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Favourite True Crime Podcasts

Once Upon A Crime

A really well-structured and well-formulated podcast that keeps you wrapped. Esther Ludlow tells us about cases in the format of short series. Her first series was about people who've been kidnapped and found (alive). So fascinating and frightening. She has since also done series on children who were killers, fanatic fans, musicians who died tragically and so much more.

My favourite episode: Episode 001: Lost and Found: Chapter 1 - Jaycee Dugard


Generation Why

A long time favourite of mine as I started listening in Spring. Aaron and Justin discuss true crime cases like that Pamela Smart and Charlie Brandt. They have been podcasting for a long time (more than 200 episodes) and its obvious in their professionality.

My favourite episode: Death of Tina Watson - 183 and Jonbenet Ramsey Case - 129


Talking Crime

A relaxed podcast where H. Alan Scott and Margot Leitman watch true crime documentaries and talk about them. I can't describe what makes this podcast so enjoyable, maybe because like they say; they're your true crime BBF's and are very entertaining. They actually started with a short podcast called The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey Response Podcast where they responded to the JonBenet documentary made by Jim Clemente and Laura Richards (from Real Crime Profile, below). Check that one out too!

My favourite episode: Episode 1 - Amanda Knox Part 1 and Episode 2 - Amanda Knox Part 2


Real Crime Profile

I found this podcast through Margot and H. Alan of Talking Crime since they were raving about it. Jim Clemente, Laura Richards and Lisa Zambetti discuss and profile real crime cases. They are all really intelligent and actually work in profiling so they know what they're talking about. Their recent episodes have been going into depth into the death of Meredith Kercher and why Amanda Knox is innocent. As both a true crime and psychology buff, I love this podcast.

My favourite episode: Episode 37 - The Death of Meredith Kercher (all episodes about Kercher)


True Crime Fan Club Podcast

A podcast that I found through Once Upon a Crime. Their style is very similar with a female narrator (who has a very calming voice) who talks you through a case each week.

My favourite episode: The Most Dysfunctional Family in America, Pt. 1 (Listen with caution, very graphic)


Bone Palace Ballet

It seems like almost all of my favourite have been recommended by another podcast that I love. This one is no exception.Bone Palace Ballet did a collaboration with True Crime Fan Club about two very graphic cases: Sylvia Likens and Erica Parsons (again, listen with caution, the Sylvia case made me want to throw up).

My favourite episode: Episode 10: The Likens/Parsons Murders



This is a podcast that differs from other podcasts that discuss true crime. We hear stories about people who've been wronged, done something wrong or were caught up in the middle of something. So if graphic or bloody podcasts aren't for you, try Criminal.

My favourite episode: Episode 53: Melinda and Judy and Episode 54: Melinda and Clarence



If you are a true crime buff then you already know about Serial but I thought I'd include the podcast that started the true crime frenzy for any people who are new to true crime podcasts. Their first season discusses the murder of Hae Min Lee and goes into depth about whether Adnan Syed is innocent or guilty. (Note: if you listen to this case, you should listen to Undisclosed because they go into incredible details pertaining to this case. After listening, I'm sure Adnan is innocent.) Their second season follows Bowe Bergdahl who disappeared from his post and was held by the Taliban for five years. They were releasing season three in the Spring of 2016 but nothing has come of it

My favourite episode: S01 Episode 01: The Alibi (and all of season one)


The Peripheral

Justin from Generation Why has his own podcast where he interviews individuals with personal stories that most consider to be taboo or shameful. Justin has a very casual and nonjudgmental attitude that allows those interviewed to relax and feel comfortable when telling their story. 

My favourite episode: Ep 8 Authoritative Religion


Style Inspiration: Camille Rowe


Camille Rowe: Get The Look



Camille Rowe



Camille Rowe: Get The Look 2


My Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List


Since its my birthday in two weeks, I thought I'd share a few things on my want/need/love list including: a pair of vintage Levis, Vagabond's Olivia Boot in brown, a good bag that'll fit my laptop (dream bag: a Bayswater), a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, round Ray-Bans in gold, maybe a nice candle from somewhere like Diptyque and some new earphones because a certain kitten has chewed my others to shreds.




Inspiring Videos







NYE Outfit Ideas

Preppy NYE Look

Preppy Party

Flapper Style NYE Look
Dressed up Casual NYE Look
Girl Next Door

How to be Stylish in the Cold

Merry Christmas, luvs!

