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Spring Beauty Trends 2017

Eye-Catching Red Lip

For the first time in many a Spring season, the red lip is here for the warmer weather. Not only is it red, classic and gorgeous but it comes with a twist: a no makeup contrast. By that, I mean leaving the brows, and skin natural while keeping the eyes entirely bare except for the occasional sweep of pale eyeshadow. Recreate this look: Tom Ford Lipstick, Nyx liquid lipstick and NARS lip pencil.



As much as I try to deny it, the eighties are back (*shudder*) and I can't avoid including one of these trends anymore since there are so many of them (*sob*). Draping is the eighties version of 2016's dramatic contouring and is done by bringing your pink blush up the cheekbone, temple then across your lid and brow bone. Recreate this look: Becca cheek and lip tint, Urban Decay blush and Bite Beauty multistick.


The Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye is a makeup trend that has become a classic since the nineties and this SS17 its back again. You would've seen it at fashion week in an incredibly simple manner: soft, minimalistic yet messy. To achieve this look, grab a grey eyeliner and start my lining your eyes then bringing it higher up your lid. To achieve the relaxed look, use your finger to blend the liner out. Recreate this look: Urban Decay eye pencil, MILK eye pigment and NARS eyeshadow.


Coloured Crease

I noticed this trend gracing the catwalk last season and now, the look is back and trendier than ever. Grab a pigmented shadow and drag it across your lid with your finger. This is a look that you probably won't see on people you pass on the street (like many fashion week trends) but it can be modified for everyday. To modify it, choose the colour of your choice, whether that be black, red, yellow, brown... and draw a line in your crease for subtilty. Recreate this look: Sephora eyeliner, Make Up For Ever eyeshadow and Clinique lid pop.


Glitter Lips

Thanks to the makeup legend Pat McGrath's work in FW16, glitter lips are immensely popular this season. This is eye-catching, glamorous and doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Recreate this look: Pat McGrath lip glitter kit, MAC glitter pigment and NYX lipstick.


Natural & Clean

Last but not least, we have the bare faced trend. This "no makeup" look is one that is nothing new for fashion week. However, when I say bare faced, I mean bare faced. Several fashion houses are choosing to keep their models natural by leaving the skin untouched then focusing on strobing and a light blush. Recreate this look: BECCA highlighter, Sephora luminizing drops and NARS bronzer.




Winter Beauty Trends


Red Eyeshadow

 For a long time, red eyeshadow has been a real no no but thanks to the French It girl Soko, red eye makeup is back in business. Depending on your style, you can go for a darker red that may be intense but not as red and eye catching (pun not intended) as a pastel would be. If that doesn't suit you you can go simple and sweep any red tone over your lids for the iconic "Soko look" or go for a pink or orange hue if red is too much for you. Recreate the look: NYX red eyeshadow or MAC red glitter.


The Perfect Red

Dark lips are always a staple for autumn and winter. This year, the shade is a classic red. The colour of red naturally depends on your colouring and undertone. If your cool, go for a red lipstick with a blue undertone, if you're warm, go for something with a yellow undertone. If you're unsure, you may be neutral like me and if you're not sure what any of this means, go to your local beauty store and ask an employee. Recreate this look: NYX lipstick for cool undertones or NYX lipstick for warm undertones.


Copper Eyes

In previous years, the focus has been gold eyeshadow. But now, its time for the more subtle and versatile colour that is copper. Copper suits any skin tone and works really well with neutrals so a smokey eye is always a good and easy option. Recreate this look: Elf eyeshadow pot or Isadora eyeshadow quad.


Neutral n' Natural

This trend encompasses two very similar yet distinct things. One being the bare face look (not "no makeup look") where you do nothing except maybe a little concealer and strobing. While the other includes keeping your face neutral, aka using the same shades for your eyes, lips and cheeks. An easy way to do this is pick a pink close to your skin tone and dab it on your lips, cheeks and eyelids for a rosy and subtle look. Recreate this look: Laura Mercier brightening powder or Yves Saint Laurent sheer lipstick.


