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A List about Mornings

When do you get up?

During the week I get up at 06.00. On weekends and during the holidays I like to get up between 07.00 to 08.00. However, with my current job, there are days that I'm up at 04.00... 

 What is the first thing you do in the morning?

If its a school day, I listen to a podcast or watch Youtube videos as I go about my morning, going down to the kitchen, starting the coffee machine and making some toast or something along those lines.

Are you a morning person?

Yes! Best time of the day, if sleep wasn't compulsory, I'd skip it all together. 

How long do you spend in the bathroom each morning?

I don't really spend any time in the bathroom in the morning since I wash my hair at night and do my makeup in my room; except for washing my face of course.


Is breakfast important?

Yes, that's how you make it for five hours until lunch. Not to mention that breakfast food is the best type of food. I mean, pancakes, waffles, porridge, cosy coffee mornings, a good acoustic Spotify playlist (I'm getting off track)... come on.

 What do you eat for breakfast?

Honestly, I usually just eat coffee and toast. Occasionally (very occasionally) I'll make some American pancakes, porridge or a berry smoothie along with my coffee, yum!

 What type of alarm do you have?

In the winter, I use LightalarmFr to wake up less agonisingly. But now that it's lighter outside, I just use Apple's sleep alarm thing. I also use the app Rain Rain for some background noise.

 What does your perfect morning look like?

Waking up completely rested at like 06.00 on a weekend, listening to a great true crime podcast as I make pancakes (and coffee) then eat them outside in the sunshine.


What is the best thing about mornings?

The feeling in the air of being able to achieve anything. Also, the fact the world hasn't really woken up yet and you can be alone with your thoughts and feel super productive.

What do like to wear in the morning?

I like to wear the largest softest dressing gown and a pair of slippers during the winter. In summer, I usually throw on an oversized t-shirt and call it a day.




My Weekend In Photos

On Thursday I met up with Ida at Vetekatten for some tea and cake. Delicious.

On Friday, Alice and I headed to Urban Deli for a lunch consisting of antipasti and rhubarb lemonade.

On Saturday, lovely Alice turned eighteen and had organised a mingle with champagne and Italian/Pinterest style antipasti. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.

On Sunday, I was once again, out and about; meeting Beata for brunch. Since Greasy Spoon was packed, we ended up at Pom & Flora with yoghurt bowls (is that the term for trendy expensive yoghurt with muesli?), tea and vegan hot chocolate. Lovely!

I then went for I walk around Kungsholmen and listened to an episode of Talking Crime. Probably one of my favourite things to do besides go out for coffee...

During this stroll, I also stumbled across this optical store with a sign that referenced Doctor T.J. Eckleberg from The Great Gatsby which I thought was very clever and a little creepy if you stare at it too long. Hope you had a great weekend!




Night at the Opera

Last Sunday, mum and I went to the opera to see La Boheme, an absolutely lovely production with great singers, catchy music and lovely scenes. I don't know how long it's playing but if you have a chance, you should definitely go see it!




Greasy Spoon & Fotografiska

Ida and I met up at Greasy Spoon for a brunch that consisted of American blueberry pancakes and Avocado toast with pickled onion. Yum!

Then we went for a walk down to Fotografiska, an art gallery focused on photography on Södermalm.

And of course, on the way down we had to snap some photos of the gorgeous (but kind of murky) view. And yes, I am that annoying friend who always wants to take pictures.

I'm currently writing a piece for my school newspaper on interesting exhibitions around Stockholm. right now, there are several great exhibitions at Fotografiska: Italia, Natt, We Have A Dream and Diesel Campaigns.

We took some photos (with my phone) in their photo booth to capture the occasion.

Aaand later in the day I grabbed one or two cardamon buns to bring home to mum. A great day.




My Birthday in Pictures

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

Last Sunday (January 22nd), it was my Birthday! I had a great day, surrounded by people that I love, so I thought I'd share my day with you all.