Christmas is almost upon us and if you're in the northern hemisphere (or the actual north), then it's going to be pretty cold where you are. One of the worst things about winter is the fact that its so cold so you can't wear any cute outfits and jeans and a t-shirt is always your go to. That's why I thought I'd compile a list of some tips and tricks to stay extra warm (but still manage to be stylish) this winter.



Layering has been a huge trend this autumn during fashion week and continues out of necessity into winter. An idea is to start with something tight (like a shirt), then throw on something warm (like a sweater) before you grab a warm and insulating winter coat. Another idea is to go invisible. By that I mean is instead of layering over, layer under your outfit. Wear tights under your jeans, layer socks (or buy proper winter socks), wear a thermal top under your blouse or bike shorts under a skirt. When it comes to layering, it is customisable, it's difficult to give ideas since everyone's wardrobe is different. Just try to assess your outfit and see what isn't going to be warm enough.


Focus on accessories and details

When your whole outfit is going to be almost the same every day, it's time to look to accessories, jewellery and the small things for assistance. Add a sparkly choker or thin scarf to you grey t-shirt n jeans, find an eye-catching bag that isn't the same colour as your coat, wear frayed or reconstructed jeans, put on some statement earrings, find a pair of cute boots, apply red lipstick, do your hair in a 60's half up-do with a scarf. The options are endless, you just need to be creative and think what would suit your style and what you already have in your wardrobe.


Experiment with hats

This is a simple one but to many (including me), not an obvious one: hats. There are so many hats that have had their moment in autumn that can still be gorgeous with a winter coat. A favourite of mine is the baker boy (or marine) cap but classics include the broad-rimmed hat beanie and beret.


Wear thigh highs


I love skirts. They suit my style really well and give me a silhouette that I want. So when winter rolls around, you bet I'm figuring out a way to still be able to wear my American Apparel tennis skirt. One solution is to wear thigh highs, whether it be socks or boots (or both), finding a warm pair of socks that you can wear on top of a pair of tights keeps you just as warm (if not warmer) as jeans.


Invest in a proper jacket

When about 90% of your outfit is covered by a big jacket, it makes sense to invest in something proper yet fashion forward. However, this really isn't as simple as it sounds since finding a gorgeous jacket that is also wearable, timeless, incredibly warm and something that you'll use in three years is very difficult. Try to look at the material of the jacket you're buying, along with the stuffing and length of both its arms and body. Try faux fur if you're feeling crazy or how about focusing on the cut like a trench coat, parka jacket, peacoat, cape or wrap jacket. Otherwise, black is a classic that I always go for but if that isn't for you, try something like a brown, navy or maybe a subtle plaid. Crazy I know. Although these colours may be boring, they are practical and will work with all your clothes. A unique colour is super fun one year but the next year you could be tired of it so before you invest, make sure it is something you'll love for a long time.


Scarves and gloves

Scarves and gloves shouldn't be forgotten since a coat can only cover so much of your person. Investing a little extra in these proper accessories is very important since you'll be wearing them every day for at least three months. Finding a more expensive scarf in a proper material will be so great when it's minus 18 degrees outside and your soul is weeping. Since I go for black jackets, i like to pick up a grey, cream, beige or dark muted orange for my scarf. With gloves, you want to do the same, find a pair of insulated gloves in a proper material that will keep your fingers toasty all winter. Hope it helped!




Christmas Outfit Ideas

Relaxed yet Chic


Christmas Party Outfit Idea
Classic Cut

Best Christmas Music

Some of my favourite Spotify playlists for the Christmas season. In order: a great well-rounded Christmas list, Christmas classics, classical Christmas music, Lucia music, my personal Christmas playlist and finally a more cosy and acoustic Christmas playlist. Enjoy!




How to Become a Morning Person

Get a routine

I love routines. They are predictable and easy to follow. Due to this, you get used to them so they become habits which will be more effective and will then save time in the morning. Thanks to this, you're able to leave decision making to more important things than trivial everyday matters. I like to write a list (i love lists) of what my morning routine will be and things that I need to do when I have little time to ponder over things. My everyday routine is starting my day with coffee, then washing my face, getting ready while listening to a podcast before eating breakfast and heading out the door.