Bleached Brows

Unusual eyebrows were produced at a few fashion shows this autumn winter season. When I say unusual I mean both bleached and colourful eyebrows. This is a look that emerged through pop culture (probably thanks to Miley Cyrus) in 2016 and has been appearing at Fashion Week for 2017. Depending on your style, you can go daring and bleach your eyebrows or you can use a colour mascara as a brow gel. Recreate the look: Bleach cream or NYX colour mascara


Dramatic Cat Eye

The cat eye is a classic that will never go out of style and this season, its cousin is coming onto the beauty scene. To bring focus to your eyes this winter, thicken and extend your usual eyeliner for a sultry sixties look that will bring you into the spotlight. Recreate this look: Smashbox liquid liner or L'Oreal kohl pencil.


Lip Gloss

Lastly, this season brings lip gloss back from the nineties. Liquid lipsticks are no good for the chapped lips that occur in winter so its time to change up you routine to include a glossy lip that'll bring life to your face. When it comes to this trend, colour and amount of lip gloss you slather on doesn't matter. As long as your lips are catching the light a little, you're good to go. Extra tip: pop a little lip gloss on your eyelids to be extra trendy. Recreate this trend: Laura Mercier lip glace or Clarins lip perfector.




Fall Makeup Trends 2016

Intense Lashes

This season it has been a real mixing pot of the Swinging Sixties and Grunge of the 90's, especially when concerning lashes. Fashion brands were going in different directions with some going bold falsies to replicate the great Twiggy, some going simple with a minimalistic use of mascara. Others chose to bring back the clumpy lashes that compliment an oxblood lip (as seen above on Kendall Jenner) and it strangely works. I remember the 2013 spider lashes all over Tumblr but this is a different take with shorter and larger clumps of lashes that look more planned than the small and strangely long groupings of the early teen years. For an extra twist, go all out with more 90's vibes by choosing a coloured mascara.


Natural n' Illuminated Skin

The fashion industry's staple is fresh, dewy and simple makeup, hair and nails to show off the clothes but this season it has been different. The glowy natural look was a staple for almost every designer with strobed skin, shimmery eyes, a little mascara, brushed out eyebrows and a natural peachy or glossy lip. This will be a great look for winter due to its simplicity since you'll be waking up way too early when its dark outside and you don't want to do anything except lie in bed and drink coffee... Oh boy, that was a little too close to home... If you take anything from this trend, the key is to keep it natural and strobe, strobe, strobe.


Blue eyeshadow

80's fashion is beginning to come back and I have to admit, I'm not at all a fan but I can see this 80's trend working. The bright blue eyeshadow has resurfaced. I feel that you can use a subtle blueish purple on your lids along with long natural lashes, brushed out brows and glossy lips for a more day to day adaptation of this trend.



Pat Mcgrath is a true genius, bringing so many of the trends I'm mentioning in this post, including this one: glitter! And no, not for New Years but for fall. More specifically, loose and large glitter (not pigment) that you apply to your face, like your eyes, cheekbones, brow bone, cupid's bow or lips. Just make sure to be gentle on your skin when removing it, I've seen that vaseline or oil are the best ways to go.


Dark Lips

Yes I know, dark lips for fall is a reaaaal shocker. But the thing is that every season the shade is different and reflects the future colours of winter and spring. This year I've noticed two main colours, the first being a dark blackcurrant. This colour is closer to black than to either red or purple and feels very grungey (or grungie or grung-esk..?). Next, we have the classic red lip with usually a blue undertone that says 50's Hollywood glamour turned modern and polished. With both of these styles I'd suggest large yet natural lashes to balance the bold lip.


Brushed Out Brows

This is a favourite trend of mine and I was very excited to see it at fashion week. Although big Cara Delevingne brows have been a staple of the 2010's, this season it is all about unruly and natural brows that aren't perfect. A type of "lazy" eyebrow look where you avoid plucking or waxing excess hairs and just let them grow out. To achieve this look, use your usual brow product with a light hand so to avoid dramatic lines then use clear brow gel to brush your hairs up n' outwards.


Intense eyeliner

Makeup inspired by grunge was a common thing seen at fashion week and the dramatic eyeliner was one of them. It is a great and eye-catching (pun not intended) look for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to achieve the perfect smokey eye. It is very simple to achieve, just grab a gel or pencil eyeliner and go to town! For added effect, use a blending brush to smoke the look out and hide any mistakes.







