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My Favourite Podcasts #3

Hello, readers,

As many of you may know, I love podcasts and listen to a lot of them so I have a third installment of my favourites. I have written another which you can find here as well as one consisting of just true crime here.



This podcast is probably my absolute favourite true crime podcast of all time and if you know me, you know that I love true crime podcasts. After listening to Lucy on The Peripheral (read about that podcast in a previous favourite post here), I discovered her and Emma's own while in Portugal and managed to binge listen to every episode in the course of a few days. I don't know if it's their choice of only British murders, their jokes and chat or just me missing Portugal (probably a combination of all three), but I absolutely adore S'Laughter! You'll love it too if you like Bone Palace Ballet and/or Talking Crime.

My favourite episode: Episode 19: Graham Young & Thomas Watt Hamilton


True Crime Garage

Thanks to a recommendation by a friend, I have found and binge listened to this lovely podcast. If you like Generation Why, Bone Palace Ballet and/or Talking Crime then you'll love True Crime Garage since it has the same setup of two guys talkin' about true crime, murder and other atrocities.

My favourite episode: Casey Anthony /// Part 1 - 4 /// 101 - 104


Casefile True Crime

It took me some time to get into this podcast and looking back now, I have no idea why since it is so interesting, well done and professional. Listen to this if you like Once Upon A Crime or True Crime Fan Club. I also really like that the episodes are quite long so that you can really get into the case, also, the fact that he covers a lot of Australian cases. I suspect that it may not be used to hearing a proper Australian accent for so long after leaving OZ back in 2015, can neither confirm nor deny..

My favourite episode: Case 49: The Moors Murders (Part 1 - 3) 


Myths & Legends

So moving away from the true crime and stabby stab podcasts, we have this gem covering myths and legends alike! I don't know why I haven't shared this favourite before since I've been listening to it for more than a year and it doesn't resemble any other pod. If you like Mystery Show and Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths.

My favourite episode: 68A- Morgan Le Fay: Get Thee to a Nunnery & 68B- Morgan Le Fay: Her Majesty


Don't Blame Me!

The Youtuber Meghan Rienks has started a long awaited podcast with the help of Jack Ferry (of podcasts Not Too Deep and Popcorn) where she answers voicemail questions from her viewers about dating, school, how to be a functioning human and just life in general. If you like Not Too Deep and/or Crash On My Couch, then you should listen to this!

My favourite episode: Ep. 1-Friend-Zoning, Nudes, and Sex


Therese & Zäta


This is for you Swedes out there: if you know of (therefore love) Therese Lindgren then you'll like this podcast which she started with her friend Therese Zätteqvist (aka Zäta) where they talk about they talk about their lives, relevant topics and funny memories. So good, so cosy and comforting. You'll love this podcast if you like Psychobabble, Dear Hank and John or Flora & Frida.

My favourite episode: 4. Med katten som handbagage


Banging Book Club

If you like books, YouTubers and talking about gender, then you'll love this podcast. Each month, Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon and Leena Norms hold a form of book club where they discuss that month's book, its controversy, how it makes you feel and why it was (or wasn't) enjoyable. You'll like this podcast if you like Not Too Deep and/or My Dad Wrote A Porno.

My favourite episode: How To Build A Girl I S1 E12


Popcorn with Mitchell Davis & Jack Ferry


A newly launched podcast reviewing the childhood films of Jack Ferry and Mitchell Davis. Even though I haven't seen any of the movies they cover nor will I ever try since I don't make an effort to watch movies, I still really enjoy listening to them discussing different movies with their various guests. You'll like this podcast if you like Not Too Deep and Banging Book Club.

My favourite episode: Ep. 1- "Big" w/ Grace Helbig 


Crash on my Couch

Youtubers Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire have started a podcast where they discuss conspiracy theories, unusual Japanese culture, why animals are amazing and listener questions submitted by voicemail. So sweet, funny and cosy. You'll like Crash On My Couch if you listen to Don't Blame Me!, Psychobabble and/or Not Too Deep.

