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Style Inspiration: Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy: Get The Look


Clemence Poesy: Get The Look 2

Spring Fashion Trends 2017


This is a two-part trend: stripes and reinventing the oversized man's shirt. This season, the classic stripe comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and forms from modern pop art to vintage seventies to classic preppy. The oversized shirt can be seen worn off the shoulders, unevenly, back to front or very oversized. Recreate this trend: ZARA, Monki and Pull & Bear.


The Corset Belt

The corset/lace up belt is a trend born off the runway with bloggers and fashion influencers driving the trend. The belt is often worn to create a silhouette: on top of a coat, a dress or graphic tee for some extra layering and details. Recreate the look: ZARA and Gina Tricot.



Florals for Spring, I know, groundbreaking. Although expected, floral is a pattern that really revives your look after the dull winter months. Recreate this look: H&M, ASOS and Mango.


Large sleeves

Wide flared sleeves are a trend that I think I first wrote about in autumn but they keep reoccurring at shows and ss17 street style. This is a trend that can also come in combination with stripes and recreation of the striped shirt. However, these bell sleeves are often seen on sweaters, blouses and dresses commercially. Recreate this trend: Pull & Bear, ASOS and Mango.



Spring is here and so are bright colours (of course), this season you will see a lot of hot pink and a lot of bright yellow, often worn in the form of a sundress, skirt, purse or tee, four things that really emulate and encourage warmer weather. Recreate this look: ZARA, ASOS and ZARA.


Statement earrings

A style that I've been wearing quite a lot recently: large gold earrings. They are a classic piece that catches the eye but can still be reworn due to their simplicity. Love, love love! Recreate the trend: Mango, ASOS and H&M


Trench coat

The classic trench is back for the spring season after several seasons in the shadows while faux fur and the puffer had their moment. Now, the trench coat is gracing the catwalk and street style shots. Recreate this look: Weekday, & Other Stories and ASOS.


Kitten Heels

Last but not least, we have the kitten heel. For a long time, it's been considered an unattractive trend (much like turtlenecks and Birkenstocks) but now, they are back and better than ever. You'll often see kitten heels with jeans, flowy trousers or knee length skirts for contrast. Recreate this look: Mango, H&M and ASOS.




Opaque - Conceptual Photos


The Royal Wedding Dress Collection

My auntie and I went to see the Royal wedding dresses at the Royal Palace and then went for lunch in Gamla Stan at Kaffekoppen. So much fun! If you have a chance to see the dresses, you definitely should.



43 Questions about Me

(this post was written in December)


Who do you trust?

My parents


Where would you like to be right now?

Right now I want to be somewhere like Bali or the Maldives. Or maybe Australia, New York or Paris.

Favourite city?

Stockholm or Paris, followed by New York and London.


What is your favourite number?



What is the last thing you ate?

Breakfast consisting of two sandwiches, coffee, orange juice and tea with the family in Uppsala on the day after Christmas.


If you were a crayon, which colour would you be? 

Maybe white or pink.. Never really thought about it..


How is the weather right now?

 It's actually pretty sunny, about five degrees outside.


Who is the last person you were on the phone with?

Probably my mum, we call each other a lot.


What is the first thing you see in the opposite sex?

It depends how close I'm standing to them: hair, clothes and eyes.


Favourite tv series?

Oh god, I have so many favourites! Sherlock, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Community, SNL, Sex and the City and so so so many more. I actually have a post with my favourites that you can find HERE


Do you have any siblings?

Nope, only child



Something like 164 - 166cm


Hair colour?

Blonde in summer, dark blonde in winter.


Eye colour?

Greenish hazel


Do you use contacts?

I'm usually too lazy to use contacts even though they aren't hard to put on so I go for glasses but for special occasions or when I feel like I go for my dailies. 


Favourite holiday?



Favourite month?

I like June the most since it's summer and it contains the initial excitement of school holidays



Celebrity crushes?

Amanda Seyfried, Elsa Hosk, Jude Law and Olivia Palermo. (among others)


Have you ever cried for no reason?

Well, I think there's always a reason for me to cry, even if I don't realise it, it could be something that's built up that I've repressed so it's very cathartic to have a little cry.


What is the last movie you saw?

Love actually on the 23rd with the family


Favourite day of the year?

December the 23rd or/and 24th


Hugs or kisses?



Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla ice cream


Do you have any tattoos?



What are you listening to right now?

