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Meet Me At: Rosendals Trädgård

Hello, luvs

This week, we'll be meeting at the garden cafe called Rosendals Trädgård. I'm sure if you're a Stockholmer, you are already well aware and in love with this cafe. I've been waiting to review this cafe since last year because I missed the best season (aka the summer season) to review it. So, continue reading for my thoughts on this enchanting cafe with the perfect blend of greenery in a metropolis.

Rosendals Trädgård (Rosendal's Garden) is a very large and beautiful garden on the Djurgården island. The main cafe is in a set of white greenhouses with an adorable interior and gravel floors. However, this is not the best part, the main seating area consists of outdoor seating in a gravel courtyard with beautiful greenery and an apple orchard with picnic tables. Rosendal is the best place to go for a coffee and some mud cake.

Who would I bring here: Anyone and everyone, this is my favourite place to go in the summer because of the outdoor seating and everyone should know about it!

The Crowd: Again, anyone and everyone. Rosendal is a Stockholm "smultronställe" (hidden gem) where all and any type of Stockholmer will go for a delicious piece of cake or two.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Although I haven't drunk their coffee since last year, I know that both their latte and regular filtered coffee is pretty good (plus, free refills)! Of course, I don't come here for the coffee, more for the scenery and food so a 5.5/10. Average.

Sweets: As previously mentioned, I go to Rosendals Trädgård for the dessert. They have a whole smörgåsbord of cakes, buns, sandwiches and slices that are about the same price as any other trendy cafe in central Stockholm. 

Location and hours: Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm. About a seven-minute walk from the tram stop Bellmansro which you can take from Kungsträdgården. They're open every day between 11 - 17.All in all, Rosendals Trädgård is a wonderful, majestic and gorgeous garden cafe with a lot of dessert options and places to sit. However, although it is gorgeous, it is also quite expensive, a little far from the city centre and at its most pleasant during the summer months. A 7.5/10!




Meet Me At: Älskade Traditioner

Älskade Traditioner is a cute cafe in sofo with a retro interior comprised of antique furniture, old movie posters, a strong pop art/50's colour scheme along with an adorable mint green jukebox in one corner.

Who would I bring here: Some of my friends have labelled this to be the local hangout for the art students so I guess I'd bring my fellow artsies here!

The crowd: We went to Älskade Traditioner in the morning on a weekday so there weren't too many people there. A group of friends chatting over breakfast, a few people working on their computers and a mother with her child in a stroller. I suspect that at peak hours, this adorable place is crowded with locals and hipsters alike.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Their iced latte is lovely! Just as I was taking my first sip and thought it to be a little too milky, a waitress and/or owner came out with a shot of espresso in a little jug; saying that everyone likes their coffee a little differently and that I could now make it as strong as I wanted. So lovely, 9.5/10.

Sweets: Älskade Traditioner has a counter stocked with blueberry pie, raspberry pie, cherry pie, brownies, doughnuts, biscuits and chocolate balls. So much to choose from. Not to mention that it is very affordable for such a trendy place!

Location and hours: An eight minute walk from the Skanstull tube station. They're open Monday to Sunday: 09-18.

All in all, a cute retro cafe with outdoor seating in the summer and plenty of cosy colourful armchairs for the cooler weather. The coffee is great, there are plenty of options for a sweet treat (including their extensive menu). All in all, an 8.5/10.




Meet Me At: Petite France

Hello, readers,

This is a scheduled post as I am currently in Lisbon, Portugal (photos coming soon) about another Meet Me At cafe. I first visited this cafe last March when Ida and I first met and loved Petite France. Now that the weather is warmer, I thought it was about time to write a post reviewing it. Scroll down for more.

Petite France is a French coffee shop in Kungsholmen near Norrmälarstrand with a wide range of desserts, seating options and coffee. The cafe has about five different areas to sit, two outside, three inside so that you're sure to get a spot. Expect yourself to be transported to a little cafe in Madeleine, Paris; where the baristas are French and are speaking the language fluently to the many chic customers.

Who would I bring here: A chic friend or two to drink a cappuccino with in the outdoor seating area; enjoying the sunshine.

The crowd: Local couples with their kids, Fashionable Frenchies and (if you're lucky), a dude watching boxing without headphones at the table right next to you.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Petite France's coffee, although not overly roasted and with a nice flavour, does not deliver any sort of impact. I don't know how to explain it but their coffee is bitter but the taste doesn't really appear until a few seconds after you taste it which is kind of a letdown. However, I will still be ordering coffee from Petite France so it isn't a deal breaker. Tip: their soy latte tastes better than their regular cappuccino; I don't know how. A 6.5/10.

Sweets: Petite France really stands out because of their pastries and desserts. Since it is a French cafe, they offer an incredible range of patisserie style items. I recommend you all try their cardamom and vanilla bun as well as their raspberry and vanilla tart. Amazing.

Location and hours: Johan Ericssonsgatan 6, 112 22 Stockholm. A ten minute walk from Fridhemsplan tube station. They're open: Monday: 07-18, Saturday and Sunday: 07-17.

All in all, Petite France is one of my favourite cafes with good food, reasonable prices, plenty of room and a comfortable atmosphere. As the weather gets warmer, I will definitely be heading back more and more often. A 9/10.