Prepare and plan

The night before (or Sunday before), pick out your outfit for the coming day because there is no pressure of time then. You can take your time putting together pieces instead of grabbing any old t-shirt and jeans. Make sure to plan ahead by checking your schedule and diary for any important events, be aware of important times like when school starts, assessment dates and private events. I have a habit that quells my anxiety which is to check what time school starts, and then seeing my travel time in the Res i Sthlm app (highly suggest this for any Stockholmers) so that I know what time I should get up even though I have the same schedule every week (its just something that calms a trigger of mine). I'd also suggest deciding on your breakfast and laying all the non-fridge foods and utensils out to make it easier for yourself the next day. This helps me eat a proper breakfast instead of just grabbing something and that brings me to my next tip...


Eat a proper breakfast

Don't skip breakfast! Despite it being the most delicious meal of the day, it is also the most important and will give you something to look forward to and get up for in the morning. Hot oatmeal with peaches, honey and cinnamon is my go to (just thinking about it made me a little hungry right now) but I often go for toast with butter and cheese if I have less time or greek yoghurt with muesli, almonds and honey. If I have a lot of time or its the weekend, I like to go for waffles or pancakes. Yum!


Have an early night

This is incredibly obvious but I am surprised by how many people my age complain (or brag) in class about how little sleep they got, deciding not to do anything to help themselves like going to bed at 22.00 instead of 03.00 because they were scrolling through Tumblr. Sidenote: I feel like Tumblr isn't really a thing anymore, it feels like angsty teenagers aren't using it as much as my generation did (woah.. I sound really old and cynical)... Maybe it's just me who's out of it... Anywayyys.. try to change your sleep pattern. An idea is to avoid technology before going to bed, I can't pretend that I do this but I have made sure that all my devices have a function which tints the screen more yellow at night to quell the blue tint that suppresses your production of melatonin. iPhones now have this function that you can adjust but for your computer, I suggest you download F.lux, I love this app! However, I do try to read, write or plan future days so that I can be productive and work on my goal of reading more. Another thing that I suggest is to turn on the "Do Not Disturb" signal on your phone when going to sleep, it won't interfere with your alarm.


Exposure to light

Try to find a light source every morning. Get some sunlight by opening up all the curtains (if the sun is up when you get up) or even better, go for a quick walk. Another option is to get a wake up light and this is something that I want to invest in due to my S.A.D and early mornings. The cheapest being about 400kr with the more expensive ranging at about 1100kr. If this isn't for you, just focus on getting fresh air, natural light and maybe wash your face with cold water.


Get up straight away

I don't understand the snooze button. I find it silly that you would voluntarily hear the alarm signal more than once and waste your morning by trying to get eight more minutes of sleep. The few times that I've actually done this, it made me grumpy and even more tired because i hate the alarm sound. Now, as soon as the signal rings, I spring out of bed before I even have time to think since it's become an automatic reaction, not really a voluntary one. This cuts the whole thinking, therefore resenting your early morning out of the process, may sound crazy I don't know! To force yourself to stay up, I suggest making your bed putting on a cosy robe and socks or slippers, washing your face with cold water to refresh yourself and making hot coffee; leading me to my next piece of advice...


Drink coffee

This may be very obvious to any fellow coffee lovers *addicts* out there but it can be a really lovely morning ritual to make your every day more special. Try not to let this become a crutch but really I shouldn't be talking... Since I usually use my percolator, I like to prepare it the night before so that all I need to do is switch it on in the morning instead of going through the somewhat tedious process the next morning. If coffee is too strong for you, go for tea or warm water with lemon which supposedly does wonders for your digestion. However, warm water by itself is preferable though due to the acidity of the lemon ruining your teeth. 


Listen to a something

I like to listen to a podcast or watch a TV show while getting ready. Although it makes me slower, it is something that I enjoy and that makes my mornings better so I want to leave time for it. Do whatever works for you, sometimes I like to play some upbeat music when I first wake up, make my coffee and wash my face before settling down with a podcast while doing my makeup. Hope this helps you become early bird!





How to Handle a Panic Attack

Hello, lovely readers!

Yesterday started with me having a panic attack at school (which is always fun) so since I've had panic attacks for a few years now and have come up with my own coping mechanisms through reading a lot about anxiety and seeing what works for me, I thought I'd give you some advice on how to handle your own (or help someone else's) panic attacks. Keep in mind that these tips work for me, they may not work for you!

Stay with the person and take them to a quiet place with less to no people around.