I'm re-listening to My dad wrote a Porno podcast: AMAZING! I should write an update post on my favourite podcasts...


Favourite movies?

Love Actually, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Guy from U.N.C.L.E and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Favourite sport?

Netball, Ballet, Ice skating and badminton


What are you doing right now?

Writing this post, listening to MDWAP episode "Texas, USA" and drinking fruit tisane


What books are you reading right now?

Lolita, just finished Frankenstein and wanting to start on Welcome to Nightvale



Just my ears, want to do another set though 


Buttered, natural or salted popcorn?

Buttered and salted popcorn 


Favourite flower?

Peonies, eucalyptus and baby's breath, together, they're even more gorgeous!


Who do you want to see right now?

Kate and Eve.


 Are you still friends with people from school?

Well, it depends on which school in which country... But I have friends who I still talk to from all my previous schools


Do you like flying?

Yes! I love flying, probably because I started travelling at a very young age very frequently and haven't stopped since


Right or left handed?

Right handed

  Dogs or cats?



How many pillows do you sleep with?



Do you miss someone?

Of course


Do you listen to the radio?

I love the idea but no I don't, not even Ekot. I am a huge fan of podcasts though and am almost always listening to one (that is not an exaggeration)


Best decision you've made all year?

I don't really know... I can't think of any major decisions that have affected my life... I really enjoyed a spontaneous trip to our Finish summer house that I decided to join last minute...?


Worst decision you've made all year?

No clue, my life is pretty good right now so I don't see the point in regretting something that I can't change


The latest app the downloaded?


Style Moodboard 2


And some interior inspiration

American Pancakes Recipe


2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2 eggs

1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp vanilla extract or vanilla sugar

1 cup Greek yoghurt

1 cup milk



Combine all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and whisk together. Then, in a smaller bowl, whisk the eggs, oil, vanilla and yoghurt, waiting till completely combined before adding milk. Add the yoghurt mix to the dry ingredients and fold gently with a spoon to keep the mixture light and fluffy. Heat a pan and spray with cooking spray before using a measuring cup to pour the batter onto the pan. Cook each pancake for 3-4 minutes until bubbles appear. Make sure to check the bottom before flipping and when golden, cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes. Repeat with the rest of the batter. To serve, top with blueberry jam, berries and a little syrup. Enjoy!




Style Inspiration: Jenny M Walton


Jenny M Walton: Get The Look


Jenny M Walton: Get The Look 2



Best of PFW Street Style

3 Best Organising Apps

Hello, lovely people!
School is in full swing and I'm sure you're all a little stressed so I thought I'd give some tips on how I stay organised in the form of my top three apps.
One of my favourite note taking apps is Evernote. I thought that Apple’s note app was quite ugly and simple so after some googling I found Evernote. It is a free app that works for both computers and phones so that you can have the same account across your various devices. You can upgrade from the basic (free) pack but I haven’t found the need to do so. I’ve now been using this app since May of 2016 and find it so easy to stay organised. You can create different folders for your notes, easily add images and tables and create shortcuts to your favourite notes. Not to mention that you can scan documents. You basically hover the phone above the receipt, print out or page containing essay details and it will straighten the photo and contrast the black and white in the photo to look like you’ve actually scanned it. I think this is pretty incredible as a 21st-century baby. Maybe it’s just me...
To Do List
This is an app that I acquired about a week ago, spurring the idea for this post. This is such a helpful app when you need to remember any impromptu assignments that you’d forgotten or just to reassemble your thoughts and distress. I use the google chrome add-on so it sits on the top left of my browser, always there to remind me to get on track. You can write lists under different personalised categories, designate them to various dates and assign importances to them. So helpful when you need to complete assignments. With To Do List you can have the same account on all your devices to make it easier to stay organised.
Self Control

This app is one for the procrastinators out there. Self Control is a program for your computer that blocks websites that you usually visit for however long you choose. I like to block things like Tumblr, Youtube, my blog etc for 45 minutes at a time before taking a 10-minute break in between. Highly recommend.




Meet Me At: Franska Cafeet

Hello, coffee lovers!

Today I am going to be reviewing/recommending Franska Cafeet in NK. It is a cafe that I've been going to since I was little and have such fond memories of. The only reason why I haven't reviewed it yet is because it's quite busy due to its many patrons and I haven't remembered to whip out my camera previously when I've been there. But finally it's here, my review of Franska Cafeet...