Get The Look: Ariana Grande

Recently, Ariana Grande was doing press for Hairspray Live! performance and I loved her look. So much so, that I did a little research and found some alternative (and cheaper) products to the ones that were used in creating her look. Start with your usual base and move on to the eyes. A little primer to keep the shadow in place is always a good idea but it isn't a necessity. Go ahead and cover your lid with a light pink glittery eyeshadow and if you want to go a step further, add a gold shimmery shadow to the centre of the lid. Use a pencil liner and run it along your lash line before tight lining. Add a coat of mascara and a pair of false lashes- preferably long and less voluminous. Ari doesn't have much contouring so just add a light bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and around your hairline for a nice glow. If you're so inclined, add a light peach blush to your cheeks and a champagne highlighter to your cheekbones and nose (don't forget to powder). To finish the look, use a nude hi-shine lip gloss (hi-shine: not shimmery). Her hair has a nice shine and is styled straight so to recreate that, use a blow drying balm to add shine, volume and sleekness to your look.





How to: Olsen Twin's Iconic Waves

Hello, people of the internet!

Last night I was just surfing the interwebs (as you do) and I fell into a black Pinterest filled hole surrounding the iconic hair of the Olsen twins. Their classic waves have become the staple of their look by being beachy, relaxed and natural to suit any event. My hair is a little too short to pull off the exact look off but I've still tried the different techniques suggested below and was very happy with the result of the "bed head" turned "fashionista" look that accumulated.

There are three different ways of accomplishing this look. The first involves wet hair. Start with about 30-50% dry hair and scrunch in some hair mousse throughout. Let self-dry and if your hair is naturally straight, spray in some salt spray for extra texture. If your hair is really unwilling to cooperate, braid into a plait while it dries. If you want to go the extra mile: once your hair is dry, use a straightening iron and create bends and kinks in the hair for a natural wave.


The second option also starts with semi-dry hair so start by blow-drying your hair with the aid of a round brush (pick a size depending on your hair length- small for short hair, large for long hair). As soon as this is done, twist your hair up into a bun (or maybe two - three if you have thick /long hair- depending on how tight you want the curl to be). This is because your hair will set when it cools down after the blow-dry and the bun creates more uneven waves than an iron would. Once about 10 minutes have passed, take your hair out and spray with some hairspray and dry shampoo for volume and durability.


Start with dry hair and use either a large barrel or double barrel curling iron for loose waves. Make sure to curl in different directions for different amounts of time in different size pieces. The key is variation for that "natural" curl. Tease the hair near the roots and throughout to loosen up curls while adding volume and add some hair spray. Finally, add some hair oil to the ends to seal the tips of the hair and create shine.





Perfumes I want


Chloe - Roses De Chloe

Chloe was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion who had the idea of creating a luxury brand that carries pret-a-porter pieces, which, at the time was unheard of. Aghion continued running the house till 1985 when the brand switched hands. Before Chloe, houses only produced Haute Couture and this meant that luxury was only available for those who could afford it while the rest relied on copies by local seamstresses. Soon after, Givenchy launched their first pret-a-porter collection in 1956 and now, ready to wear pieces far outweigh couture. This perfume is based on rose which has become a signature flower for the house due to its femininity and timelessness. Just like Chloe's signature scent (Chloe Eau De Parfum, mentioned below), the rose is very fresh but less stuffy than the older fragrances from Chloe and just like the signature perfume, the bottle is square and features a ribbon. 

Notes: Rose, Bergamot, Rose Essence, Magnolia, White Musk, Amber 


Jo Malone  - Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

Jo Malone is a brand with gorgeous products that all smell lovely. A little history behind this brand... Jo Malone's dad was an artist and her mum was a beautician. When Malone was young, she would make her own perfumes out of soap and flowers from the garden in her childhood home in Bexleyheath, Kent. She later became a florist but still gave facials at night in her kitchen. Shortly after, she and her husband opened up their own business where her products were featured and then took off. As a thank you to her clients, she would give out samples of her Nutmeg and Ginger Bath Oil and it started growing in popularity. In 1994, she opened up her own perfume/product store and in 1999, her company was bought by Estee Lauder and her successful brand is available in 22 countries.