The day started with breakfast in bed with tea, saffron buns and opening presents.

Then I got ready to head out for the day

Every cafe/brunch place we had planned to go to had a one hour wait (!!) but we stumbled across this place, Bistro Casper right next to a parking spot and the location of Astrid Lindgren's old apartment, how lucky is that?

Mum, my godmother, Ida and I ate American pancakes, drank coffee and talked about Trump.

After picking up some pastries, mum and I headed to Uppsala to see my grandparents and aunty.

We had a lovely time before heading back home, such a great day, such great people, such great memories.




Favourite True Crime Podcasts

Once Upon A Crime

A really well-structured and well-formulated podcast that keeps you wrapped. Esther Ludlow tells us about cases in the format of short series. Her first series was about people who've been kidnapped and found (alive). So fascinating and frightening. She has since also done series on children who were killers, fanatic fans, musicians who died tragically and so much more.

My favourite episode: Episode 001: Lost and Found: Chapter 1 - Jaycee Dugard


Generation Why

A long time favourite of mine as I started listening in Spring. Aaron and Justin discuss true crime cases like that Pamela Smart and Charlie Brandt. They have been podcasting for a long time (more than 200 episodes) and its obvious in their professionality.

My favourite episode: Death of Tina Watson - 183 and Jonbenet Ramsey Case - 129


Talking Crime

A relaxed podcast where H. Alan Scott and Margot Leitman watch true crime documentaries and talk about them. I can't describe what makes this podcast so enjoyable, maybe because like they say; they're your true crime BBF's and are very entertaining. They actually started with a short podcast called The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey Response Podcast where they responded to the JonBenet documentary made by Jim Clemente and Laura Richards (from Real Crime Profile, below). Check that one out too!

My favourite episode: Episode 1 - Amanda Knox Part 1 and Episode 2 - Amanda Knox Part 2


Real Crime Profile

I found this podcast through Margot and H. Alan of Talking Crime since they were raving about it. Jim Clemente, Laura Richards and Lisa Zambetti discuss and profile real crime cases. They are all really intelligent and actually work in profiling so they know what they're talking about. Their recent episodes have been going into depth into the death of Meredith Kercher and why Amanda Knox is innocent. As both a true crime and psychology buff, I love this podcast.

My favourite episode: Episode 37 - The Death of Meredith Kercher (all episodes about Kercher)


True Crime Fan Club Podcast

A podcast that I found through Once Upon a Crime. Their style is very similar with a female narrator (who has a very calming voice) who talks you through a case each week.

My favourite episode: The Most Dysfunctional Family in America, Pt. 1 (Listen with caution, very graphic)


Bone Palace Ballet

It seems like almost all of my favourite have been recommended by another podcast that I love. This one is no exception.Bone Palace Ballet did a collaboration with True Crime Fan Club about two very graphic cases: Sylvia Likens and Erica Parsons (again, listen with caution, the Sylvia case made me want to throw up).

My favourite episode: Episode 10: The Likens/Parsons Murders



This is a podcast that differs from other podcasts that discuss true crime. We hear stories about people who've been wronged, done something wrong or were caught up in the middle of something. So if graphic or bloody podcasts aren't for you, try Criminal.

My favourite episode: Episode 53: Melinda and Judy and Episode 54: Melinda and Clarence



If you are a true crime buff then you already know about Serial but I thought I'd include the podcast that started the true crime frenzy for any people who are new to true crime podcasts. Their first season discusses the murder of Hae Min Lee and goes into depth about whether Adnan Syed is innocent or guilty. (Note: if you listen to this case, you should listen to Undisclosed because they go into incredible details pertaining to this case. After listening, I'm sure Adnan is innocent.) Their second season follows Bowe Bergdahl who disappeared from his post and was held by the Taliban for five years. They were releasing season three in the Spring of 2016 but nothing has come of it

My favourite episode: S01 Episode 01: The Alibi (and all of season one)


The Peripheral

Justin from Generation Why has his own podcast where he interviews individuals with personal stories that most consider to be taboo or shameful. Justin has a very casual and nonjudgmental attitude that allows those interviewed to relax and feel comfortable when telling their story. 