My favourite episode: COMC 1 - Nude Performance Art, the Pixar Theory & Bad Dates




Random Favourites

New Monki Sweater

My favourite clothing item of the moment is this sweater that I just came across when I was browsing in Monki. I find it difficult to find a sweater that fits well and actually flatters me. Finally, I found it! A low turtleneck, wide sleeves, a cropped hem and red detailing around the sleeve.


Loka Crush

This has been my latest obsession, I've been drinking the pear flavour of Loka Crush so much recently that I'm a little worried. It's like soft drink but it's way less sweet and made from fructose so it's kinda healthier. Don't judge me.


Hotel Halcyon

A few weeks ago, mum and I finished Hotel Halcyon and I loved it (however the ending was rushed, making it less effectful than I thought it would be). The series uses the amazing juxtaposition of upper class 40's glamour and the threat of Germany invading during World War Two. If you haven't seen it, you have to.


Estee Lauder Foundation

My favouuuurite foundation ever. Don't get confused by my face looking disinterested, this foundation is a (way too expensive) miracle foundation that makes my face look good due to the full coverage and combination of a matte yet glowy finish. Love, love love.


Oil PaintI don't know if all of you know that I am an art student but this will definitely prove that to you. For my current art project, I'm painting a portrait in water soluble oil paint (more details when I'm done in early May) and I'm loving it, the slow drying time to let me make mistakes along with the ability to build colour, tone and depth.


Frozen grapes

Last but not least, I have a bit of a weird favourite but I know some of you will agree with me (Ida, I'm looking at you): frozen grapes! This is a trick that I learnt from my Australian primary school days. Instead of eating ice cream, freeze some grapes and you have delicious individual cold sorbet-like things. Yum!




My Favourite Blogs

Hanna MW

My current favourite blog. Hanna is a stylist and works for my favourite magazine Chic so it makes sense that I am head over heels for her style. Every post of hers is like flipping through a magazine with glossy photos, vacations in Italy and unique outfits. Find her blog HERE.


Sandra Beijer

Sandra Beijer is a Swedish author (and blogger of course) who blogs about fashion, her travels, thoughts and experiences. Incredibly interesting to read about. Find her blog HERE.


Josefin Dahlberg

Josefin's blog is a long time favourite since she was even featured in my last blog favourites that was a while back. Her style is unique, feminine and edgy, going against the typical Swedish uniform of black on black on black. She's such a positive breath of fresh air for Swedish bloggers Find here blog HERE.


Flora Wiström

I found Flora's blog through her podcast with Frida and have been reading it every day since. She has such cute style and a really unique way of blogging so you have to check her out! Find her blog HERE.


Aurora Mohn

Probably the first blogger that I started following (ever). Recently, she started a new blog and is posting very cute pictures that speak to the minimalist in me. Find her blog HERE.


Christie Tyler

To me, Christie is pretty much the epitome of Brooklyn style and aesthetic. She posts really cute outfit pictures, photos from her stylish apartment and Brooklyn. Find her blog HERE.


Kate La Vie

Kate blogs about decor, lifestyle, advice, tips and beauty. Her photos and layouts are always so pretty and so inspiring. Not to mention that her apartment is INCREDIBLE, so gorgeous, so stylish, so chic. Find her blog HERE.


Isabella Thordsen

A recent find. Isabella is a Danish blogger living abroad with her boyfriend and bulldog. Her theme is similar to Christie Tyler's so if you like her style, you'll like Isabella's blog. Find her blog HERE.


Eirin Kristiansen

Eirin is a Norweigan blogger with the most iconic minimalist style and gorgeous loft apartment. She blogs about fashion, health, her travels, and cute puppy. You should definitely check her out, find her blog HERE.