Notes: Red apple, peony, suede


Cartier - Baiser Vole Fraiche

Founded by Louis-Francois Cartier, the house of Cartier came to be in 1847. The brand is known for its jewellery as it's reputation has been growing since the late 19th century. However, in 1964, the brand stopped being a family owned business and continued growing with shops around the world. Over the years, Cartier has launched many successful perfumes that are often named after Cartier's popular jewellery collections. The perfume itself is a lighter interpretation of the original with the fresh and delicate fragrance of lilies.

Notes: Lily

Chloe - Chloe Eau De Parfum

Since I've already given a brief history of the Chloe brand, I'll quickly just mention their classic bottle. The designer Patrick Veillet added the detail along the glass body of the bottle in the inspiration of a classic Chloe blouse that had the same uniform pleated look. The oval cap contrasts with the square form of the bottle and Chloe intended the silver collar to add a "nostalgic feel". It is very unusual to see a metal plaque on a modern perfume but it is intended to show the unique and stylish craftsmanship. To add femininity by literally "tying it up in a bow" and adding a ribbon in a colour associated with the fragrance e.g. champagne cream for Chloe Eau De Parfum and a light coral for Roses De Chloe.

Notes: Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey

Maison Martin Margiela - 'Replica' Lazy Sunday Morning

The companies creator Martin Margiela got into fashion in 1989 and wanted to challenge the fashion industry with different techniques such as recycling, raw finishes and deconstruction that were seen as both intriguing and shocking. He wasn't interested in the idea of mass media culture and became very private because he was very rarely interviewed or photographed. After building this house for more than 20 years, he left the label in 2009 and the brand brought in an anonymous team of designers who continue to work for the house. This is quite unusual for a luxury brand since the majority of designer houses wield a famous designer or person as its face but the Maison house remains between unknown collaborators.

Notes: Aldehydes, Pear, Lilly of the Valley, Iris, Rose, Orange Flower, White Musk, Indian Patchouli Oil, Ambrette Seed


Products from Paris

Parisian pharmacies are such a dream- stock piled with cute and well worth products that are actually very inexpensive! Before I went, I made a list of the products I wanted to purchase and voila! Bioderma cleanser, La Roche-Posay spot treatment, Caudalie beauty serum and Marvis jasmine toothpaste. I know it may sound silly to buy a toothpaste but it was a spontaneous purchase and I am very surprised by how it resembles the smell of jasmine ahah! I have already started using these products and if you're interested, I suggest you go to Sephora, they often have Caudalie products.




Love Yourself


Really felt my Valentine's Day makeup n' decided to snap some shots when my self confidence was high thx to this look combined with a good hair day! Appreciate all your flaws or short comings because they make you you. Sorry for the cheesy line but it's so true- learn to love yourself! Link to my look HERE




Valentine's Day Makeup

Hello cuties!

Happy Valentine's day! Although I think this holiday is overrated as there is so much pressure put on society to be codependent or in a relationship; I still love any day where the colour pink is everywhere! Thought I'd share my simple makeup look for a day to celebrate love of any kind!

I have other posts with my face routine so I'll just skip that! For my eyes I started with my regular Urban Decay eye primer in Eden and for eyeshadow I used their Naked 3 palette since it is filled with pink colours that also compliment my green eyes. I started with applying Limit on my lids and following up with a little Burnout before adding a mixture of Buzz and Factory in my crease.

To finish, I used my finger and lightly applied Dust (as it is very flakey) to the centre of my lids as well as Strange to my inner corners for a highlight. Finally, I added a small cat eye with my favourite Maybelline Master Ink in Matte as well as two coats of their Push Up mascara. For my eyebrows I used Anastasia's Dip Brow in Taupe.


For contour, I used the Chocolate Soleil bronzer in Medium/Deep from Too Faced as well as their Peach Beach Sweethearts blush. For highlighter, I used my all time favourite The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer and all though my photos aren't doing it justice, I promise it is so incredibly gorgeous!