My favourite episode: Ep 8 Authoritative Religion


Favourite Photos of 2016

The year started off in Australia where I spent many of my days at Le Pink Petit Patisserie.

Then we came back to Sweden and celebrated my birthday with the most delicious cake.

In March, I met Ida for the first time at Petite France.

Later that month, I also met Tora for the first time. So many new friendships in 2016!

In April, I had the time of my life in Paris, visiting Arc de Triumph, so many Parisian cafes, the Eiffel tower, Monet's garden and so many french stores.

The view from the Arc de Triumph

Monet's Garden and Champs Elysee

Soon after, it was the summer holidays in early June and Stockholm was so gorgeous and green. This is a shot from my neighbourhood that I'm fond of.

My cousin and I saw Little Mix at Grönalund, so much fun!

Also in June, we got Misha, our little kitten who's now quite big.

Later in the summer, Eve came to visit.

In the end of June, my family headed to our summer house in the Finnish countryside with little Misha.

The first photo that I took when we were back on Swedish soil, a view of Södermalm near Fåfängan.

My cousin Beata and I took the train down to Västerås to visit relatives. That trip was the first time I drove a go-cart, a great time.

In the late summer, We got our little Nea. So so adorable.

A shot that I always look back on fondly. This is a building by my school that has these gorgeous roses weaving up its walls and for some reason I've grown so fond of this photo.

Autumn came to Stockholm. I was obviously excited.

In the new school year, I met Alice and we had an immediate connection, meeting for coffee the very next day after we first met. Such a lovely person.

A shot from an early morning when I wandered around Gamla Stan to take photos for an art project.

The first snow came in early November. So much snow.

And finally, my self-portrait for art class that I'm quite proud of. Such a lovely year and such a lovely way to reflect on it. I've had so much fun, met so many great people and learnt so much. Thank you lovely reader for following along on my journey and I hope you stick around in 2017.




My School Paper

Hello lovely people!

My school has a house system (as previously mentioned), and my house Pavlov, has a paper called The Dog House (after Pavlov and his dogs). Recently it started up again and I am a contributor so it's super exciting and a great learning experience! About a month ago, we released our Christmas issue full of festiveness and a coffee article by me. So go give it a read, the (free) link is down below the cover photo.

(Find the paper HERE)

Our first issue was at the end of November with school news, the editor's chronicle, a piece by me about Australia and so much more, you have to go check it out. It's more in our style since the Christmas issue had to be shorter and released earlier to fit school schedule. (Find the paper HERE)




My December Vlog

Hello, luvs!

Happy New Year! Now that we're in the new year, I thought I'd share a video that I made of my December in 2016. It's a collection of moments from the last month where I've met up with friends for coffee, gone to dinner parties with family and explored Stockholm. I hope you enjoy!






End of Year Tag

If you could look back on one memory from the last year that you wish to relive, what would it be?

I have so many (which is great). Either when I was at our summer house with mum and dad, it was sunny and quiet and I was sitting on the couch eating my breakfast and drinking some gross coffee that was somehow addicting and reading Mrs Dalloway. Or when mum and I ate breakfast at Angelina in the Lafayette on an early morning in Paris, consisting of macarons and coffee. Another option would be when my house won the school's song competition, it was such an incredible and joyous moment that I'd love to go back to.


Best movie you saw this year?

The Guy from U.N.C.L.E, such an amazing movie with incredible 60's fashion.


How did you celebrate your birthday?The day before, I met up with some close relatives and parents at Vetekatten cafe. Then, on my birthday, we had a dinner party at our place with an Estelle tårta from NK along with family and family friends, so lovely! A little overwhelming but great.


Top three beauty products of the year?

Coconut oil, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara


Something special you've got planned for 2017?

