out. So lovely. So tragic. So revolutionary. Find more information HERE.




Style Inspiration: Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin: Get The Look 2

Jane Birkin: Get The Look

The Trendy Straw Bag

I'm so interested in buying a straw bag, I mean, look how cute and stylish?! If you're interested, the two in the mood board featured above are from Etsy: here and here.




Spring Beauty Trends 2017

Eye-Catching Red Lip

For the first time in many a Spring season, the red lip is here for the warmer weather. Not only is it red, classic and gorgeous but it comes with a twist: a no makeup contrast. By that, I mean leaving the brows, and skin natural while keeping the eyes entirely bare except for the occasional sweep of pale eyeshadow. Recreate this look: Tom Ford Lipstick, Nyx liquid lipstick and NARS lip pencil.



As much as I try to deny it, the eighties are back (*shudder*) and I can't avoid including one of these trends anymore since there are so many of them (*sob*). Draping is the eighties version of 2016's dramatic contouring and is done by bringing your pink blush up the cheekbone, temple then across your lid and brow bone. Recreate this look: Becca cheek and lip tint, Urban Decay blush and Bite Beauty multistick.


The Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye is a makeup trend that has become a classic since the nineties and this SS17 its back again. You would've seen it at fashion week in an incredibly simple manner: soft, minimalistic yet messy. To achieve this look, grab a grey eyeliner and start my lining your eyes then bringing it higher up your lid. To achieve the relaxed look, use your finger to blend the liner out. Recreate this look: Urban Decay eye pencil, MILK eye pigment and NARS eyeshadow.


Coloured Crease

I noticed this trend gracing the catwalk last season and now, the look is back and trendier than ever. Grab a pigmented shadow and drag it across your lid with your finger. This is a look that you probably won't see on people you pass on the street (like many fashion week trends) but it can be modified for everyday. To modify it, choose the colour of your choice, whether that be black, red, yellow, brown... and draw a line in your crease for subtilty. Recreate this look: Sephora eyeliner, Make Up For Ever eyeshadow and Clinique lid pop.


Glitter Lips

Thanks to the makeup legend Pat McGrath's work in FW16, glitter lips are immensely popular this season. This is eye-catching, glamorous and doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Recreate this look: Pat McGrath lip glitter kit, MAC glitter pigment and NYX lipstick.


Natural & Clean

Last but not least, we have the bare faced trend. This "no makeup" look is one that is nothing new for fashion week. However, when I say bare faced, I mean bare faced. Several fashion houses are choosing to keep their models natural by leaving the skin untouched then focusing on strobing and a light blush. Recreate this look: BECCA highlighter, Sephora luminizing drops and NARS bronzer.




Meet Me At: Cafe Saturnus

Hello, lovely readers,

Today we will be meeting at the trendy cafe Saturnus, I don't know why I haven't reviewed this coffee shop before because it is right up my alley, I mean, look at their adorable coffee cups, I want one! So keep reading if you want to know my thoughts on cafe Saturnus.


 Saturnus is a French-inspired cafe in Vasastan. Compared to other trendy cafes, Saturnus is quite different with colourful mosaic walls, blue and red striped walls along with large gold frames containing their selection of dishes throughout the day. This may sound like quite unappealing but they've managed to style it really well and make it light, colourful and parisian, the pictures don't do it justice.

Who would I bring here: I'd go here for a catch up with a friend since their cinnamon buns are so huge that you have to share.

The crowd: A lot of people 25 - 45, tourists as well as locals who are there for breakfast or coffee, just like Ida and I were.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Before, I've found their coffee incredibly disappointing because it was so incredibly weak, but I think they have a new barista (thankfully) so their coffee is a lot stronger now without being too bitter.

Sweets: Saturnus is known for their desserts, especially their giant cinnamon buns so that alone is a reason to visit this cafe. Although the cinnamon buns are huge and well-priced, they are dry which is quite disappointing, however, I've tried their cheesecake and that was delicious so there's still hope.

Location and hours: Eriksbergsgatan 6, 114 30 Stockholm. A nice 15-minute walk from Rådmansgatan tube station. They're open: Monday to Friday: 07.00 - 20.00, Saturday and Sunday: 08.00 - 19.00.

 All in all, a cheerful cafe with good coffee and nice food, especially nice when you can sit outside in the sunshine with a cuppa. However, when Ida and I were there, we didn't experience great service from the waitress and this ruined our experience quite a bit. I give Saturnus a 7/10 and I will definitely be back this summer.


Style Inspiration: Camille Charrière


Camille Charriere: Style Inspiration



Camille Charriere: Style Inspiration 2



Comfy Prep Look

Coat - H&M, Sweater - & Other Stories, Shirt - Gant, Jeans - Pull & Bear, Bag - ZARA, Shoes - Adidas, Earrings - Mango

A recent favourite look of mine, neutral colours n' wearing a shirt with a sweater. It's a way to keep warm due to wearing layers but also looks classic due to the combo.




Two Months in 35mm Film

My Weekend In Photos

On Thursday I met up with Ida at Vetekatten for some tea and cake. Delicious.

On Friday, Alice and I headed to Urban Deli for a lunch consisting of antipasti and rhubarb lemonade.

On Saturday, lovely Alice turned eighteen and had organised a mingle with champagne and Italian/Pinterest style antipasti. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.

On Sunday, I was once again, out and about; meeting Beata for brunch. Since Greasy Spoon was packed, we ended up at Pom & Flora with yoghurt bowls (is that the term for trendy expensive yoghurt with muesli?), tea and vegan hot chocolate. Lovely!

I then went for I walk around Kungsholmen and listened to an episode of Talking Crime. Probably one of my favourite things to do besides go out for coffee...

During this stroll, I also stumbled across this optical store with a sign that referenced Doctor T.J. Eckleberg from The Great Gatsby which I thought was very clever and a little creepy if you stare at it too long. Hope you had a great weekend!




MMA: Wienercafeet

 Hello, readers!

This week's Meet Me At post is about Wienercafeet, an affluent and French inspired cafe in Östermalm on Bibloteksgatan, opposite COS's store. Last Wednesday I was there for afternoon tea with a friend of mine (see picture below) which spurred on the idea of finally reviewing this place, a little out of my comfort zone since I usually stick to the western side of Stockholm but I thought I'd try something new!

Wienercafeet is a cafe in Östermalm that has a lovely and chic interior. A lot of warm turned wood furniture, dark chairs, chandeliers,  marble counter tops and warm lighting to emulate comfort.

Who would I bring here: I often go here with my mum but it is also nice to go here with a friend for a cuppa, especially in summer.

The crowd: Business men, "östermalmare", friends and a lot of mums and daughters.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Wienercafeet has great coffee, strong, full of flavour and in a large cup. The only bad thing is that the beans are too roasted, creating a sweaty feel in the mouth and sadly this is typical for Swedish cafes.

Sweets: One of the best things about Wienercafeet are there pastries and sweet things. Since this is a French cafe, their entire bar is filled with gorgeous dessert after gorgeous dessert. So, so delicious!

Location and hours: Bibloteksgatan 6, 111 46 Stockholm. A minute or two from Östermalmstorg tube or just a 10-minute walk from T-Centralen. They are open: Monday - Friday: 07-22. Saturday: 09:30-22 and Sunday: 09:30-19.


All in all, just a lovely cafe at the higher end of the scale, I love going there for a coffee break while out shopping or after being at the Opera with mum. Great coffee, great interior, great food (especially their fries). A 6.8/10.