Meet Me At: Cafe Le Mond

Hello, lovely people,

This week's Meet Me At post is about Cafe Le Mond, a cute place with a bike theme that is good for studying, a catch up with a friend after school or a good cuppa coffee.

Cafe Le Mond is a chic and trendy cafe in Södermalm with a theme revolving around bikes and cycling. There are two floors so plenty of space to study and/or to sit and relax. The colour tone is navy, grey, wood and pops of a bright yellow. This cafe is both modern and industrial yet cosy and gives you a hug through its atmosphere. 

Who would I bring here: I'd either go and study by myself or with a friend since Le Mond is very close to my school. Or, I'd bring my bike-obsessed dad.

The crowd: A lot of "södermänniskor", mums meeting for coffee and students aiming to study.

Internet: Yes, but I forgot to ask for the WIFI password

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Last time I was at Le Mond,  I didn't actually order coffee (I know, shocker). But as far as I remember, their coffee is delicious, well balanced and strong. Like a 7/10.

Sweets: I didn't manage to closely photograph the options to munch on but you can see them if you look in the left corner of the image above. Le Mond has quite a small range of sweets but to compensate, a large menu with pancakes, acai bowls etcetera.

Location and hours: Folkungagatan 67, 116 22 Stockholm. A quick walk from Medborgarplatsen. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 08-18, Wednesday and Friday: 07-18 and Saturday and Sunday: 10-17. All in all, Cafe Le Mond is a lovely and chic cafe with good vibes, good coffee and good study space. An 8/10.





MMA: Systrarna Andersson

Hello, coffee addicts,

This week we will be meeting at an enticing cafe in Vasastan. Recently, they changed their name (or owners, I don't know) from Borgs Bageri to Systrarna Andersson so I thought this would be a suitable time to review this adorable coffee shop!

Systrarna Andersson is a very aesthetic and underground cafe with a high ceiling full of unmatching teak vintage chairs, tables and artwork- creating a lovely comforting vibe. This is contrasted with an industrial renovation consisting of white tiled floors and walls along with dark green paint. So so cute and so so homey.

Who would I bring here: A fellow student/friend so that we can study or talk in the quiet environment, especially for breakfast.

The crowd: We were there on a Monday at 11.00 so there weren't that many people there until an hour or two later. The crowd consists of locals with strollers, people working on their laptops and hipsters enjoying a cortado or two.

Internet: Yes, the code is SemlanNummer1 (if I remember correctly)

Bathroom: Yes. HOWEVER, make sure you have a friend waiting on the other side of the door because the door jams shut due to the inside door handle not working. If Ida wasn't there, to open the door from the outside, I would still be in that bathroom.

Coffee: Their coffee is pretty great, strong but it was roasted for too long, creating a sweaty aftertaste that doesn't leave you until you go into retirement. Harsh I know, but I'm just so tired of coffee being ruined by this. A 6/10.

Sweets: Their pastries and desserts are reason enough to visit this cafe. They have several counters covered in brownies, biscuits and buns. Not to mention, very aesthetically appealing.

Location and hours: Karlbergsvägen 45, 113 37 Stockholm, a two-minute walk from S:t Eriksplan tube. Monday - Sunday: 08 - 18.

All in all, Systrarna Andersson is a great cafe with lovely desserts, food and interior that I'll definitely be visiting again soon for some study time and a breakfast or two. An 8/10!




Meet Me At: Cafe Saturnus

Hello, lovely readers,

Today we will be meeting at the trendy cafe Saturnus, I don't know why I haven't reviewed this coffee shop before because it is right up my alley, I mean, look at their adorable coffee cups, I want one! So keep reading if you want to know my thoughts on cafe Saturnus.


 Saturnus is a French-inspired cafe in Vasastan. Compared to other trendy cafes, Saturnus is quite different with colourful mosaic walls, blue and red striped walls along with large gold frames containing their selection of dishes throughout the day. This may sound like quite unappealing but they've managed to style it really well and make it light, colourful and parisian, the pictures don't do it justice.

Who would I bring here: I'd go here for a catch up with a friend since their cinnamon buns are so huge that you have to share.

The crowd: A lot of people 25 - 45, tourists as well as locals who are there for breakfast or coffee, just like Ida and I were.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Before, I've found their coffee incredibly disappointing because it was so incredibly weak, but I think they have a new barista (thankfully) so their coffee is a lot stronger now without being too bitter.

Sweets: Saturnus is known for their desserts, especially their giant cinnamon buns so that alone is a reason to visit this cafe. Although the cinnamon buns are huge and well-priced, they are dry which is quite disappointing, however, I've tried their cheesecake and that was delicious so there's still hope.

Location and hours: Eriksbergsgatan 6, 114 30 Stockholm. A nice 15-minute walk from Rådmansgatan tube station. They're open: Monday to Friday: 07.00 - 20.00, Saturday and Sunday: 08.00 - 19.00.

 All in all, a cheerful cafe with good coffee and nice food, especially nice when you can sit outside in the sunshine with a cuppa. However, when Ida and I were there, we didn't experience great service from the waitress and this ruined our experience quite a bit. I give Saturnus a 7/10 and I will definitely be back this summer.