Franska Cafeet is a cafe in the top of the NK warehouse here in Stockholm. And much like its name (the French cafe), its interior has that classic French style. The chairs and sofas are romantic French bistro-esque while the tables are simply white and the floor is white marble. This cafe has a really nice and glamourous vibe due to it being surrounded by stores and if you can, try and get a seat so that you can look down at all the floors below and people watch.

Who would I bring here: My mum or other older family members

The crowd: People who shop at NK, older couples, young families, trendy people

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes, if you're willing to pay 10:-

Coffee: One of the main reasons why I love Franska Cafeet is because of their coffee, it's always full in flavour and well rounded.

Sweets: Apart from their delicious coffee, I love this cafe due to their baked goods and sweets. My absolute favourite is their Estelle tårta (Estelle cake) that was made for the young princess Estelle and is only sold at NK. It is like a princess cake but with raspberry cream and meringue peaks on top. Yum!

Location and hours: Hamngatan 18-20, 111 47 Stockholm. About three minutes from T-Centralen. Monday to Friday 10-20, Saturday: 10-18 and Sunday: 11-17.

All in all, a great place for coffee and a cinnamon bun that will never disappoint. Lovely staff and lots of places to sit. 7.5/10.





Style Moodboard

Jane Birkin, retro sunglasses, straight leg jeans, the Chloe girl style, heeled ankle boots, Marie Antoinette, straw baskets, large earrings, feminine blouses and neck scarves are all things that I've been loving these past few weeks and now I need one of everything.




Best of MFW Street Style

My Current Favourite Youtubers

Cat CreatureProbably my favourite Youtuber at the moment. She vlogs and makes such incredibly aesthetic videos from her dorm at RISD. Not to mention that she often shows her subscribers her art and I loooove itttt.

Hannah Witton

A British Youtuber who talks about sex, periods, life, relationships and self-love. You can think of her as the British version of Clara Henry who talks more about sex and relationships.



Table Top


Table Top is a show on Youtube where Wil Wheaton invites different people to play board games for about an hour. These episodes are always so entertaining and let me embrace my nerdy side. 


Ashley Maries Vlogs

You may already know who Alisha Marie is but have you seen her vlogs? She really puts a lot of effort into her vlogs and they are always so much fun to watch. Not to mention that she has just moved house and I always love watching people move and redecorate.

Casey NeistatI I am a little bit behind the trend but I only just discovered Casey's vlogs and I loove them! They are so well made and always so interesting, I have nothing more to say except, watch his videos!
Mr Kate
If you haven't heard of Mr Kate, how dare you. She has a great series on her channel where her and her husband redecorate YouTubers homes (Lilly Singh, Joslyn Davis and Meghan Reinks etc) and another where they remodel their own. Another great aspect are Kate's vlogs where she shows the behind the scenes of each redecorate themed episode, so much fun!
Clevver Style
Clevver TV has created another channel called Clevver Style where they have a number of different series like Beauty Break where they talk, review beauty products in a comedic way. They have Lunchy break where you see the team go for lunch vlog style, I promise its super entertaining, especially after you grow to love the whole team. Finally they have Beauty Trippin where they go on some for of trip or excursion to do something involving beauty like making their own lipsticks (see it above), workout under water or get strange facials.

Style Inspiration: Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse: Get The Look


Suki Waterhouse: Get The Look 2



Night at the Opera

Last Sunday, mum and I went to the opera to see La Boheme, an absolutely lovely production with great singers, catchy music and lovely scenes. I don't know how long it's playing but if you have a chance, you should definitely go see it!




Best of LFW Street Style

Best of NYFW Street Style

My 35mm Photos

A few months ago, I was given an analog camera by my grandparents and have recently developed my first two rolls of film. (That's why many of the photos look like they're from autumn). It's so exciting to see these shots that I'd almost forgotten about all printed out and glossy. So if you have an analog camera, want to invest in one or have a family member who has one lying around, I highly suggest you take some shots. Side note: the photos aren't this fuzzy in real life, since I only wanted physical copies of my film, I took photos of my photos so that I could share them with all of you.




Additions to my Wardrobe

Recently, I found the greatest, most comfortable and flattering jeans at & Other Stories (790 SEK). They are a straight/wide legged jean with a flared hem that fits nice n' tight around the hips. I also found a stylish black sweater with a high neckline and a high side cut at COS (720 SEK). Also, how cute is Misha? As I was photographing the new additions to my wardrobe, he decided that he wanted to sit in the empty bag. Naweh!