If they take some kind of medicine, you can help them by e.g. grabbing a glass of water or water bottle for them and even if they don't take medicine, you can still grab them some water for when they calm down.

Communication is key, ask if you can do or can't do anything for them, this will help them focus on something other than their panic. If you expect an answer, speak in short and clear sentences to be comprehensive. Sometimes I just need someone to talk about whatever so to distract myself.

Help the person stay focused by repeating yourself simply and staying in their vision. Something that really helps me is keeping eye contact with whoever is helping calm me down (if there is someone there). This helps to focus me and help me be less rational (which usually happens during a panic attack, thereby the panic).

Help them slow their breathing by either counting to ten or my choice: "breathe in" "breathe out" and encouraging them is always a good idea like: "you can get through this" "You're doing so well" "I'm here for you" "Everything is going to work out". Make sure to avoid saying things like: "calm down" "you're being irrational" "I wouldn't do that if I were you" "Stop overreacting". Whatever they do or say in the moment is how they feel. Panic attacks are instinctual, the person usually knows what they need to do, even if they've never had a panic attack before.

If you are the person having the panic attack, all the previous tips still apply to you. Another good tip is to put your head between your knees as you are breathing since short and shallow breaths get less blood to the head (therefore the drowsy/dizzy feeling) and putting your head down will help the blood flow.

When your brain is sending this emergency response and your body is pumping adrenaline as these negative thoughts circle your brain, shout "STOP" in your head, cutting off the loop of hazy thoughts. Then think or say to yourself whatever feels right: "I will be fine" "I am just having a panic attack" "I am not going to die" "I am not having a heart attack" "I am going to relax" "My body is just reacting to my fear" "I will get through this" "I am strong".

If this doesn't work, imagine that you're in a place of comfort and try to immerse yourself, whatever it may be: e.g. drinking tea with your family at your grandparents' house, lying on the beach reading, cosying up in your bed with candles lit and your favourite movie playing.

Things that you can do to prepare for a panic attack is to have a stress ball or something of comfort on hand, have a card with helpful statements to say (like those above), prepare a comfort scenario as described above, tell a friend/s about your panic attacks and what they need to do to help you.

Finally, don't suppress a panic attack; accept it. From personal experience, I can tell you that this only makes it worse for you since you still feel just as stressed and the panic attack is often even more powerful if repressed.

I hope this helped you or someone in need. Be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself, you deserve to be free of anxiety and to live the life you want!


Love, as always,




My Music Of The Moment

Halloween Movies You Need To See

Hello and happy Halloween!

Well... We still have a few weeks to go but it is officially October and no one can deny that autumn is in the air. In a recent post with some cosy autumn questions, I mentioned that I had a post with my favourite Halloween movies that disappeared so I thought I'd recreate it and add any new movies that I forgot. Oh and btw, these movies aren't scary, I hate horror movies so this is a list of great Halloween/autumn movies that I watch every year to get into the cosy spirit that is required for autumn!


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite movies, I don't know if it's the Tim Burton style, soundtrack, animation or storyline but whatever it is, it works. I've loved this film since I was a little kid and the story between Jack and Sally doesn't get old.


Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a spooky drama that still manages to be funny and romantic. Being an avid Sex and the City watcher, it is so different to see Sarah Jessica Parker without the Manolo Blahniks and iconic curls. This iconic 90's film is perfect to get you into the Halloween mood!


The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a recent favourite of mine, I'm talking the 1991 movie (although the 1664 TV series is also great). The mixture of creepy, funny and ironic isn't lost on me and it even reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas with its comedic timing.


Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is an oldie but a goldie. This is also a movie from my childhood (thanks to my dad's appreciation for Tim Burton) that I love and have very fond memories of. Corpse Bride is what would have happened if Shakespeare's Romeo got engaged to an undead Rosaline and Juliet was still set up with Paris.


Gilmore Girls

Last but not least, we have an autumnal tv series. Gilmore Girls is about the friendship between a young mother and her daughter as they go about their lives in Stars Hollow, drinking too much coffee and being too witty for their own good. The intro is very seasonally appropriate along with the shows colour theme and cosy autumn decorations. I am currently binge watching this show again so that I'll finish it in time for Halloween!