Finally, for my lips I applied a dark Clinique lip liner before using a liquid lipstick from Too Faced in the colour Melted Fig. I Hope you have a nice Sunday, celebrating your loved ones!




Rituals Products


The shower gel and the body cream!

Rituals Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond shower gel - Rituals Honey Touch Indian Rose & Himalaya Honey body cream

For my birthday I received these products from my godmother and woah I love them! They are proper n' delicious smelling products to use on the body. These two in particular smell amazing!


New Nails



H&M Rings - H&M nail polish in Mauve On Up

Today's my birthday eeek! I change my nails up a lot and a recent colour that I've been trying is this one from H&M. It's a dark purple almost dark beige colour that is really pretty on any skin tone!

Gifts for Her

Girly Gifts

1. Coffee Table Books 270 SEK - 2. Lipstick 180 SEK - 3. Sunglasses 325 SEK - 4. Lip products 71 SEK - 5. Candles 270 SEK - 6. Perfume 350 SEK - 7. Coffee Mug 140 SEK - 8. Phone cases 68 SEK  9. Bath Products 59 SEK  11. Notebook 70 SEK - 10. Chocolates 145 SEK 12. Makeup Palettes 680 SEK

♡ Trend: 60's Lashes

Hello luvs!

Although the 1980's might be all the fashion rage right now- the Sixties are on their way back! This is the best time to be into fashion as the 60's were the time of crazy clothes after the reserved first half of the century with civil right movements and Beatles music!

A makeup look that has been in the most recent fashion shows is the fluttery 60's lashes. Although the eyeliner of this decade is very famous, people sometimes forget about the long lash trend!

It is (and has) often been done by applying some white eyeliner along the upper or/and lower lash line to awaken the eyes and maybe a slightly darker yet natural shadow in the crease or along the lower lash line. Then adding a pair of full lashes to both the top and bottom lash line for that baby doll / doe eyed effect. Remember to keep the lips fairly neutral if you want your eyes to be the centre of your look.

I am excited to try this makeup trend but will probably start with a white eyeliner in my inner corner and slightly exaggerating my lower lash line then applying a pair of baby doll falsies, brushing through my brows with a pencil and applying MAC's Cream Cup lipstick for a look that I feel comfortable wearing in school! How would you wear it? Comment!




♡ Brow Favourites

I've recently gotten into Anastasia's brow products after purchasing their dipbrow pomade (in taupe). 

For my brow gel, I use an angled eyebrow brush from KICKS which works really well! My first brow product from Anastasia was their brow wiz pencil in taupe colour.

I try to keep my eyebrow routine pretty simple and natural so I use a pencil illuminator with a pink undertone from Sephora on my brow bone for a lift.




♡ Wanted Lip Products

♡ Transylvania

  The NYX Transylvania soft matte lip cream is soo gorgeous but I had a peak into the NYX store in Gallerian but it seems to be sold out! Maybe it will be back before winter arrives!




♡ Peach Beach

♡ Lipstick Luvs

Hello luvs!

Since Autumn has been here for a while and winter is on its way (as well as Christmas eeek!), I have been paying a lot of attention to lip products for this festive season! So I thought I'd share my top favourites of the moment.

In the past I haven't focused on lipsticks and pencils and stains and glosses but instead eye makeup which is why I don't own too many dark colours. But ever since I bought a dark NYX lip cream, I've focused less on eyeshadows, in favour of lips as it is so much faster to look put together when you have to wake up at 06:30 in the morning... 

On the far left is an old favourite: Clarins 05 in Candy Shimmer is a natural lip gloss that just adds a little extra colour to your lips. This is a safe colour to add to your makeup collection if you want something that is 100% safe to apply without a mirror as it is very natural so you can't see smudges! There is a dupe from Isadora available as well.

Next to the Clarins gloss is MAC's Cream Cup lipstick, I'm sure I've talked about this one several times before but I can't help it because it is soo pretty and such a staple in my makeup routine. It is a light pink colour with a cold undertone (so it doesn't look coral- thank god) and this is the product I reach for daily when I want a natural pink colour!