Best Fashion Movies

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette has been one of my favourite movies since I was a kid. We follow the French Queen through her triumphs, disappointments and shopping adventures. Note: this movie will make you so hungry for French pastries and treats.



A movie that came out in December of 2016. The movie Jackie follows Jackie Kennedy during her husband's time in office and his death. We see her struggles, hardships and strength. Really worth watching if you want more information on the fashion icon herself.


Yves Saint Laurent

 The famous designer Yves Sain Laurent has a few movies about him but this one is the most recent, released in 2014. Such a good movie with plenty of fashion and drama to satisfy any viewer.


Coco Before Chanel

 Coco Chanel has quite a difficult journey into the spotlight and throughout her carrier. This movie conveys that perfectly. Played by the ever so chic Audrey Tautou, Coco leads the way for the androgynous style and sets the stage for women.


Sex and the City

When I mean Sex & the City, I mean the two movies and TV series because they are all such good sources of fashion inspiration. This is likely due to the fact that all four women have distinct and unique styles (not to mention a big budget for shopping) that are all spot on.


Devil Wears Prada

Not only is this a funny film, it is the movie of all fashion movies. Meryl Streep plays a character who was inspired by Anna Wintour and Anne Hathaway plays a girl who has just joined the Runway magazine (*cough* Vogue *cough*). Such a good soundtrack, such good actors, such good fashion.


Dior and I

 Dior and I is similar to Devil Wears Prada in style and genre but instead, considers itself to be more of a documentary. We see inside the Christian Dior fashion house and the many stages of any collection. So interesting.


Confessions of a Shopaholic

The ultimate mix of fashion and romantic comedy. Isla Fisher does a wonderful job of playing a determined shopaholic who is trying to make her way through the world of financial business, despite knowing nothing about financial business (and not speaking Finnish). Great feel good movie!




Recipe: Layered Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Icing

- Ingredients -

2 cups flour

2 cups sugar

2/3 cocoa powder

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

2 eggs

1 cup buttermilk

1 cup coffee

1/2 cup olive or coconut oil

1 tbsp vanilla extract


340 g butter, room temperature

5 cups icing sugar

2 tbsp vanilla extract

a pinch of salt

2 tbsp heavy cream

1/2 cup salted caramel sauce 


- Method -

Preheat oven to 175 degrees C. Line a pan with baking paper and/or butter along with coconut or breadcrumbs. Sift together all the dry ingredients and set aside. Then, in a small bowl, mix eggs and the rest of wet ingredients using an electric whisk. A bit at a time, add the wet ingredients to the dry mixture and mix for about 2 minutes on a medium speed. Pour mixture into the cake pan, don't worry, the mixture will be quite thin. Bake the cake for about 25 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out almost clean. Let the cake cool while you make the icing. Whip room temperature butter for a few minutes until it's lighter in colour. Add the icing sugar, salt, heavy cream, vanilla extract and mix for an additional minute. Then, add salted caramel sauce and mix for a few minutes to let air in. Cut the cake into three layers and layer them with some icing. Frost the cake with the remaining icing and drizzle with some extra caramel sauce or/and sprinkles. Voila, enjoy!




MMA: Robin Delselius Bageri

Hello, luvs,

Its time for another meet me at post where I disguise my coffee addiction in the form of something productive and creative for this blog (yay). This week we'll all be meeting at Robin Delselius Bageri in Södermalm. Although I have a lot of trouble spelling it, it is now one of my favourite cafes in Södermalm and I'll definitely be heading back there for a coffee sometime in the near future.

Robin Delselius Bageri is a super trendy and cute cafe that reminds me Vetekatten quite a bit in style (mainly in colour palette and moulding). The cafe is filled with cute little tables adorned with candles and walls clad with dried herbs and low hanging lamps for an atmospheric yet industrial feel. I think of this bakery/coffee shop as a mix between Vetekatten and Pom & Flora, that perfect trendy Stockholm aesthetic.

Who would I bring here: I'd probably go here with a friend in between classes for a coffee or to pick up pastries because it's quite close to school and of course because they have delicious pastries.

The crowd: Locals and trendy/well-dressed young adults alike

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: I actually wasn't feeling coffee today (I know, huge surprise) but next time I'll definitely try their coffee, I'm sure it's lovely.