Best of MFW Street Style

Best of LFW Street Style

Tips For Reducing Anxiety

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

One in four people suffers from mental illness and one in 13 of anxiety. I am one of those suffering from an anxiety disorder and am currently having a bad day. Today started with the worst stomach pain that I've ever had and was followed by that constant nagging anxiety that won't leave me alone, despite me having almost nothing on my plate. So today, I thought I'd give some advice as to how to handle those days where your anxiety flares up (or just a bad day in general). These tips are what work for me and they may not work for you so take what you want and leave anything that you don't want.



Take some deep breaths and try to focus on what is happening in the moment, not what will happen or has happened. I like to use logic to ease any stressful situation and to try and conquer my overly emotional side by saying things like: "That future assignment is no closer to completion if you are stressing over it. My two favourite apps of the moment have been helping me a lot with mindfulness and breathing are as follows: Kenkou Breathe and Kenkou Stress Guide.


Drink tea

 For me, I don't really feel a difference between green and black but if you're unsure you should definitely go for a good cup of green tea due to the lack of caffeine. Tea is both good for you and cosy, not to mention that it can be a caffeine free option instead of coffee. However, sometimes I want to have something that is better for the soul than for the body because it makes me feel better mentally. On those days I go for what I'm feeling- even if it's a cup of coffee, it still has plenty of health benefits and makes me very happy and relaxed even though it is very caffeinated. If you are unsure, try decaf!


Listen to a podcast

This can be a nice distraction and may sound counterintuitive to distract yourself when I previously spoke about mindfulness, but it depends on how you feel. Sometimes I want to sit in my anxiety and accept it and other times I want to think about something else. I have two posts about my favourite podcasts but one has mysteriously disappeared so here is my master post! While I'm listening to a podcast I'll make myself busy by cleaning the house because you know, tidy room, tidy mind. And also because it makes you move around and not just sit and wallow in your bed. If this isn't for you then I suggest you go outside, go out in the sun and get away from your house for some fresh air and a walk with a capturing podcast.



Write down your fears

This doesn't really help me because my GAD can make it very hard for me to find a source for my anxiety but I know that it helps a lot of people I know and can help me if I am stressed or feeling something unrelated to anxiety. If you can't think of any reasons, don't push yourself. Just do what makes you happy!


Talk about it

When I'm overwhelmed or just anxious, I like to sit down with my mum and just talk through how I'm feeling and what I should do. She comes with a new perspective and gives me support. If there is someone in your life that you feel comfortable going to then, by all means, grab a cup of tea with them and ask for help. If you don't want to go to anyone in your life you can always send an email to me: or find one of those sites where you can anonymously chat with a professional about your feelings.




Cosy Autumn Questions


What du you most look forward to when you think of autumn?

I am looking forward to the general feeling in the air that feels like the world is slowing down after summer along with the changing of the leaves and chilled temperature that just makes you want to wear a cosy sweater and walk around with a take away cuppa coffee.


What is the worst thing about autumn?

The fact that everyday its getting darker and colder. Although this can be cosy, it can also be quite difficult for me due to my anxiety that acts up when I'm out when its dark.


What is the best?

The fact that Christmas is almost here! No but in all seriousness, I love the rain, the leaves and the way too sweet seasonal drinks.


What does your autumn outfit look like?

Either a mini skirt with maybe a pair of tights or just skinny jeans along with a top or cropped jumper, ankle boots or sneakers and a coat or denim jacket; it varies but those are my staple pieces that I am often drawn to so look forward to predictable outfit of the days ahah!


What is on your to-do list?

Incedently, I have already written a blog post listing things to do this autumn which you can find here. Other than that I just want to spend my time studying deligently (let's see how that works out...) and sitting at cafes with a friend or two as we chat over steaming cups of coffee while the chilly autumn air changes outside. An important focus of mine is this very blog because I know that it gets difficult to post quality posts when school takes up such a huge chunk of time but I am determined to try my best!


How to help autumn depression?

This is something that I often experience when daylight dissapears. My main piece of advice to anyone suffering from seasonal affective disorder or autumn depression is to take vitamn D and to start taking it right now. Other tips are to purchase an a SAD lamp or alarm clock to put a pep in your step during the dark months ahead and to just spend time with the people you love to cheer up up!


Best music for rainy days?

I have four playlists to recommend on Spotify. Three of them are made by Spotify (here, here and here) and this one is my favourite cosy playlist that I've compiled. Other than that I really suggest you just listen to The Nightmare Before Christmas's soundtrack.


