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Spontaneous Trip to Finland

Hello, lovely people!

I am about to run out the door but I have about two minutes left and am writing a super quick blog post just to inform you guys. I am heading off for another quick trip to Finland! It was a spontaneous decision that occured this afternoon and I'm very excited to just sit by the water and read my books (I've brought Dracula, Mrs Dalloway, Jane Eyre and Madame Bovary). 

There is no need to fear since I already have a full week of posts that will be going up on schedule with one everyday (as usual). I hope you guys are doing well and I will see you on friday! (or.. you will see me before then... through my scheduled posts but.. oh whatever)...





Finland 2016 Vlog

Hello lovely people of the internet!

I'm baaack! You probably didn't notice since I've had scheduled posts going up, but if you read a recent blog post you would be aware that I've been in the Finnish countryside and got back on Thursday. Last year, I compiled several clips from my trip into a video/vlog type of thing where I showed the highlights from my trip. This year, I thought I'd do the same so throughout the whole trip I shot little clips of what I was doing, where I was going and what I was eating as well as my surroundings.

This video really just shows the details of my trip but also gives a vague idea of what I spent my time doing since the majority of the time, I had my nose buried in a book with loud music in my headphones haha! The video spans from us queuing for Viking Line to the car ride home to Stockholm. I hope that you still found it enjoyable since I had fun putting it all together!