Down at the bottom is Rimmel's 077 Asia lipstick, that is one of- if not the first lipstick that I ever bought. It is a pinky mauve-like brown or nude colour (yes... very hard to explain), It reminds me of Kylie Jenner's staple lip colour a little- just slightly more brown. I love this colour when I don't feel like something so pink or red that feels like a little too much.

Next to MAC, is NYX's Transylvania matte lip cream. I know I've already talked about this but it is so gorgeous and matches the current trend of dark (if not black) berry lips!

On the far right: Maybelline Fab Orange velvet lip pencil is the most recent in my collection. It is on the other end of the spectrum from the NYX gloss as it is a strong ”Taylor Swift” redish orange colour that looks great with a strong winged liner to complete a classic look!

So those were my recent favourites that I have been using this fall. Hope I gave you some inspiration!





♡ Types of Brushes

 Hello luvs!

Previously, I've had trouble distinguishing the different types of brushes but I did some research and now I thought I'd share the most common types of brushes to help y'all know which one/s suit you! By the way, this doesn't include brushes for different hair types and textures because then this post would be way too long.Types of Brushes

1. Teasing brush, 68 SEK

This brush (like its name), is made for volume and texture. Its great for creating volume at your roots- like for a relaxed curl or teasing your bangs so that your hair seems thicker!

2. Balmain brush comb, 520 SEK

If you have thick hair like me or don't enjoy waiting as long for your hair to dry while blowdrying using a round brush- I'd get this one. What separates it from the round brush is that it has air pockets that ventilates your hair while you are using it!

3. Wet brush, 76 SEK

This brush grew really popular in recent years and although I don't have one I have tried it and works wonders on wet hair. It has really flexible bristles that detangle wet hair in seconds!

4. Paddle brush, 465 SEK

If you were to only buy one brush I'd choose a paddle brush as it works for all hair types, can be used for blowdrying and doesn't have too stiff bristles so that it works for sensitive hair types as well!

5. Rattail comb, 59 SEK

Sometimes called a parting comb as well- as this is its purpose! Its great to use when finding your part or any other type of hairstyle that requires a part or seperating hair. (Sounds weird but I mean for braids, curling hair etc)!

6. Round brush, 65 SEK

I am actually going out later to buy a brush like this as it is perfect for blow drying. It gives alot of volume, a gorgeous light curl which gives a natural blown out style!

7. Wide tooth comb, 185 SEK

This brush is great when you're brushing out your wet hair (either in the shower or after) and the last thing you need is a brush with bristles that will pull an break your hair. This brush detangles any knots without breakage!




♡ H&M Polishes

Bordeaux - Red Carpet - Nefertiti - December Dawn

Indigo Ink - Smooth Syrah - Lilac Whimsy - Sepia

♡ Ari for Viva Glam

Hello luvs!

Omg I am so excited! It has just been announced that Ariana Grande (aka THE QUEEN) has a collection at MAC as the new Viva Glam girl!

The collection is a dark matte berry lipstick (which is very trendy for autumn and winter) as well as a light pink sparkly gloss!

- From her Instagram from her MAC shoot - 

The collection is said to come out in January of 2016 and I'll keep y'all updated if I hear of anything else!




♡ My love of NARS

So I love NARS and here is the proof of my love of their face products! I recently purchased their concealer and I love it- definetly a favourite! My past two foundations have also been NARS, even though my most recent one ADLW, is my favouite. I also loooove love love the Laguna bronzer as it suits my skin tone perfectly and can be used for both contouring and a natural glow!




♡ Updates & A Broken Powder

Hi Luvs!

So some updates... I hurt my wrist (I don't yet know how bad it is) playing some variation of hockey in P.E., I've tried Ardell's  fake lashes (they are fantastic) and I've chosen to sit in bed watching TV shows instead of going to a party (introvert problems). My Maybelline powder cracked and the remaining powder is in tiny pieces, luckily I still have my M.A.C one but I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good face powder?

Hope all you lovely people have had a great week as well!




♡ Fancy Favourites


NYX Wonder Stick in Light, H&M Cream blush in Sunny Peach, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe.

♡ Pink Hair


I love Åhlens new collection- especially this one because of the gorgeous coat, turtleneck and PINK HAIR! So cuuteee!