Things I'm purchasing?

I want to find some fairy lights, festive candles, a good winter/autumn coat, a little black bag, chelsea boots, a light grey scarf, more chokers, a new curling iron, a black tennis skirt, a pentax K1000 and polaroid film.


What is the best autumnal series and movie to watch?

My number one favourite show to watch is Gilmore Girls! I've already written about this series on my blog previously since it is such a cosy series about a mother and daughter who go about their lives as the years go by. Last year, I wrote a blog post about my favourite halloween movies but for some reason it seems to have dissapeared but annyway.. I recommend my favourite: The Nightmare before Christmas.


What is your best autumn meal?

Soup! Especially soup with some form of pasta mmmm.. My favourite dessert for autumn has to be pecan pie- it is to die for, you have to try it!


Where do you prefer to spend your free time?

I love spending my free time either at a cafe with a latte and a good podcast or at home under a blanket with a cup of tea plus the book Jane Eyre.


Do you have a planned trip this season?

No, since school has just started and my whole family is pretty busy, and doesn't really want to travel anywhere. Maybe next year...


How are you preparing for winter?

I am so incredibly excited for Christmas but preventing myself from starting to listen to Christmas music until November first. Otherwise, I am looking up good winter and autumn recipies, eating vitamin D, looking for a few pieces for my autumn wardrobe, reading classic litterature and re-watching Gilmore Girls!

Get The Look: Kendall Jenner


Get The Look 2.0

Best of Sthlm Fashion Week

Since Stockholm FW Fashion Week 2016 just ended I thought I'd share my favourite looks from this past week.



Sickness Survival Guide

Hello, luvlies!

'This the season of the flu and many people, such as myself, have been affected. So I thought I'd gather together six of my favourite tips and tricks to beat that nasty cold and nurse yourself back to good health. Pretend that you just called me asking for some advice and settle down with a cup of tea and some biscuits under a warm blanket as I dish my two cents!


Drink lots of fluid

Whether that be water, tea, juice or whatever; as long as you stay hydrated by drinking a lot- you'll get better soon! What I like to make is green tea with two spoons of honey and a little ginger along with a squeeze of lemon. But my top tip is definitely water, I can't stress enough how important it is you drink a lot of water.


Take a shower

This may sound incredibly obvious but taking a steaming hot shower or bath will make you feel so much better because it will help clear your sinuses. Although I prefer taking a shower when I'm sick; if you prefer a bath I suggest adding some essential oils to your bath water for some aromatherapy that will help boost your mood and calm you down.


Change your sheets

Although you are sick, lying around in your own filth is not good for your current state. After a quick shower, change your sheets for some nice n' clean ones and you'll feel so cosy so quickly.


Entertain yourself

Whatever this may be: watching your favourite tv series or movie, reading a book, writing, painting or taking photographs... finding things to do that will distract you from your misery is always a good idea and what I am doing by writing this very blog post.



Letting yourself get some sleep is incredibly important when your body is suffering from some type of flu or sickness. This doesn't mean you have to sleep because just by lying in bed and relaxing, you'll do youself so many favours.


Make Soup

Lastly, drink/eat (still don't know which verb to use) soup. The chicken noodle soup is a classic and a favourite of mine, in fact here's my favourite recipe: link. It has actually been proven that soup with chicken and pasta helps you get better, not to mention the placebo effect of consuming some steaming and delicious soup!


I hope these tips helped and that you get well soon!



Fashion Week Calender

Hello, luvs!

Fashion Week FW 2016 is around the corner and it is a magical time where New York, London, Milan and Paris are crowded with fashionistas from all over the world who are dressed to the nine in labels from all over the world. If any of you are new to fashion week and unsure where to start, I'm here to hook you up with the dates and the best shows 

- New York Fashion Week -

7th - 15th of September 2016

Keep an eye on...

Jason Wu, Alice + Olivia, Alexander Wang, Marchesa, Vera Wang, Rag & Bone, Oscar de la Renta


- London Fashion Week -

 16th - 20th of September 2016

Keep an eye on... 

Versus, Topshop Unique, Mulberry, Temperley London, Charlotte Olympia, Burberry


- Milan Fashion Week -

21st - 27th September 2016

Keep an eye on... 

Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Prada, Emilio Pucci, Max Mara, Vivetta, 


- Paris Fashion Week -

27th of September - 5th of October

Keep an eye on... 