Kelsey Simone

I first found Kelsey through her Youtube channel (which you should subscribe to by the way). Recently she started a blog and has so far posted outfits, beauty favourites and inspirational layouts. If you know her youtube then you know her blog is just as cute. Find her blog HERE.


Emma Hiltunen

I found Emma Hiltunen through Josefin Dahlberg's It Girls competition. I love her attitude, style and of course, her art! If you like Josefin Dahlberg's blog, you'll love Emma's. Find her blog HERE.


Amanda Maria Josefina

I have no clue how I found Amanda's blog but I'm very glad I did. She blogs about books, vegan recipes, lifestyle posts and her everyday life. Find her blog HERE.


Tuva Alicia

 Just like Emma Hiltunen, I found Tuva Alicia through the It Girls competition that Josefin Dahlberg hosted. She was actually the winner and I can understand why: her style and attitude is goals. Find her blog HERE.


Alice Catherine

I found Alice's blog around the same time as Lizzy's (down below). She's a fashion blogger living in Machester who shares her style with her readers. Find her blog HERE.


Lizzy Hadfield

Last but not least, I recommend Lizzy Hadfield's blog. She posts such cute photos of her style, every outfit post is flawless. She also has a really fun thing series where she shows her week through 36mm film and as an analog camera lover, I love that idea so much. Find her blog HERE.




Favourite Photos of 2016

The year started off in Australia where I spent many of my days at Le Pink Petit Patisserie.

Then we came back to Sweden and celebrated my birthday with the most delicious cake.

In March, I met Ida for the first time at Petite France.

Later that month, I also met Tora for the first time. So many new friendships in 2016!

In April, I had the time of my life in Paris, visiting Arc de Triumph, so many Parisian cafes, the Eiffel tower, Monet's garden and so many french stores.

The view from the Arc de Triumph

Monet's Garden and Champs Elysee

Soon after, it was the summer holidays in early June and Stockholm was so gorgeous and green. This is a shot from my neighbourhood that I'm fond of.

My cousin and I saw Little Mix at Grönalund, so much fun!

Also in June, we got Misha, our little kitten who's now quite big.

Later in the summer, Eve came to visit.

In the end of June, my family headed to our summer house in the Finnish countryside with little Misha.

The first photo that I took when we were back on Swedish soil, a view of Södermalm near Fåfängan.

My cousin Beata and I took the train down to Västerås to visit relatives. That trip was the first time I drove a go-cart, a great time.

In the late summer, We got our little Nea. So so adorable.

A shot that I always look back on fondly. This is a building by my school that has these gorgeous roses weaving up its walls and for some reason I've grown so fond of this photo.

Autumn came to Stockholm. I was obviously excited.

In the new school year, I met Alice and we had an immediate connection, meeting for coffee the very next day after we first met. Such a lovely person.

A shot from an early morning when I wandered around Gamla Stan to take photos for an art project.

The first snow came in early November. So much snow.

And finally, my self-portrait for art class that I'm quite proud of. Such a lovely year and such a lovely way to reflect on it. I've had so much fun, met so many great people and learnt so much. Thank you lovely reader for following along on my journey and I hope you stick around in 2017.




Shoes I'm Loving

Mule Shoe InspirationPatterned Boots InspirationBlock Heels InspirationSock Boots Inspiration
Low Heels Inspiration
Velvet Boots Inspiration
Looking for a pair of each of these shoes above, sadly its a little too cold to wear the most of them but maybe a pair of sock boots or block heels with cute socks would be warm enough... I'll keep you posted!


Favourite Youtubers

Arden Rose


Arden Rose isn't the typical "beauty guru", she makes very interesting videos about makeup, sex, body image and fashion (among other things). She has a lovely energy and style that I keep coming back to. Find her youtube here!



Connie is the absolute sweetest youtuber you'll ever find. I first found her through her impression videos (which are incredible btw) and fell in love with her positivity, cuteness and pink hair. Find her youtube here and her vlog channel here.