MMA: Wienercafeet

 Hello, readers!

This week's Meet Me At post is about Wienercafeet, an affluent and French inspired cafe in Östermalm on Bibloteksgatan, opposite COS's store. Last Wednesday I was there for afternoon tea with a friend of mine (see picture below) which spurred on the idea of finally reviewing this place, a little out of my comfort zone since I usually stick to the western side of Stockholm but I thought I'd try something new!

Wienercafeet is a cafe in Östermalm that has a lovely and chic interior. A lot of warm turned wood furniture, dark chairs, chandeliers,  marble counter tops and warm lighting to emulate comfort.

Who would I bring here: I often go here with my mum but it is also nice to go here with a friend for a cuppa, especially in summer.

The crowd: Business men, "östermalmare", friends and a lot of mums and daughters.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Wienercafeet has great coffee, strong, full of flavour and in a large cup. The only bad thing is that the beans are too roasted, creating a sweaty feel in the mouth and sadly this is typical for Swedish cafes.

Sweets: One of the best things about Wienercafeet are there pastries and sweet things. Since this is a French cafe, their entire bar is filled with gorgeous dessert after gorgeous dessert. So, so delicious!

Location and hours: Bibloteksgatan 6, 111 46 Stockholm. A minute or two from Östermalmstorg tube or just a 10-minute walk from T-Centralen. They are open: Monday - Friday: 07-22. Saturday: 09:30-22 and Sunday: 09:30-19.


All in all, just a lovely cafe at the higher end of the scale, I love going there for a coffee break while out shopping or after being at the Opera with mum. Great coffee, great interior, great food (especially their fries). A 6.8/10.




Meet Me At: Franska Cafeet

Hello, coffee lovers!

Today I am going to be reviewing/recommending Franska Cafeet in NK. It is a cafe that I've been going to since I was little and have such fond memories of. The only reason why I haven't reviewed it yet is because it's quite busy due to its many patrons and I haven't remembered to whip out my camera previously when I've been there. But finally it's here, my review of Franska Cafeet...

Franska Cafeet is a cafe in the top of the NK warehouse here in Stockholm. And much like its name (the French cafe), its interior has that classic French style. The chairs and sofas are romantic French bistro-esque while the tables are simply white and the floor is white marble. This cafe has a really nice and glamourous vibe due to it being surrounded by stores and if you can, try and get a seat so that you can look down at all the floors below and people watch.

Who would I bring here: My mum or other older family members

The crowd: People who shop at NK, older couples, young families, trendy people

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes, if you're willing to pay 10:-

Coffee: One of the main reasons why I love Franska Cafeet is because of their coffee, it's always full in flavour and well rounded.

Sweets: Apart from their delicious coffee, I love this cafe due to their baked goods and sweets. My absolute favourite is their Estelle tårta (Estelle cake) that was made for the young princess Estelle and is only sold at NK. It is like a princess cake but with raspberry cream and meringue peaks on top. Yum!

Location and hours: Hamngatan 18-20, 111 47 Stockholm. About three minutes from T-Centralen. Monday to Friday 10-20, Saturday: 10-18 and Sunday: 11-17.

All in all, a great place for coffee and a cinnamon bun that will never disappoint. Lovely staff and lots of places to sit. 7.5/10.





MMA: Robin Delselius Bageri

Hello, luvs,

Its time for another meet me at post where I disguise my coffee addiction in the form of something productive and creative for this blog (yay). This week we'll all be meeting at Robin Delselius Bageri in Södermalm. Although I have a lot of trouble spelling it, it is now one of my favourite cafes in Södermalm and I'll definitely be heading back there for a coffee sometime in the near future.

Robin Delselius Bageri is a super trendy and cute cafe that reminds me Vetekatten quite a bit in style (mainly in colour palette and moulding). The cafe is filled with cute little tables adorned with candles and walls clad with dried herbs and low hanging lamps for an atmospheric yet industrial feel. I think of this bakery/coffee shop as a mix between Vetekatten and Pom & Flora, that perfect trendy Stockholm aesthetic.

Who would I bring here: I'd probably go here with a friend in between classes for a coffee or to pick up pastries because it's quite close to school and of course because they have delicious pastries.

The crowd: Locals and trendy/well-dressed young adults alike

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: I actually wasn't feeling coffee today (I know, huge surprise) but next time I'll definitely try their coffee, I'm sure it's lovely.

Sweets: Since it's a bakery, they have so many different options from savoury to sweet. They also have gluten-free and lactose-free options, so all inclusive.

Location and hours: Renstiernas gata 19, 11631 Stockholm. An eight-minute walk from Medborgarplatsen tube. Monday - Friday: 07-19, Saturday and Sunday: 07-17.

All in all, it is a lovely cafe/bakery that has a large selection for its customers, has a really great n' friendly staff and a very aesthetically pleasing interior. I am a little hesitant to rate this cafe because I didn't try their coffee so I give Robin Delselius Bageri a 7.5/10.




MMA: Snickarbacken 7

Hello coffee lovers!

Kaffeverket is one of my favourite cafes and before Kaffeverket was Kaffeverket, Kaffeverket was actually located at Snickarbacken 7. Now, they have become two more separate entities, I'm unsure if they have the same owner but I know that they have the same baker, making them quite similar in style. So if you like Kaffeverket, You'll love Snickarbacken 7 (and vice versa).