A trip to Lissabon, hopefully a trip to Copenhagen and mayyybe a trip to Florence and the surrounding cities... Mayybee..


Three words to describe 2016?

Growth, experience, friendship


Something you're looking forward to this coming year?

The summer holidays. I can't wait to have that extra time to put into my painting, photography, aimless walks, coffee dates and of course: le blog.


What songs remind you of 2016?

These are some of the songs that I listened to this summer and have such positive memories associated with them.


Best book you've read this year?

Dracula and Lolita. Amazing amazing books!


Where did you travel this year?

Australia then to Paris then to Finland then again Finland.


Favourite podcast of 2016?

Probably "My Dad Wrote a Porno"


What do you wish for 2017?


Maybe a nice little place in Karlberg or Vasastan. *crossing my fingers*. I would also love to come closer to working in the fashion industry.


Compared to last year, how are you?

I am so much better. Last year I was so overwhelmed by the move and now, I have come so far and really grown as a person. I am much happier, more positive, more dedicated, and hopefully closer to a job in the field I want.


Your favourite blog of 2016?

Oh gosh. Besides my friends and previous favourites who I've already talked about or who I discovered pre-2016, I have loved reading Flora Wiström's blog. Find it HERE. Happy New Year!





Kaffeverket with Alice

A lovely day today with the lovely Alice at Kaffeverket in Vasastan on an incredibly windy and cold day. Nothing that'll cheer you up like a cup of coffee and some girl talk. We also managed to fix my "synintyg" for my driving license so that's pretty exciting! Hope you're all having a lovely day n' keeping warm.




My Self Portrait

Hello, luvs!

As you may or may not know, I am an art student studying here in Stockholm. Recently, I finished my piece for our segment on potraits and self portraits. It didn't turn out exactly how I planned but I'm still pretty proud of it and thought I'd share my process and result.

I started with a blank piece of paper to test out my rough idea and to work more with oil paint.

Then I started on a large canvas to create the undertones for my skin in the self portrait. This also created the direction of the lines that I would paint along to create depth and facial features.

I then added highlight by throwing on thick layers of light paint for that classic impressionist look in its texture. After that, I went in on the lips again to try and mirror my own, a darkening in the middle of the lower lip, a shadow underneath, create a large philtral tubercle (centre of upper lip that drops down) and highlight the actual lip with lighter reds and purples.

I then just kept adding layers in different colours to add a soft feel that I so love about oil along with outlining my odd jawline and my chin.

The lighting is incredibly harsh so please don't judge the colours. I added depth to the nose, more highlight to the jaw and high points of my face, hurridly created my eye shape, eye and lashes. Not to mention that I also started creating a rough brow shape and started adding the first layers for my hair.

And voila, my end result! The lighting is a little brasy and yellow so there is a change in skintone from the first pictures. I finished up the hair, added a background colour, made my eyebrow lighter, whitened my eyes (a little too much since there's a lack of depth) and just finished some final details along with some additional touch ups.




This is Me TAG

At a cafe...

I'm usually there with a friend enjoying a latte and something sweet. I also make sure to take notes if I'm writing a Meet Me At post but otherwise, we just sit there for an hour or so and discuss our lives and anything that we find important or interesting.


In a restaurant...

I'm the person who has trouble deciding what to order, usually choosing between something pasta and something chicken.


In clothing stores...

I'm walking around with earphones in and listening to a podcast as I check out their newest collection. Usually, I've already looked at the new items or the thing I'm looking for online but I usually get sidetracked by a cute blouse or sweater.


On a plane...

I'm sitting there for the whole eight hours or so watching comedy TV shows while everyone else is sleeping. I don't sleep more than two hours on planes and I'm more than okay with that since I'd be happy if sleep wasn't necessary. I usually watch 2 Broke Girls, New Girl or The Big Bang Theory and ask a flight attendant for some snacks and maybe a coke.. flying is when I pig out and do whatever I feel like, I looove flying! 


At school...