Jessi Smiles

I was recommended this lovely lady by a friend and I haven't been able to stop watching her since, her hilarious videos and mind-blowing storytimes are videos that I keep watching over and over again. Find her youtube here and her beauty channel here.


Clarissa May


I have no clue how I stumbled upon Clarissa's youtube channel but recently, she reinvented her social media accounts and is going in a completely different direction with her aesthetic. Every video of hers is so well shot and innovative, you have to check her out here.


NYC Bambi


Christie Tyler has such an inspiring style, both in fashion and decor. I fell in love with her Tumblr Christie's Closet and have followed her to youtube and to her new blog. I am so excited every time she releases a new video and hope you will be too. Find her videos here and her posts here.


Charles Gross

Also a recommendation from a friend. Charles makes a video every day (!) either in the form of a vlog, story time or something perfume or fashion related. Every since I found out about him, I have been bingeing on his videos and have fallen in love. Find his youtube here.



Kate La Vie

I first discovered Kate through her blog and eventually stumbled upon her youtube channel. Just like her blog, her videos are so beautiful and inspiring with a new video every week that was better than the last. Find her channel here and her blog here.


The Gabbie Show

Gabbie is such a hilarious human being. I don't know how I found her but I am so happy that I did. I've seen all her story time videos at least 3-5 times (I wish that I was exaggerating). Find her youtube here and her vlogs here.


Tess Christine

Last but not least we have Tess. I've been following her for many years now and her videos have just gotten better and better. About a year ago she moved to New York and her unique style just exploded. Watch her show you the best cafes in NYC and how to dress for fall here.




My Favourite Podcasts

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

I am back! After a week without my computer, I am finally writing blog posts again and I'm happy to be back. Since it has just been the summer holidays I've been listening to loads of podcasts and I thought I'd share them with you all since school is here and many need a podcast or two for their commute. Luckily, I have ten so you have plenty of choose from and I've also included my favourite episode in case you want the highlights first.

 Welcome to Night Vale: A favourite of mine for about a year. It is told from the perspective of a newscaster on a radio station in the city of Night Vale. There are almost 100 episodes and I envy any of you who haven't yet listened to it as I wish I could hear it all again for the first time!

My favourite episode: 30 - Dana


Alice Isn't Dead: A podcast by Joseph Fink who is one-half of writing duo behind Welcome To Night Vale. We hear a woman speaking on some kind of broadcasting signal as she drives through the US, hoping that her missing wife will hear her. They recently finished their first season so you have plenty to listen to.

My favourite episode: Part 1, Chapter 7: Let's Break into a Police Station


Within The Wires: This podcast is by one-half of the writing duo behind Welcome To Night Vale, no not Joseph Fink but by Jeffrey Cranor. It is in the form of relaxation cassets given to a patient at an institute with small clues and information about the patients past, present and future. A very innovative podcast that has recently started so it'll be easy to catch up!

My favourite episode: Relaxation Cassette #3


PsychoBabble: A podcast by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl where they discuss everything yet nothing at the same time. They cover topics from sexy pilgrims to High School homophobia. All in all, a great podcast that discusses both light and serious topics with equal hilarity and cleverness. There are 101 episodes to listen to so get going!

Favourite episode: Mamrie Hart - The Fan Fiction Murderer


Not Too Deep: Grace Helbig is my all time favourite YouTuber and the moment she started Not Too Deep back in 2014, I was head over heels. Grace and occasionally Jack Ferry (the producer) interview an online personality and I look forward to every episode because this podcast is so unique in its voice and incredibly funny.

My favourite episode: Ep. 28 - Crabstickz - Chris Kendall



Dear Hank and John: A podcast by two online personalities (and brothers) where they give dubious advice and share news about Mars and AFC Wimbledon while mentioning death (a lot). I found this podcast a little more than a year ago and haven't missed an episode since so I suggest you start listening as soon as you've finished reading this.