Snickarbacken 7 is very cool. Its hidden away from the general public on a side street called Snickarbacken (therefore the name). The cafe has high white ceiling with arched doorways, exhibiting art collections by local and international artists and photographers. The location is huge with plenty of space during their busiest hours. The tables vary in size but are mostly marble or gold, each with a candle and set of industrial style chairs. Snickarbacken 7 also has a shop and functions as an art gallery since you can buy the art featured if you have 30 000 SEK left over from your fika. A really cool and relaxed place with an artsy vibe that is perfect for both catching up with a friend and catching up on your studies.

Who would I bring here: I would bring a fellow art student or artistic type due to all the art and creative atmosphere of the place.

The crowd: At Snickarbacken 7, you'll mainly see young people and artistic types since this is a really cool n' hip location.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: The coffee is strong and bitter, not at all (for a lack of better words) "sweaty" in any kind of way. I ordered a cappuccino and have previously had their latte and have been happy with my coffee both times. (But to be honest, I'm not that picky, I just get bothered when the coffee tastes like it will haunt your tastebuds for the next two days. I think that's probably due to the beans those types of cafes use gahh).

Sweets: I personally am more of a pastry and French dessert type of person while Snickarbacken 7 provides mainly types of cake, small biscuits and protein balls along with sandwiches which aren't really my thing. All of their stuff tastes great but I'm more of a Sophies Canele or Vetekatten type of person.

Location and hours: Snickarbacken 7, 11139 Stockholm so about eight minutes from Hötorget tube station, a really short walk actually. Monday - Friday: 08 - 18, Saturday: 09 - 18 and Sunday: 10 - 17.

All in all, I really like Snickarbacken 7. I will definitely be heading back here because I enjoy their coffee, location, service and calm/artsy vibe. I give this cafe a 7/10.




MMA: Ikon Cafe

Hello coffee luvs,

A few days ago, I met up with Tora for coffee and brunch at Ikon Cafe. This is a new location in Birkastan that has really great food. So keep on reading for my review of the cafe.

Ikon Cafe is quite modern, not really my taste of decor but still nice. The tables and chairs are very simple, a light brown wood. The bar is a muted blue, the floor is a muted orange tile and the walls are bare and white. I really like the homey porcelain that everything is served on, very typically Swedish.

Who would I bring here: I would either go here with my parents for lunch or I'd go here with a friend for a coffee and some pancakes, yum!

The crowd: We were there when it was quite empty so at that time there were mainly older people and girls in their 20's meeting up for brunch and a coffee.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: We both ordered drip coffee and it was really fresh. I often find coffee here in Stockholm to be kind of sweaty, heavy and with a bad aftertaste but this was a clear exception. The coffee was light, bitter and acidic, so refreshing and delicious.

Sweets: Ikon cafe really doesn't have much in that way, it's more a brunch/lunch/dinner place so keep that in mind. We shared avocado on levain which differs from the usual avo toast due to the sesame seeds, lettuce and lemon juice that really makes it so much more delicious. We also shared a stack of American pancakes with blueberry jam and berries. The pancakes were so incredibly fluffy, a little too sweet for my taste, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Location and hours: Karlbergsvägen 43, 113 37 Stockholm. A six-minute walk from the Sankt Eriksplan tube station. Monday to Friday: 08 - 23, Saturday: 10 - 23, Sunday: 10 - 17. 

All in all, a cafe with great food and coffee in a central and modern location. There are other places with much nicer customer service but it's almost worth it for the delicious pancakes. I give Ikon Cafe a 5/10.




Meet Me At: Hagabageriet

Hello, coffee lovers!

The reason why I've been a bit absent in my Meet Me At posts is because I can't find that many more potential favourites and that makes me quite sad since that very much cuts this series short. So if you have any favourite coffee places, please leave a comment! Anyways, this week we're meeting at Hagabageriet in Vasastan. They have several locations here in Stockholm but I chose this one due to the nice area and since it seems to be their largest.

The Hagabageriet that I visited is located in Vasastan, at Torsgatan 75. The interior is a mix between modern and classic Swedish. With marble countertops and the counter's sides and certain walls are a "faluröd" painted wood. The cafe is down a flight of stairs. To your left, you'll see the fully stocked disk of pastries, sandwiches and sweet treats that are baked just metres away. To your right, there are plenty of marble tables with low hanging lights, all set with a candle for a homey atmosphere.

Who would I bring here: Since it's white a comfy environment, I'd bring a friend who I have lots to talk about with or my parents or grandparents since it isn't too busy and has plenty of tables.

The crowd: Locals buying pastries to-go. A slightly older crowd than my usual cafe favourites (by that I mean 40+).

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Acidic and strong but not (as I like to say) "sweaty". Aka their coffee doesn't have that flavour that sticks in our mouth for the next two days and leaves a gross aftertaste. Surprisingly common at cafes in Stockholm.

Sweets: Since it is a bakery, there are plenty of desserts that'll tickle your fancy (of course). I mean, just look at the photos. It would be silly to come here and not order a mouth-watering slice of cheesecake or chocolate macaroon.