Chloe, Saint Laurent, Balmain, Christian Dior, Loewe

7 Things to do this Autumn

Hello, luvs!

Autumn is already starting to appear and I thought I'd share my a few of my favourite things to do during the fall season. Later in the week, I will be posting another fun autumn themed questionnaire so stick around for that!


Cosy up at a cafe


This is probably my favourite thing to do on a more regular basis. I often go alone to one of my favourite cafes (find an in-depth post about one here) on a Sunday or a morning before school, order a latte and sit down with a book, my phone or computer (for blog posts or school assignments) and just relax and have some "me time".


Bake cinnamon buns


One of my favourite things to during the autumn season is to bake, specifically buns and different types of biscuits. It is just the cosiest thing: a warm and sweet cinnamon bun with maybe a cup of coffee and a good tv series.


Cosy up with a book


I can't think of anything better than curling up in bed with a great book, a cup of tea as the rain pours down outside. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourites to give y'all some inspiration: Lolita, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Mrs Dalloway and Jane Eyre.


Carve a pumpkin


Growing up in Australia, we were influenced by many American traditions. One of these was Halloween and more specifically carving pumpkins. It is a fun but messy activity where you customise a pumpkin of your choice before putting a tea light in it so that it can serve as an autumnal decoration. 


Create the perfect autumn playlist


This has been a favourite of mine, no matter the time of year or occasion; I am always ready with the appropriate playlist. (Especially when concerning matters of cosiness and indie or acoustic music). I have a playlist featuring cosy acoustic tracks that will be perfect for those relaxed autumn days featuring you and your laptop. Find it here.


Go for a walk


Now, yes this sounds very basic but let me explain. Think of taking an aimless walk on a misty morning or walking in a forest that is dressed in shades of red and orange with nothing but a camera to capture its beauty. Trust me, all your Instagram followers will be very jealous.


Make soup


Now if cinnamon buns and other sweet deliciousness is somehow not your thing (or you just want to do something else), make soup! I love this so much since the process of making soup is simple yet somehow relaxing while still being delicious to devour later! Here are three of my favourites that I've made recently: here, here and here.






Get The Look: Sheer n' Mum Jeans

Get The Look
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My Favourite Podcasts

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

I am back! After a week without my computer, I am finally writing blog posts again and I'm happy to be back. Since it has just been the summer holidays I've been listening to loads of podcasts and I thought I'd share them with you all since school is here and many need a podcast or two for their commute. Luckily, I have ten so you have plenty of choose from and I've also included my favourite episode in case you want the highlights first.

 Welcome to Night Vale: A favourite of mine for about a year. It is told from the perspective of a newscaster on a radio station in the city of Night Vale. There are almost 100 episodes and I envy any of you who haven't yet listened to it as I wish I could hear it all again for the first time!

My favourite episode: 30 - Dana


Alice Isn't Dead: A podcast by Joseph Fink who is one-half of writing duo behind Welcome To Night Vale. We hear a woman speaking on some kind of broadcasting signal as she drives through the US, hoping that her missing wife will hear her. They recently finished their first season so you have plenty to listen to.

My favourite episode: Part 1, Chapter 7: Let's Break into a Police Station


Within The Wires: This podcast is by one-half of the writing duo behind Welcome To Night Vale, no not Joseph Fink but by Jeffrey Cranor. It is in the form of relaxation cassets given to a patient at an institute with small clues and information about the patients past, present and future. A very innovative podcast that has recently started so it'll be easy to catch up!

My favourite episode: Relaxation Cassette #3


PsychoBabble: A podcast by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl where they discuss everything yet nothing at the same time. They cover topics from sexy pilgrims to High School homophobia. All in all, a great podcast that discusses both light and serious topics with equal hilarity and cleverness. There are 101 episodes to listen to so get going!

Favourite episode: Mamrie Hart - The Fan Fiction Murderer


Not Too Deep: Grace Helbig is my all time favourite YouTuber and the moment she started Not Too Deep back in 2014, I was head over heels. Grace and occasionally Jack Ferry (the producer) interview an online personality and I look forward to every episode because this podcast is so unique in its voice and incredibly funny.

My favourite episode: Ep. 28 - Crabstickz - Chris Kendall



Dear Hank and John: A podcast by two online personalities (and brothers) where they give dubious advice and share news about Mars and AFC Wimbledon while mentioning death (a lot). I found this podcast a little more than a year ago and haven't missed an episode since so I suggest you start listening as soon as you've finished reading this.