I'm very cheerful and try to work hard to keep from getting stressed. I often need to refuel during long days (especially in the winter) with coffee because otherwise I get tired, in a bad mood and just want the day to end and that's not how I want to spend my time.


In a food store...

I'm listening to a podcast as I walk around with my basket and look through my chosen recipes to grab ingredients. I like to just wander and take my time because food shopping makes me feel so organised and puts me in some kind of cathartic state of relaxation.


In the morning...

I'm a morning person, it's my favourite time of day so I'm always chirpy as long as I get about 20 minutes to myself. I jump out of bed into my dressing gown, put the coffee on, turn on a TV show and start getting ready. This is my "me time" in the morning so that when I get to school, I'm very cheerful, positive and friendly while my friends are still a little groggy.


In the evening...

I switch between working on blog posts, writing assignments and watching Youtube or a show. I'm an introvert and after being at school all day, I need to have down time in the evenings by spending time alone.


On the tube...

I'm listening to music and reading a book or listening to one of my podcast faves, either something funny or true crime... Two complete opposites...


Right now... 

I'm drinking tea, petting my kitten Nea and watching GMM while finishing up this post. I'm so tired and heading to bed as soon as I'm done, I hope you're all having a lovely evening!




Happy Birthday Ida

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

On my blog, I often mention friends of mine without really speaking too personally about them... just what coffee they ordered ahaha! Ida is one of these people who I'm hanging out with very often and in a few days, ITS HER BIRTHDAY! So this is a birthday post for Ida where you can all get to know her better and follow her blog and why not wish her a happy birthday! Ida and I met through Josefin Dahlberg and Vanja Wiström's blogs, from there we exchanged social medias and started texting. Eventually, we met up for coffee (like a blind date for friendship) and just clicked. We've been close friends ever since and even though it's only been six months, we've grown really close and had so much fun together. I really value Ida as a person and as a friend, she always makes me smile and is always such a sweet and wonderful person. Not to mention that we have the same coffee addiction and read each other's blogs constantly, so that's always a plus! Below you will find a mini interview where I asked Ida a few questions and we ended up having a very long conversation about TV-shows, atmospheres in coffee shops, Christmas traditions and alike.

Who are your top lady heroes?

I: Beyonce, because she does like everything and I think that she is such an inspiration for so many and does so much for women today. If I'm going to be really original, I'd easily say that my mother is my inspiration because she works hard every day with both her things and my things as well.


What's the best book you've read so far this year?

I: For a project in school, I read this book about womens' rights called eh.. "The Suffragette Bombers Britain's Forgotten Terrorists", it's about women fighting for their right to vote. I learnt a lot from it and I think it is really good; easily the best book I've read!


What is your go-to outfit?

I: Something comfortable and stylish, like black jeans, with my "success blouse" and right now that's my striped shirt with one of those ruffled collars. It alway works.

 What is your favourite cafe in Stockholm?

I: I really like Vetekatten because it feels its so homey and is so good yet cheap. One time when we grabbed coffee there, I ordered a sandwhich, coffee and a blueberry bun and the total was like 92kr. I remember this so clearly because I was so pleasantly chocked when she said the price hahah!


What is your perfect day?

I: Wake up at like 08:30, then I'd get up and eat a breakfast of like cottage cheese, apples and cinnamon; I eat this all the time! Then I'd get ready, I'd sit in a calm environment and listen to a good podcast as I'm getting ready. Then I'd just do whatever I enjoy doing, I would go out for coffee, walk around in the city... maybe do something with a friend... That would be a great day!


What was the last movie you cried in?

I: I cried yesterday when I saw The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. I didn't think it would be so sad, I was just thinking" oh what a cute little boy and aweh he has a friend, how nice", then I started to understand when the movie started getting very intense. I cried so much. Don't see if it if you don't want to cry your eyes out. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I: London. Every time I'm there, I feel like I'm home. I really do love Stockholm but London... The people are friendly, everything is just so delicious, everything feels good. I would feel at my best there.