Location and hours: Torsgatan 75 Stockholm (the cafe I went to). They're open Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 19:00, Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00 and Sunday: closed.

All in all, a lovely cafe and bakery that is clean and nicely decorated with a stress-free and homey atmosphere that is perfect for a coffee and pastry of your choice. I give Hagabageriet 7.5/10 as I'll definitely be coming back here in the future.




Meet Me At: Il Caffe

Hello, fellow coffee lovers!

It's been a while since we met up at a cafe but now I'm back again, providing another relaxed review of a coffee shop here in Stockholm. Today we're meeting an Il Caffe. They have four locations but I will be talking about their cafe near Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm.

Il Caffe is a trendy cafe in Södermalm with a unique vibe due to its environment and decor. The cafe consists of several rooms whose walls are covered in art and posters. The main accents of the cafe are orange, a greyish-blue tone and black. The floors are variations of tile while the walls are a mix of grey, white and blue. Within the cafe, there is also a little bakery called Brödbutiken and a flower shop. In the far end, there is a quiet room with several small tables perfect for anyone who needs a quiet place to work or study. This is where I'll be headed next year when finals are on their way.

Who would I bring here: Since this cafe is so close to my school, I often go here with my lovely friend Alice or I'd go here by myself to study one afternoon.

The crowd: Hipsters, locals with strollers and coffee enthusiasts.

Internet: Yes, the code is listed right atop the counter.

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Great strong coffee that doesn't sway too far to either the acidic or basic side. Although I'd prefer mugs for lattes rather than glasses, just a personal choice. 7/10.

Sweets: Since they have a bakery in tow, their baked treats are aplenty so you have so much to choose from. Favourites of mine include their saffron and cinnamon buns.

Location and hours: Södermannagatan 23, 11640 Stockholm. A ten-minute walk from both Medbograrplatsen and Skanstull. Monday to Friday: 08-20. Saturday and Sunday: 09-19.

Overall rating: I love the feeling of productivity at Il Caffe along with the coffee and the close proximity to my school. I give Il Caffe an 8.5/10.




Meet Me At: Vetekatten

Hello, coffee lovers!

This week we will be meeting at one of my favourite cafes: Vetekatten. They have a large location with a long and proud history here in Stockholm, with thousands of baked goods and refills on coffee, what's not to love?!

Vetekatten is so gorgeous, with a large location (5 rooms and two places to order). The floor is a dark wood in combination with a white marble tile. There are plenty of windows and walls are a cream white with greyish green moulding to add the Victorian touch. All the tables and chairs in the more modern salon are dark wood with a marble tabletop. The room is bright with simple chandeliers hung from a pale blue ceiling with moulding.

Who would I bring here: Anyone and everyone! Since I love this cafe, I've already been there so many times with so many people and they've all loved it, whether they're a blogging friend (like Ida, seen above), my mum or grandmother.

The crowd: I've seen many different types of people here: Stockholmers, tourists, friends meeting for coffee, family meet ups, couples taking a break from shopping etc.. I don't recommend going here to study since it is quite loud and can get a little crowded so it's a little rude to sit at a table by yourself with just a coffee for two hours.

Internet: Yes, two

Toilet: No

Coffee: Vetekatten's coffee is wonderful. It's cheap and comes in large cups with the possibility of refills, incredible! I give their coffee an 8/10.

Sweets: They have such a huge selection since they're also a bakery. Vetekatten provides lots of vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree, dairy free sweets and pastries. See the menu above. If you aren't sure what to go for, choose the Leo bun which is free of everything except sugar. My favourite things to order are their pistachio buns, Danish vanilla pastry, chocolate croissant and rum balls.

Location and hours: Kungsgatan 55, 1122 Stockholm, a 4-minute walk from Hötorget tube. Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 20 while Saturday and Sunday: 09:30 - 19.

Overall rating: Their coffee is great, the service is lovely and their food is fabulous, this probably explains why their always packed and its so hard to get a table. All in all a 9.7/10.




Meet Me At: Fikabaren

Hello, lovely readers!

This is the first meet me at that is not about a cafe that I've already visited and loved. Last Sunday I met up with Ida for a coffee at Fikabaren here in Södermalm and was a little disappointed with their coffee. Don't let this discourage you from visiting the establishment though, I'm just a coffee addict who has grown to realise that I'm a little picky therefore probably won't be visiting this cafe again.

Fikabaren is a modern and trendy coffee shop in Medborgarplatsen that serves a range of delicacies and drinks along with a calm atmosphere. The cafe has a dark wood, grey, beige and concrete colour palette that can be seen in the classic yet simple floor and walls, industrial chairs and marble tabletops. To add a personal touch, the walls are covered in artsy photographs.

Who would I bring here: I'd go here by myself to study since it is quite calm with many places to sit or I'd go here with a friend from school if we didn't have enough time to go to another cafe like Pom & Flora.

The crowd: When we were there it was quite quiet but the people there were mainly locals who were gabbing over coffee or working in the peaceful environment.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Not at all for me. I really don't like writing anything negative but this coffee was acidic and bitter, small yet quite expensive. The flavours didn't at all work for me but I think this could improve if they changed their beans and bought some larger coffee cups. Sadly, 3/10.