Favourite episode: 048 - Pizza John Priorities


Serial: This is a podcast that is incredibly popular and known by every true crime lover. We listen to Sarah Koenig talk about Adnan Syed who was convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee. She has since completed season two which covers the case of Bowe Bergdahl and she is now working on season three which I am so excited for!

Favourite episode: S01 Episode 01: The Alibi


The Generation Why Podcast: This is my overall favourite true crime podcast (and I listen to a lot). Every episode is a new case and every episode is incredibly interesting. If anyone is a fan of true crime or wants to get into true crime, I highly suggest this podcast since they almost have 200 episodes of material to listen to.

Favourite episode: Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders


Once Upon A Crime: A more recent find of mine (thanks to a recommendation from Generation Why). A podcast that covers different types of crimes in the form of small three part series. Starting with incredible stories of people who are lost and found then moving on to children who are killers. Now, she is doing a series on musicians who have died suspiciously. 

Favourite episode: Lost and Found: Chapter 1 - Jaycee Dugard


Undisclosed: I found this podcast about a week ago and have been binge listening the series. From when I get ready in the morning to my school commute, all the way till before I go to sleep. I previously mentioned the case of Adnan Syed which was covered (and made famous) by Serial. Now, a close family friend (and lawyer) of Adnan has started a podcast where she goes through the case in more detail with her two colleagues. Highly recommend!

Favourite episode: Episode 2 - Hae's Day

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favourites and maybe found a new podcast or two to listen to. If you want me to share more of my favourite podcasts (believe me, there are many more), just leave me a comment letting me know!




Get The Look: Ariana Grande

Recently, Ariana Grande was doing press for Hairspray Live! performance and I loved her look. So much so, that I did a little research and found some alternative (and cheaper) products to the ones that were used in creating her look. Start with your usual base and move on to the eyes. A little primer to keep the shadow in place is always a good idea but it isn't a necessity. Go ahead and cover your lid with a light pink glittery eyeshadow and if you want to go a step further, add a gold shimmery shadow to the centre of the lid. Use a pencil liner and run it along your lash line before tight lining. Add a coat of mascara and a pair of false lashes- preferably long and less voluminous. Ari doesn't have much contouring so just add a light bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and around your hairline for a nice glow. If you're so inclined, add a light peach blush to your cheeks and a champagne highlighter to your cheekbones and nose (don't forget to powder). To finish the look, use a nude hi-shine lip gloss (hi-shine: not shimmery). Her hair has a nice shine and is styled straight so to recreate that, use a blow drying balm to add shine, volume and sleekness to your look.





How to: Olsen Twin's Iconic Waves

Hello, people of the internet!

Last night I was just surfing the interwebs (as you do) and I fell into a black Pinterest filled hole surrounding the iconic hair of the Olsen twins. Their classic waves have become the staple of their look by being beachy, relaxed and natural to suit any event. My hair is a little too short to pull off the exact look off but I've still tried the different techniques suggested below and was very happy with the result of the "bed head" turned "fashionista" look that accumulated.

There are three different ways of accomplishing this look. The first involves wet hair. Start with about 30-50% dry hair and scrunch in some hair mousse throughout. Let self-dry and if your hair is naturally straight, spray in some salt spray for extra texture. If your hair is really unwilling to cooperate, braid into a plait while it dries. If you want to go the extra mile: once your hair is dry, use a straightening iron and create bends and kinks in the hair for a natural wave.


The second option also starts with semi-dry hair so start by blow-drying your hair with the aid of a round brush (pick a size depending on your hair length- small for short hair, large for long hair). As soon as this is done, twist your hair up into a bun (or maybe two - three if you have thick /long hair- depending on how tight you want the curl to be). This is because your hair will set when it cools down after the blow-dry and the bun creates more uneven waves than an iron would. Once about 10 minutes have passed, take your hair out and spray with some hairspray and dry shampoo for volume and durability.


Start with dry hair and use either a large barrel or double barrel curling iron for loose waves. Make sure to curl in different directions for different amounts of time in different size pieces. The key is variation for that "natural" curl. Tease the hair near the roots and throughout to loosen up curls while adding volume and add some hair spray. Finally, add some hair oil to the ends to seal the tips of the hair and create shine.