What about yourself are you most proud of?

I: That I can express myself well in writing, even better than when I'm speaking. I also have an eye for photography, and that's something that I enjoy doing and spend a lot of time doing. 

If you could be best friends with a celebrity, who would you choose?

I: Tuva Alicia. She is a Swedish blogger and is so driven. She is so... I am just drawn to her, she inspires me all the time, whatever she does. She takes a photo of a salad and I'm just like "Oh my god what a good salad". I just feel a real connection with her since we're quite similar and that's why I'd want to be her friend, she's like everything.


Do you have any special Christmas tradition?

I: My sister and I watch The Polar Express, then we drink "julmust" and I also always drink "glögg". Oh, we also eat cheese and crackers and gingerbread!





How to Handle a Panic Attack

Hello, lovely readers!

Yesterday started with me having a panic attack at school (which is always fun) so since I've had panic attacks for a few years now and have come up with my own coping mechanisms through reading a lot about anxiety and seeing what works for me, I thought I'd give you some advice on how to handle your own (or help someone else's) panic attacks. Keep in mind that these tips work for me, they may not work for you!

Stay with the person and take them to a quiet place with less to no people around.

If they take some kind of medicine, you can help them by e.g. grabbing a glass of water or water bottle for them and even if they don't take medicine, you can still grab them some water for when they calm down.

Communication is key, ask if you can do or can't do anything for them, this will help them focus on something other than their panic. If you expect an answer, speak in short and clear sentences to be comprehensive. Sometimes I just need someone to talk about whatever so to distract myself.

Help the person stay focused by repeating yourself simply and staying in their vision. Something that really helps me is keeping eye contact with whoever is helping calm me down (if there is someone there). This helps to focus me and help me be less rational (which usually happens during a panic attack, thereby the panic).

Help them slow their breathing by either counting to ten or my choice: "breathe in" "breathe out" and encouraging them is always a good idea like: "you can get through this" "You're doing so well" "I'm here for you" "Everything is going to work out". Make sure to avoid saying things like: "calm down" "you're being irrational" "I wouldn't do that if I were you" "Stop overreacting". Whatever they do or say in the moment is how they feel. Panic attacks are instinctual, the person usually knows what they need to do, even if they've never had a panic attack before.

If you are the person having the panic attack, all the previous tips still apply to you. Another good tip is to put your head between your knees as you are breathing since short and shallow breaths get less blood to the head (therefore the drowsy/dizzy feeling) and putting your head down will help the blood flow.

When your brain is sending this emergency response and your body is pumping adrenaline as these negative thoughts circle your brain, shout "STOP" in your head, cutting off the loop of hazy thoughts. Then think or say to yourself whatever feels right: "I will be fine" "I am just having a panic attack" "I am not going to die" "I am not having a heart attack" "I am going to relax" "My body is just reacting to my fear" "I will get through this" "I am strong".

If this doesn't work, imagine that you're in a place of comfort and try to immerse yourself, whatever it may be: e.g. drinking tea with your family at your grandparents' house, lying on the beach reading, cosying up in your bed with candles lit and your favourite movie playing.

Things that you can do to prepare for a panic attack is to have a stress ball or something of comfort on hand, have a card with helpful statements to say (like those above), prepare a comfort scenario as described above, tell a friend/s about your panic attacks and what they need to do to help you.

Finally, don't suppress a panic attack; accept it. From personal experience, I can tell you that this only makes it worse for you since you still feel just as stressed and the panic attack is often even more powerful if repressed.

I hope this helped you or someone in need. Be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself, you deserve to be free of anxiety and to live the life you want!


Love, as always,




Polaroid Photography

These are the final shots for my art project on photography and "the extraordinary in the ordinary". I'm presenting them on Wednesday and am a little nervous because I am a perfectionist and wanted to take them several times over... But at the same time I'm happy with my final outcome! What do you guys think?