Sweets: Since it's a bakery, they have so many different options from savoury to sweet. They also have gluten-free and lactose-free options, so all inclusive.

Location and hours: Renstiernas gata 19, 11631 Stockholm. An eight-minute walk from Medborgarplatsen tube. Monday - Friday: 07-19, Saturday and Sunday: 07-17.

All in all, it is a lovely cafe/bakery that has a large selection for its customers, has a really great n' friendly staff and a very aesthetically pleasing interior. I am a little hesitant to rate this cafe because I didn't try their coffee so I give Robin Delselius Bageri a 7.5/10.




My Favourite Blogs

Hanna MW

My current favourite blog. Hanna is a stylist and works for my favourite magazine Chic so it makes sense that I am head over heels for her style. Every post of hers is like flipping through a magazine with glossy photos, vacations in Italy and unique outfits. Find her blog HERE.


Sandra Beijer

Sandra Beijer is a Swedish author (and blogger of course) who blogs about fashion, her travels, thoughts and experiences. Incredibly interesting to read about. Find her blog HERE.


Josefin Dahlberg

Josefin's blog is a long time favourite since she was even featured in my last blog favourites that was a while back. Her style is unique, feminine and edgy, going against the typical Swedish uniform of black on black on black. She's such a positive breath of fresh air for Swedish bloggers Find here blog HERE.


Flora Wiström

I found Flora's blog through her podcast with Frida and have been reading it every day since. She has such cute style and a really unique way of blogging so you have to check her out! Find her blog HERE.


Aurora Mohn

Probably the first blogger that I started following (ever). Recently, she started a new blog and is posting very cute pictures that speak to the minimalist in me. Find her blog HERE.


Christie Tyler

To me, Christie is pretty much the epitome of Brooklyn style and aesthetic. She posts really cute outfit pictures, photos from her stylish apartment and Brooklyn. Find her blog HERE.


Kate La Vie

Kate blogs about decor, lifestyle, advice, tips and beauty. Her photos and layouts are always so pretty and so inspiring. Not to mention that her apartment is INCREDIBLE, so gorgeous, so stylish, so chic. Find her blog HERE.


Isabella Thordsen

A recent find. Isabella is a Danish blogger living abroad with her boyfriend and bulldog. Her theme is similar to Christie Tyler's so if you like her style, you'll like Isabella's blog. Find her blog HERE.


Eirin Kristiansen

Eirin is a Norweigan blogger with the most iconic minimalist style and gorgeous loft apartment. She blogs about fashion, health, her travels, and cute puppy. You should definitely check her out, find her blog HERE.


Kelsey Simone

I first found Kelsey through her Youtube channel (which you should subscribe to by the way). Recently she started a blog and has so far posted outfits, beauty favourites and inspirational layouts. If you know her youtube then you know her blog is just as cute. Find her blog HERE.


Emma Hiltunen

I found Emma Hiltunen through Josefin Dahlberg's It Girls competition. I love her attitude, style and of course, her art! If you like Josefin Dahlberg's blog, you'll love Emma's. Find her blog HERE.


Amanda Maria Josefina

I have no clue how I found Amanda's blog but I'm very glad I did. She blogs about books, vegan recipes, lifestyle posts and her everyday life. Find her blog HERE.


Tuva Alicia

 Just like Emma Hiltunen, I found Tuva Alicia through the It Girls competition that Josefin Dahlberg hosted. She was actually the winner and I can understand why: her style and attitude is goals. Find her blog HERE.


Alice Catherine

I found Alice's blog around the same time as Lizzy's (down below). She's a fashion blogger living in Machester who shares her style with her readers. Find her blog HERE.


Lizzy Hadfield

Last but not least, I recommend Lizzy Hadfield's blog. She posts such cute photos of her style, every outfit post is flawless. She also has a really fun thing series where she shows her week through 36mm film and as an analog camera lover, I love that idea so much. Find her blog HERE.




Snow and a New Skirt

Jacket - First Slope , Sweater - Sportsgirl, Skirt - Monki, Boots - Vagabond

It started snowing! After weeks of grey and clouded skies, we are now receiving more snow, and I'm not super excited for two reasons. One: I thought that Spring and warmth were around the corner, two: snow makes it so much harder to wear cute outfits n' shoes. Well at least I stole this humungous jacket from my dad that is double my size and quite warm (as seen above). Hope you aren't too displeased with the bad weather.