Sweets: Although I didn't order anything, the sweets out front looked delicious. There were may different types of buns, cakes and sandwiches to choose from, quite similar to that of Cafe Pascal, Kaffeverket and Snickarbacken 7.

Location and hours: Södermannagatan 10, 11623 Stockholm, a short walk from Medborgarplatsen. Monday-Friday: 07-19, Saturday and Sunday: 09-18.

All in all, this coffee shop is very nicely decorated with friendly staff but sadly, isn't for me. 4/10.





Meet Me At: Pom & Flora

Hello, coffee lovers!

This week we'll be meeting at Pom & Flora in the centre of Södermalm. I'm surprised I haven't written about this cafe yet because it is my favourite cafe in Södermalm and serves delicious dishes along with great customer service. Not to mention  that I'm often here during free periods in school for an afternoon pick me up and maybe a cinnamon bun...

Pom & Flora is quite a small cafe (especially around 12.00-14.00) with delicious food and Instagram famous-looking people in a lovely and trendy atmosphere and location. The floor is a white and burnt red tile, the walls are a mix white, tile and blueish grey feature walls. The main furniture includes benches, wood chairs and marble or wood tables along with green plants aesthetically scattered about.

Who would I bring here: Any of my fashion-forward or trendy friends since it is a cafe that is often seen on the Instagrams of bloggers and fashion influencers.

The Crowd: The people found at Pom & Flora are exclusively trendy and stylish people with MacBooks and cappuccinos and local hipsters meeting for lattes and acai bowls.

Internet: Yes, the code will be on your receipt.

Toilet: Yes, in the back room so ask for directions.

Coffee: The coffee here is wonderful! It is strong but not at all bitter, kinda sweaty and acidic; just the perfect blend! The only thing I wish was that they offered a larger size for lattes and cappuccinos.

Sweets: They have great baked treats out front, but the main star is their food! They have amazing dishes like their buffalo mozzarella with arugula on levain bread, acai bowls with chia seeds and berries among many other things. This is the perfect place to brunch and is on the same level as Greasy Spoon. Post about it here

Location and hours: Bondegatan 64, 11629 Stockholm, about a 12-minute walk from Medborgarplatsen's tube station. Weekdays: 07:30-16 and weekends: 09-15.

Overall rating: Pom & Flora is a great cafe for any Instagrammers who are looking for a good brunch place out there. Their coffee is small but delicious, food is amazing yet healthy and their decor and atmosphere is lovely. Highly recommend!





Meet Me At: Mellqvist Kaffebar

Hello, coffee lovers!

After a few weeks, I am finally back with another cafe for my Meet Me At series. I can't believe that I haven't talked about Mellqvist before since it is such a staple for me. Since school starts early on Fridays, mum and I most usually head to Vasastan and sit down with a latte and cardamon bun each as breakfast before heading in two different directions for our job/school- the best morning ritual for the darker months to make every day a little brighter. Keep in mind, I couldn't get the quality of photos that I wanted inside the cafe because my camera has too slow of a shutter speed for the dark interior and my phone's photos are a little grainy and really and truly don't show off what the cafe really looks like. I promise it is so much lovelier and aesthetically pleasing in real life! With that addressed, let's move on. Grab a cuppa coffee and continue reading...

Mellqvist Kaffebar is a coffee shop that is perfect for the cold months, let me explain... Firstly, it is always dark in there with the main light source being candles at every table and small ceiling lamps here and there (and also because I always go there in the morning). Also because there is a certain cosy atmosphere in the cafe due to the darkness and homey feeling of the exposed brick, brown tiled floor and dark furniture covered in sheep's wool.  

Who I'd Bring Here: My mum since we already have a long-standing tradition but otherwise I'd bring a friend who is also headed to school and is up for a morning coffee before heading our separate ways.

The Crowd: I've always gone there in the morning and during that time there are mainly people sitting alone, either working on their computers or enjoying their morning latte. However, you will still find friends catching up over coffee at their local cafe Mellqvist. 

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Mellqvist has delicious coffee. It is one of the reasons that I go there, the coffee is always the same standard and is hot with soothing yet sweet base notes while somewhat strong. I give it a 7/10. 

Sweets: Their cardamon buns are incredible, I've ordered one almost everytime I've been there and oh my god they are delicious! They have a cute system where you grab your own plate or takeaway bag and pick whichever bun you choose. Sweets are not the main focus of the establishment and I'm not sorry about that, that's not really why I go to Mellqvist anyway.

Location and hours: Rörstrandsgatan 4, 11340 Stockholm, about 10 steps from the subway entrance to St Eriksplan and they're open between Monday-Thursday: 06-21, Friday: 06-19, Saturday-Sunday: 07-18

Overall rating: Due to the general feeling, my own memories of the place (sorry, I'm biased) and quality of the coffee, I'd give Mellqvist Kaffebar in Vasastan a 7.5/10.




Meet Me At: Fabrique (Gamla Stan)

Hello, lovely readers!

It's the weekend and time for us to catch up, this week we'll be meeting at Fabrique in Gamla Stan for a latte and a brownie. They are the hipster of the coffee chains and their level of quality never fails. Scroll down to read more...