Favourite Youtubers

Arden Rose


Arden Rose isn't the typical "beauty guru", she makes very interesting videos about makeup, sex, body image and fashion (among other things). She has a lovely energy and style that I keep coming back to. Find her youtube here!



Connie is the absolute sweetest youtuber you'll ever find. I first found her through her impression videos (which are incredible btw) and fell in love with her positivity, cuteness and pink hair. Find her youtube here and her vlog channel here.


Jessi Smiles

I was recommended this lovely lady by a friend and I haven't been able to stop watching her since, her hilarious videos and mind-blowing storytimes are videos that I keep watching over and over again. Find her youtube here and her beauty channel here.


Clarissa May


I have no clue how I stumbled upon Clarissa's youtube channel but recently, she reinvented her social media accounts and is going in a completely different direction with her aesthetic. Every video of hers is so well shot and innovative, you have to check her out here.


NYC Bambi


Christie Tyler has such an inspiring style, both in fashion and decor. I fell in love with her Tumblr Christie's Closet and have followed her to youtube and to her new blog. I am so excited every time she releases a new video and hope you will be too. Find her videos here and her posts here.


Charles Gross

Also a recommendation from a friend. Charles makes a video every day (!) either in the form of a vlog, story time or something perfume or fashion related. Every since I found out about him, I have been bingeing on his videos and have fallen in love. Find his youtube here.



Kate La Vie

I first discovered Kate through her blog and eventually stumbled upon her youtube channel. Just like her blog, her videos are so beautiful and inspiring with a new video every week that was better than the last. Find her channel here and her blog here.


The Gabbie Show

Gabbie is such a hilarious human being. I don't know how I found her but I am so happy that I did. I've seen all her story time videos at least 3-5 times (I wish that I was exaggerating). Find her youtube here and her vlogs here.


Tess Christine

Last but not least we have Tess. I've been following her for many years now and her videos have just gotten better and better. About a year ago she moved to New York and her unique style just exploded. Watch her show you the best cafes in NYC and how to dress for fall here.




Meet My New Kitten: Néa

Hello, lovely people!

Two days ago I mentioned a new kitten and today is the day that I'm going to share her with you... Meet my new kitten Néa, a lil' ragdoll of 12 weeks. If you like cat pictures, this blog post is for you!


Isn't she just the cutest thing?! I can't wait to see how she and Misha get along (see Misha when he was just a little kitten here and here)




Tips For Reducing Anxiety

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

One in four people suffers from mental illness and one in 13 of anxiety. I am one of those suffering from an anxiety disorder and am currently having a bad day. Today started with the worst stomach pain that I've ever had and was followed by that constant nagging anxiety that won't leave me alone, despite me having almost nothing on my plate. So today, I thought I'd give some advice as to how to handle those days where your anxiety flares up (or just a bad day in general). These tips are what work for me and they may not work for you so take what you want and leave anything that you don't want.



Take some deep breaths and try to focus on what is happening in the moment, not what will happen or has happened. I like to use logic to ease any stressful situation and to try and conquer my overly emotional side by saying things like: "That future assignment is no closer to completion if you are stressing over it. My two favourite apps of the moment have been helping me a lot with mindfulness and breathing are as follows: Kenkou Breathe and Kenkou Stress Guide.


Drink tea

 For me, I don't really feel a difference between green and black but if you're unsure you should definitely go for a good cup of green tea due to the lack of caffeine. Tea is both good for you and cosy, not to mention that it can be a caffeine free option instead of coffee. However, sometimes I want to have something that is better for the soul than for the body because it makes me feel better mentally. On those days I go for what I'm feeling- even if it's a cup of coffee, it still has plenty of health benefits and makes me very happy and relaxed even though it is very caffeinated. If you are unsure, try decaf!