Favourite episode: 048 - Pizza John Priorities


Serial: This is a podcast that is incredibly popular and known by every true crime lover. We listen to Sarah Koenig talk about Adnan Syed who was convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee. She has since completed season two which covers the case of Bowe Bergdahl and she is now working on season three which I am so excited for!

Favourite episode: S01 Episode 01: The Alibi


The Generation Why Podcast: This is my overall favourite true crime podcast (and I listen to a lot). Every episode is a new case and every episode is incredibly interesting. If anyone is a fan of true crime or wants to get into true crime, I highly suggest this podcast since they almost have 200 episodes of material to listen to.

Favourite episode: Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders


Once Upon A Crime: A more recent find of mine (thanks to a recommendation from Generation Why). A podcast that covers different types of crimes in the form of small three part series. Starting with incredible stories of people who are lost and found then moving on to children who are killers. Now, she is doing a series on musicians who have died suspiciously. 

Favourite episode: Lost and Found: Chapter 1 - Jaycee Dugard


Undisclosed: I found this podcast about a week ago and have been binge listening the series. From when I get ready in the morning to my school commute, all the way till before I go to sleep. I previously mentioned the case of Adnan Syed which was covered (and made famous) by Serial. Now, a close family friend (and lawyer) of Adnan has started a podcast where she goes through the case in more detail with her two colleagues. Highly recommend!

Favourite episode: Episode 2 - Hae's Day

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favourites and maybe found a new podcast or two to listen to. If you want me to share more of my favourite podcasts (believe me, there are many more), just leave me a comment letting me know!




June: Monthly Reflection

Hello, lovely people!

July is already here and it's almost been a month since summer break started (already?!) so I've been able to do a lot of fun things. That's why I thought I'd write a "monthly reflection" so looking back at June, I'm going to share my favourite memories, items and cafes below.


Favourite Cafe (cafes):


Greta's cafe: This is a new cafe here in Stockholm where I went with my friend Tora and we had a great time. The food was good, the coffee was amazing and the decor was incredible!

Find it here: Hötorget 13-15, 111 57 Stockholm.


Rosendal: On contrary to the previous cafe, this is an oldie and a classic. Rosendal's cafe is surrounded by gorgeous nature where you can either sit and have your coffee in a greenhouse or in an orchard. Yes, it's as magical as it sounds.

Adress: Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm


Favourite Items:

My first love of the month is a product from the Swedish brand Emma S. It is a moisturising facial mist that I use all the time: before bed, after I wash my face in the morning and as a type of dewy setting spray for my makeup. The next favourite item of mine is my new sunglasses. They are from Shein and are look-alikes of the Dior model and are perfect for those makeup free days since they take all the attention away from your face and reflect your environment.


Favourite Meal: 

Pesto Rosso: Recently, Ida and I were at Vapiano where we ate pasta and a lot of it. Pesto Rosso is my number one order at Vapiano with the red pesto, tomato, al dente pasta, parmesan and ricotta. So delicious!


Favourite Outfit:

Jacket - Bershka, Blouse - ZARA, Skirt - Cooperative, Bag - Lindex, Shoes - Unknown

An outfit from a recent birthday party in Uppsala. I love this new pale blue blouse and it is a favourite of mine since it works with every high waisted item from some cute shorts to some black skinny jeans to an a-line skirt (as seen above). Although the picture above doesn't show it, I wanted to create some variation and adjust the silhouette by adding a large bomber jacket. Find the full post HERE!


Favourite TV Shows:


I have two shows that I've been binging this month. Number one is New Girl and as I said in a recent post here, I've already watched the show twice so I'm rewatching it for the third time but it's just such a hilarious and wonderful show. My second favourite is Gilmore Girls which I also wrote about in a recent post here. It is one of those shows that just makes you want to curl up under a blanket with a cup of coffee as the rain pours outside- so cosy!