Fabrique is a coffee chain here in Sweden with cute interior design, lovely coffee and several central locations. The one in Gamla Stan is large with white tiles/dark grout on the walls, blue patterned tiles for the floor and low hanging bare lightbulbs that create a lovely mood. The walls are decorated with hipstery posters (and other such pieces like the one behind me in the picture below) and the tables are a mix of shabby chic pieces, coupled with uniform low back wood chairs.

The Crowd: Judging by the times I've gone to any Fabrique location, it seems to be a place where friends go to catch up or where a local (maybe with their kid) goes to pick up a loaf of bread on the way home.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Fabrique's coffee has a good and well-rounded balance in its flavour but when I was there last, the coffee was a little lukewarm and too weak for my taste. This isn't a very big deal for me so it's still a 6.5/10.

Sweets: Okay their brownies are incredible! (You can see it in the pictures either below or above). It was a turtle brownie with a moist and mud cakey centre while not being too rich nor too sweet. Ida can also guarantee that their chocolate cookies are fantastic.

Location: Fabrique has thirteen locations (!) so you'll just have to google the one that's closest to you. The one that we went to (and where the photos are from) is at Lilla Nygatan 12, 11128 Stockholm. It is about 30 seconds from the Gamla Stan tube station, 50 seconds if there are a lot of Pokemon Goers in the area.

All in all, Fabrique is a great chain for all those hipsters and coffee lovers (like me) who don't go to Espresso House or Wayne's and want an overall high level of quality with delicious food, a nice environment and good service. A 6.8/10.




Meet Me At: NEWT

Hello, all you coffee lovers out there!

Sorry for a bit of a lull in my posting but I've just gotten a new kitten and have been a little busy (photos coming soon). This week we will all be meeting at the coffee shop NEWT, it is a cute little place close to the water along Kungsholmen where you can grab a piece of cake and a coffee in a modern, quiet and warm environment.

NEWT is a coffee shop that I first visited early this year and since then, it has become by favourite place to get coffee on Kungsholmen. The cafe is near the water so it's perfect to go for a walk along Norr mälarstrand with a takeaway coffee cup in hand. Whenever I bring a friend here, I like to describe the decor as " modern scandinavian with a Viking like twist". Although I don't really know how I came up with this, it feels pretty accurate due to the natural wood finish on the simple yet modern furniture, the birch tree wallpaper, dark iron candlesticks, dark and the warm colour theme of the establishment.


Who would I bring here: I'd either go here with my mum in between errands for a quick coffee or with a friend so that we sit undisturbed and talk for a while.

The crowd: Mainly locals; a mum with her child, some guy who popped down for a coffee, two friends meeting for a catch up...

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Those of you who've been following this series for a while may see the connection between my favourite coffee shops and the quality of their coffee and this is no exception. One of the many draws to NEWT is the quality of their coffee. Their lattes are strong, the beans are good quality and there is a good balance between the acidic and base flavour. An 7.9/10.

Sweets: Although delicious, the portions are very small which (depending on who you ask) can either be a good or bad thing. You'll just have to give NEWT a visit to decide for yourself (I recommend their mud cake)!

Location: Polhemsgatan 15, 11236 Stockholm






Meet Me At: Blå Porten

Hello, Coffee lovers of the world!

This week's Meet Me At is at Blå Porten, a cafe on the island Djurgården that is surrounded by an amusement park, the ABBA museum and many other tourist attractions. This place acts as a quiet place where you can sit down and grab a cup of coffee along with a piece of cheesecake while the tourists and locals alike, mill around the island in search of fun.

Blå Porten is a cafe that I've been going to for years due to the great location and good coffee. This is an old cafe with great seating in the courtyard leading up to the location. The cafe's plain wood decor is a little basic for my taste but the dessert table makes up for that! But more on that later...

Who would I bring here: I'd bring my family including my grandparents because this cafe is a is a famous classic here in Stockholm with lots of room, a pretty garden and a great location on Djurgården.

The crowd: The people that you will find here are mainly older ladies and gentlemen or maybe a woman with her child in her stroller who is meeting her own mother for a quick catch up over coffee.

Internet: No.

Toilet: Yes but there is often a queue.

Coffee: Their coffee is really good but can be a little weak and heavy in flavour for my personal taste. I'd say about 6.5/10.

Sweets: Okay now here comes the part that at least I've been waiting for... their dessert! They have a looong table that is crowded with cakes, biscuits and tarts in many different colours and flavours so that you'll always find something you fancy.


Location: Djurgårdsvägen 64, 11521 Stockholm. To get here you either need to walk for about 20-30 minutes from the tube or take the tram which will take about 5-10 minutes extra.


I love Blå Porten because it is such a staple with a friendly feel, delicious desserts and plenty of space to relax outdoors. I give Blå Porten a 6.5/10.




Meet Me At: Sophie's Canelé

Hello, coffee lovers of the world!

Today it is time for another instalment of my Meet Me At series and this week we are meeting (a.k.a talking about) Sophie's Canelé, a french inspired cafe in the centre of Vasastan that is famous for their canelé, a sweet and soft pastry with a custard filling that originates from Bordeaux.