Listen to a podcast

This can be a nice distraction and may sound counterintuitive to distract yourself when I previously spoke about mindfulness, but it depends on how you feel. Sometimes I want to sit in my anxiety and accept it and other times I want to think about something else. I have two posts about my favourite podcasts but one has mysteriously disappeared so here is my master post! While I'm listening to a podcast I'll make myself busy by cleaning the house because you know, tidy room, tidy mind. And also because it makes you move around and not just sit and wallow in your bed. If this isn't for you then I suggest you go outside, go out in the sun and get away from your house for some fresh air and a walk with a capturing podcast.



Write down your fears

This doesn't really help me because my GAD can make it very hard for me to find a source for my anxiety but I know that it helps a lot of people I know and can help me if I am stressed or feeling something unrelated to anxiety. If you can't think of any reasons, don't push yourself. Just do what makes you happy!


Talk about it

When I'm overwhelmed or just anxious, I like to sit down with my mum and just talk through how I'm feeling and what I should do. She comes with a new perspective and gives me support. If there is someone in your life that you feel comfortable going to then, by all means, grab a cup of tea with them and ask for help. If you don't want to go to anyone in your life you can always send an email to me: or find one of those sites where you can anonymously chat with a professional about your feelings.




Sickness Survival Guide

Hello, luvlies!

'This the season of the flu and many people, such as myself, have been affected. So I thought I'd gather together six of my favourite tips and tricks to beat that nasty cold and nurse yourself back to good health. Pretend that you just called me asking for some advice and settle down with a cup of tea and some biscuits under a warm blanket as I dish my two cents!


Drink lots of fluid

Whether that be water, tea, juice or whatever; as long as you stay hydrated by drinking a lot- you'll get better soon! What I like to make is green tea with two spoons of honey and a little ginger along with a squeeze of lemon. But my top tip is definitely water, I can't stress enough how important it is you drink a lot of water.


Take a shower

This may sound incredibly obvious but taking a steaming hot shower or bath will make you feel so much better because it will help clear your sinuses. Although I prefer taking a shower when I'm sick; if you prefer a bath I suggest adding some essential oils to your bath water for some aromatherapy that will help boost your mood and calm you down.


Change your sheets

Although you are sick, lying around in your own filth is not good for your current state. After a quick shower, change your sheets for some nice n' clean ones and you'll feel so cosy so quickly.


Entertain yourself

Whatever this may be: watching your favourite tv series or movie, reading a book, writing, painting or taking photographs... finding things to do that will distract you from your misery is always a good idea and what I am doing by writing this very blog post.



Letting yourself get some sleep is incredibly important when your body is suffering from some type of flu or sickness. This doesn't mean you have to sleep because just by lying in bed and relaxing, you'll do youself so many favours.


Make Soup

Lastly, drink/eat (still don't know which verb to use) soup. The chicken noodle soup is a classic and a favourite of mine, in fact here's my favourite recipe: link. It has actually been proven that soup with chicken and pasta helps you get better, not to mention the placebo effect of consuming some steaming and delicious soup!


I hope these tips helped and that you get well soon!



Drottningholms Slott

The 2.0 to my post earlier today with some shots that I captured while we (meaning my mum and I) were wandering around Drottningholms Slott as we talked about alcohol norms among minors and brainstormed blog posts. All in all, a great day with great coffee!




Lazy Mornings


Lazy mornings and long skype sessions with bae are a my favourite...

Sthlm Through My iPhone


Blå Porten for Coffee

If any of you are visiting Stockholm, I highly recommend you go to Blå Porten. It is a gorgeous cafe with a lovely history and location; right in the heart of Djurgården. They have good coffee, great outdoor seating and mouth watering cakes and treats (as can be seen above). You can find it at: Djurgårdsvägen 64, 11521 Stockholm.




Redecorating my Room

Recently, I discovered this website called Roomstyler that let's you design a room (therefore the name) and I've become obsessed. Since I love interior design and playing around with the idea of redesigning my room I've fallen in love with this. It's easy to use and looks so realistic- almost like a photograph! And no, this isn't sponsored, I promise. I just really love the website since it is also the same one that I use for my mood boards.