My New Kitten

Say hi to Misha!

It has been a long time coming (nine years in fact), but finally we got a new cat! It felt like the right time since we were settled in Sweden and were going to be home since I'm on school holidays. He is a main coon mixed with a Norwegian Forest cat so hopefully he won't get too big. In fact, as I'm writing this, Misha is lying in my lap having a little sleep- so adorable let me tell you! I wanted an unusual name for this little guy that still sounded like it would suit a cat and since I am a big fan of old Russian literature, I came upon the name Misha. I've read that it means bear cub or teddy bear and sometimes mouse which I felt suited this little kitten!




Favourites from the Fashion Show



On Saturday, I was invited to a fashion show that my second cousin was a part of (both behind and in front of the scenes). It was a final assignment for their taylor course and was focused around jackets and two piece sets. All of the pieces were hand crafted by the students and were worn by either their maker or a customer who it was tailored for. The whole show was focused around sustainability of tailored clothing since we live in a society that focuses on these temporary purchases where material is more scarce, the quality of clothing is low and working conditions (especially in third world countries) aren't safe. This fashion show made me think about investing more money in clothing that will survive for a long time and be hand crafted to me and my body type. I hope you may do the same!




My New Necklace

The other day I was wandering around Urban Outfitters and found this lovely necklace in gold. There were three to choose from: Babe, Peachy and Honey. Since I felt that Honey was the sweetest (pun unintended), that was the one that I chose (yes I know, really interesting story). Chokers are still very trendy and now normal necklaces are starting to get involved in the choker trend- not just velvet or plastic. If you're interested in this necklace, they are probably still available at Urban Outfitters for some time more.




ESC Semi Final 1 Faves

Hello lovely people!

Tonight is the second semi final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 so I thought I'd share my favourites from the first semi final. So, in no particular order, here they are...

Loin d'ici - Zoe - Austria

You're The Only One - Sergey Lazarev - Russia

Hear Them Calling - Greta Salome - Iceland

Slow Down - Douwe Bob - The Netherlands

Miracle - Samra - Azerbaijan

Walk On Water - Ira Losco - Malta

Love Wave - Iveta Mukuchyan

I hope I didn't forget a favourite... Oh well we'll have to see on Saturday. The two songs who I (of semi final 1) could win are Austria and Russia, their songs are catchy with fancy shamncy graphics ahahah!




Favourites: Josefin och Vanja

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Todays post is mainly for my Swedish followers but is also relevant to anyone who wants o find bloggers who are very inspiring. As many of you know, I am Swedish and last June I moved back to Sweden after eight years in Australia and it was quite difficult to go through this huge change but in the midst of it, I discovered a podcast called Josefin och Vanja and it really helped and inspired me. Although I can't quite remember if I found Josefin's blog first or their podcast... They are two amazing women who are very smart and creative in the blogging/fashion industry which I one day wish to work in.

Their podcast is so interesting, funny and empowering as they touch on important topics like happiness, feminism, self confidence and the fuck it attitude. Soon after this discovery, I found their blogs, found them on Snapchat and Instagram and joined their community of lovely followers.

Not only have they and their podcast improved my self confidence, general attitude about life and made my morning commute to school more interesting but they have also helped me find new people. In recent blog posts, they started a way to find new friends through their blogs. All you had to do was leave a comment about yourself and then scroll through the comments and reply to anyone who you liked.

After doing this, I have talked to several really sweet girls that I would never have met if not for Josefin and Vanja. A few weeks ago, I actually went out for coffee with one of them and sent a snapchat to Vanja which she posted on her blog and spoke about in their podcast, making us very happy ahahh!


And I am so happy for these two amazing women since they were in the new PLAZA magazine which is so great since they both deserve it so much and more than deserve the title of superkvinnor (super women)! So I highly recommend you go check out their podcast (its called Josefin och Vanja as previously mentioned) but its in Swedish so for any Aussies out there- I recommend you still check out their blogs because their photos are very pretty too! Link to Vanja's HERE, and Josefin's HERE!