Sophie's Canelé is one of my top three favourite cafes here in Stockholm. The decor is incredible with a yellow and white hexagonal tiled floor for a modern yet classic look. The walls are a mix of simple white and white tile with light grout that creates an airy decor. Above the pastries and treats hang low and bare lights along with small Parisian trinkets. The tables are white marble and the chairs and stools are a dark teal that works with the colours of the establishment. Along the far wall, a long bench sits crowded with warm coloured pillows and blankets to add warmth and comfort. My favourite thing to do is to grab a coffee and a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) and sit down with a lovely friend while the rain pours down outside. It is lovely to sit here during the autumnal season because the atmosphere really supports the season.

Who would I bring here: A travelling buddy or my mum I think. France is such a gorgeous country and I have such nostalgia for Paris right now so it is so lovely to go for a coffee at Sophie's Canelé and talk over our travels with one of these two previously mentioned.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: I love their coffee, the quality is always consistent and never too bitter nor too weak. What can I say more than 9.5/10.

Sweets: I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate croissants and Sophie's Canelé helps to feed that addiction with the most delicious pain au chocolat that I've ever tasted since I was in Paris. Every pastry or sweet that I've tried at this establishment has been wonderful and addictive. If you've never tried a canelé (which is what the place is famous for and named after), you absolutely have to!

Location: Sankt Eriskgatan 81, 11332 Stockholm, about 20 steps from the tube entrance to Sankt Eriksplan station.

I can't say enough good things about Sophie's Canelé, this coffee shop is just a classic that will never go out of fashion due to its originality and amazing quality in both their coffee and sweet treats. I give this gorgeous cafe a 9.5/10 and thanks to this post I am now craving a chocolate croissant so I might have to make a trip there right now...




Meet Me At: Greasy Spoon

Greasy Spoon is a cafe in the heart of Södermalm that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and everything in between. The name "Greasy Spoon" comes from the English term meaning a small and cheap restaurant or diner. This cafe has put a spin on that term by creating a modern and warm environment that suits the general feel of Södermalm. The walls are draped in an old-fashioned wallpaper along with white tiles with dark grout for a contrast between old and new. The floor and furniture are an auburn wood and of simple design that feels simple yet homey.

Who would I bring here: I would bring a group of girlfriends here for a Sunday brunch or alternatively, heading there with them for breakfast before the school day starts.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes. large clean and no queue.

Coffee: I didn't try their latte since I chose brewed coffee instead (due to the fact that it included top ups). Although brewed coffee is often bitter and acidic in taste, Greasy Spoon's option has a much more well-rounded flavour that doesn't grow too bitter as it cools. Since their brewed coffee is so good, I am sure their latte is wonderful. I think a cautious 8.9/10.

Sweets: Since this is more of a brunch place and less of a typical cafe, there are only three desserts offered. However, even if there was more available, I feel that I'd still prefer to grab a meal here due to the cosy atmosphere.

 Location: Tjärhovsgatan 19, 11628 Stockholm and it is just a 5-minute walk from Medborgarplatsen. This is definitely a place that I'll bring my friends to so that we can talk over coffee and pancakes after school. Due to the hip yet old-fashioned decor and atmosphere along with the delicious food, I give Greasy Spoon a 7.5/10!





Meet Me At: Kaffeverket

Hello, coffee lovers,

Since I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and a knack for finding cute cafes, I thought I'd channel that into something creative and not just a quick coffee run. Hence why I am starting a series on my blog called "Meet Me At" where I write about and review different cafes that are (usually) in the Stockholm area. I will be posting approximately one of these a week and they will include information about the atmosphere, coffee and WIFI access (all very important factors). I am so excited for this series and hope you are too! Now, onto this week's cafe...

Kaffeverket is in my top three in regards to my favourite cafes here in Stockholm so I thought it would be a good starting point. The decor feels modern due to the wall's white tiled surface and bare low hanging lights but feels very cosy due to the feminine lines of the 17th - 18th-century inspired wall details in blue. Inside, the tables are either marble or a muted gold and the seats are covered in sheepskin rugs for that Scandinavian touch. There are plenty of places to sit due to the two or three rooms inside along with the option of sitting outside so it doesn't get too crowded. On the walls, you can find art and photographs that add to the general vibe of this trendy coffee shop by showing off lesser-known artist's work.

Who would I bring here: Since it is such a cute and trendy place, I'm most inclined to meet friends here (which I have done on numerous occasions) for a cup of coffee and a nice chat. Also a great idea: bringing along a blogging friend!

Sweets: Of course, a coffee is no fika without a piece of cake or biscuit of some kind. Luckily, Kaffeverket has you covered since they always always always have a mouthwatering selection of goodies in the window.

Toilet: There is a nice and clean bathroom that usually has a very short line if any.

Internet: Yes.

Coffee: Every time I've ordered coffee from here, it has been strong, balanced and full of flavour. The price is quite reasonable with a large latte costing 39 kr so I'd give the coffee here a 7.5/10.

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 88, 113 62 Stockholm. About three minutes from the Sankt Eriksplan tube station.

All in all, a well-rounded cafe with good service, a lovely environment, great coffee and options for something to nibble on. You might not be surprised to know that I've been here several times and I've even blogged about it before (here, here and here). I'd recommend you grab a friend and catch the first tube to St Eriksplan right now for a cuppa!

I give Kaffeverket an 8/10.