If any of you are interested in the friendship post I was talking about before, the links are HERE and HERE.





♡ Brow Favourites

I've recently gotten into Anastasia's brow products after purchasing their dipbrow pomade (in taupe). 

For my brow gel, I use an angled eyebrow brush from KICKS which works really well! My first brow product from Anastasia was their brow wiz pencil in taupe colour.

I try to keep my eyebrow routine pretty simple and natural so I use a pencil illuminator with a pink undertone from Sephora on my brow bone for a lift.




♡ Michael Kors Pink Bag

Hello Luvs!

I saw this bag when I was out shopping the other day and I love it! The copy on the right isn't exactly the right colour as it is slightly more tan but I couldn't find the bag I saw in the Michael Kors store. It is this light pink small backpack with long shoulder straps that looks gorgeous!




♡ Wanted Lip Products

♡ Post-Workout Snack

My favourite things! mmm

♡ Transylvania

  The NYX Transylvania soft matte lip cream is soo gorgeous but I had a peak into the NYX store in Gallerian but it seems to be sold out! Maybe it will be back before winter arrives!




♡ Lipstick Luvs

Hello luvs!

Since Autumn has been here for a while and winter is on its way (as well as Christmas eeek!), I have been paying a lot of attention to lip products for this festive season! So I thought I'd share my top favourites of the moment.

In the past I haven't focused on lipsticks and pencils and stains and glosses but instead eye makeup which is why I don't own too many dark colours. But ever since I bought a dark NYX lip cream, I've focused less on eyeshadows, in favour of lips as it is so much faster to look put together when you have to wake up at 06:30 in the morning... 

On the far left is an old favourite: Clarins 05 in Candy Shimmer is a natural lip gloss that just adds a little extra colour to your lips. This is a safe colour to add to your makeup collection if you want something that is 100% safe to apply without a mirror as it is very natural so you can't see smudges! There is a dupe from Isadora available as well.

Next to the Clarins gloss is MAC's Cream Cup lipstick, I'm sure I've talked about this one several times before but I can't help it because it is soo pretty and such a staple in my makeup routine. It is a light pink colour with a cold undertone (so it doesn't look coral- thank god) and this is the product I reach for daily when I want a natural pink colour!

Down at the bottom is Rimmel's 077 Asia lipstick, that is one of- if not the first lipstick that I ever bought. It is a pinky mauve-like brown or nude colour (yes... very hard to explain), It reminds me of Kylie Jenner's staple lip colour a little- just slightly more brown. I love this colour when I don't feel like something so pink or red that feels like a little too much.

Next to MAC, is NYX's Transylvania matte lip cream. I know I've already talked about this but it is so gorgeous and matches the current trend of dark (if not black) berry lips!

On the far right: Maybelline Fab Orange velvet lip pencil is the most recent in my collection. It is on the other end of the spectrum from the NYX gloss as it is a strong ”Taylor Swift” redish orange colour that looks great with a strong winged liner to complete a classic look!

So those were my recent favourites that I have been using this fall. Hope I gave you some inspiration!





♡ H&M Polishes

Bordeaux - Red Carpet - Nefertiti - December Dawn

Indigo Ink - Smooth Syrah - Lilac Whimsy - Sepia

♡ My love of NARS

So I love NARS and here is the proof of my love of their face products! I recently purchased their concealer and I love it- definetly a favourite! My past two foundations have also been NARS, even though my most recent one ADLW, is my favouite. I also loooove love love the Laguna bronzer as it suits my skin tone perfectly and can be used for both contouring and a natural glow!




♡ Juli Favoriter

Hej Raringar!

Sommaren har inte varit så trevlig men denna dag var så fin att jag kunde ta bilderna för mina juli favoriter! Yay!

Dermalogica All Over Toner 69:-

Jag köpte denna förra året och den tog precis slut! Sprejen lugnar hyn, känns fräsch och doftar naturligt! Jag köpte den som den av ett kit och jag tycker mycket om de andra produkterna!

Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing lotion 225:-

Jag har redan skrivit en recension om denna kräm men den är fantastisk! Luktar ingenting, sätter sig på huden väl ochblir inte oljig! Hitta recensionen (HÄR)

Nars All Day Longwear Weightless foundation 420:-

Likasom min favorit innan så har jag skrivit en recension (HÄR) och jag älskar denna foundation, passar perfekt till oljig hy men ser och känns naturlig!

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea body butter 185:-

Jag har alltid använt fuktningskrämer från The Body Shop eftersom de luktar så gott och fungerar så väl! Innan har jag använt deras hallon body butter men nu prövade jag något nytt! Den luktar kardemumma och grönt te!

IPhone portabel Laddare

Eftersom jag använder min mobil hela tiden och därför är denna portabla laddare perfekt! Jag kommer inte ihåg var jag köpte denna men du kan hitta dessa laddare överallt. Om ni vill ha en sån laddare med lite färg så kan ni hitta liknande på Urban Outfitters!

Extra Superberries tuggummi 16:-

Jag älskar tuggummi, det är fräscht och smakar gott! Egentligen tycker jag bäst om mint tuggummi men denna är god också!

Real Techniques 201 crease brush 200:-

Jag använder denna borste varje dag och den är underbar! Den är ganska stor men det gör inget förutom att hjälpa ögonskuggan se mer naturlig ut.

Chic tidning 46:-

Jag har länge letat efter den perfekta tidningen och jag tror att jag har hittat den! Chic är en shopping tidning som delar tips, interjuver och modereportage! Nästa numer kommer september den åttonde!

Det var mina favoriter! Det var ganska få denna månaden men vi får se var de blir nästa månad!

Kram Sofia xoxo

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♡ Hayden Williams sketcher

Hayden William's Instagram: Här

Hayden William's Tumblr: Här

♡ Versace Höst Kollection 2015

Hej Raringar!

Härom veckan visades Versace's Fall 2015 collection och här är mina favoriter!

Så vad tyckte ni? Har ni några favoriter? Jag märkte att det var nästan alla av mina favoriter var lila så.... se fram emot ett nytt inlägg om lavendel..... ahahahah!

Kram Sofia xoxo

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♡ Beautycon Faves

Hello luvs!

BeautyCon was recently and so today I decided to share my favourite looks! 

Sabrina Carpenter looks so gorgeous n' girly in an all-white outfit with a winged eyeliner and flowing natural locks! I love both her shirt and  am actually looking for one like hers, something with a cute bowtie.... hmmmm... but her skirt of choice is very popular since a more skater-skirt version of the denim skirt is becoming veeery popular (keep your eye out for that)! Personally I feel that her shoes are a little too chunky/chunky for the outfit. I would have paired it with either a white boot n think heel or white court heels!

Zendaya ALWAYS looks so stylish at any event and Beautycon was no exception, here she is wearing a blue two piece (a sweetheart corset and a pencil skirt with a thigh split) with a matching oversized blazer. Zendaya is also wearing a pair of cream court heels and sporting a glowy makeup look that makes her look flawleesssss! There is nothing that I'd change about this outfit except that I'd be the one wearing it, not her ahahahah!

Becky G looks sophisticated and lovely in a casual outfit. I love that she wore something comfortable but dressed it up with some tan court heels and gold hoop earrings. I've seen a similar top to her white cropped shirt at H&M so I'll be buying that later.... As well as the black high waisted jeans.... Becky's makeup is always perfect and I need to know how she does it!

So those were my favourite looks! Keep your eyes open for a report on some trendy skirts... it was actually inspired by this event so yeah!

Hugs, Sofia xoxo                                                                       

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