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My October Video

During the summer I created a few cute little videos of my adventures and I had so much fun that I thought I'd continue! So throughout October, I made sure to shoot the little things in my life that make me happy: the changing leaves, Stockholm's architecture, the view from my balcony, my cats and coffee dates with my friends.




Autumn in Stockholm

Thought it would be a good idea to collect all the photos I've taken on my iPhone throughout October to show how beautiful this city is during Autumn, especially since it is snowing outside my window right now... and it's only just November... What a cosy Christmas atmosphere!




My Halloween Costume

Pinafore - Urban Outfitters, Top - H&M, Shoes - mum's vintage shoes, Socks - mum's vintage

Although I'm not a huge Halloween person, I do love fashion and dressing up can always be a fun! The 60's are my favourite decade for everything fashion, beauty and hair so every since November 1st last year, I've decided to go as a mod girl from the 60's! And one year later I'm here in full garb with a short pinafore, striped turtleneck, patterned socks, kitten heels, big hair, nude lips and dramatic eye makeup. I was thinking of doing a bit of an overview/handbook for all things 60's: fashion, icons, music, movies, beauty etc, comment below with what you think!




Autumn Vibes

Hello, lovely readers!

Today has been such a lovely day, One of those perfect Sundays that we all dream about and that only roll around once it a while. I fueled up on coffee as the rain trickled down outside with some nice acoustic music in the background. From my bed, I have a perfect view of the water and could see how the wind was carrying the waves and swaying the autumn-tinged tree branches in perfect timing with the lilting tones of each song. I also managed to study maths and work on a speech for Swedish not to mention several blog posts that made me feel very productive and happy.

I now realise that I need these types of days regularly: maybe every Sunday. A day where I don't just do all the things that entertain me but the things that feed my soul. I want to listen to more acoustic music, read my magazines and my books in peace, light candles and draw or paint in my sketchbook away from the haze of constant TV shows, scrolling on my phone and looking around on my computer . As an introvert, HSP and generally anxious person, I've always known that this is what I should do but now I really want and need to do these things as a form of mindfulness and as a break away from the internet. I hope you do the same for yourself.




Halloween TAG

 Is autumn your favourite season?

Yes, this year its been confirmed because I'm a lot more settled this year and can appreciate it a lot more than I could last year since we'd just moved. I love watching shows, drinking coffee and taking photos so autumn is the perfect season for all three activities. Not to mention the fashion, colours and atmosphere that occurs in autumn.


Special book for indoor reading on those chilly days?

For some light reading I'd pick up How To Be Parisian but if I wanted a proper novel I always go for Dracula, I mean it's the book that formed our current image of vampires so if you haven't read it please do!


Favourite Halloween themed song?

"This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, the intro is such a flashback to lovely memories


Favourite villains?

Prince John from Robin Hood, Gomez Addams from The Addams Family and Zebediah Killgrave from the recent TV-series Jessica Jones.


If you got trapped in a scary movie, which would you choose?

Well, the movie of my choice isn't exactly scary since I can't watch horror movies but I'd want to be in The Addams Family or alternatively The Nightmare Before Christmas.


What's your favourite item of clothing to wear during autumn?

I have three. A cropped cream sweater, a corduroy pinafore and plaid mini skirt.  


Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating?

Probably to a party because trick or treating isn't very big in Sweden and my GAD would act up when going from door to door and asking people for free sweets. At a party you can talk to your friends and have a good time while still getting dressed up.


What is your favourite memory from autumns gone by?

Strangely, I don't have too many memories from last year's autumn but one of the few that I remember and look back on fondly is when I met my cousin at Starbucks. We were there to finally try the pumpkin spice latte because it was our duty as basic white girls. Although it was disgusting, we still had a really good time sitting by the window and watching as people walked by in the crisp autumn air


You're in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the sceptic, the smart one, or the killer? 

I think I'd either be the sceptic or the smart one since I hope I'd not be stupid enough to creep around a dark house calling out "Is someone there?" but would turn on all the lights, lock the doors and call the police. I'd think I'd be in the final three, dying towards the end.


Would you rather go for a walk during fall, or stay inside?

Such a hard question... uhm I'd say a little bit of both, maybe a nice walk through the forest before cuddling up under my duvet with a cup of tea and a good show.


Whilst watching scary movies, what type of person are you?

I'm either the person constantly covering their eyes and hiding under a blanket or I'm the one who went home when my friends decided to watch a scary movie aka I'm not a fan.


What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

The last day of school before the autumn holidays, my school puts on a costume day. This year I'm thinking of going as a 60's mod girl because I love the 60's, wish I was a teenager during that time so I could've been a mod girl and already have lots of pieces in my wardrobe that fit the decade. My main inspiration is Sharon Tate, I may even go as her.



Favourite autumn colour?

Probably a burnt orange, maroon or a mustard yellow.






Playing in the leaves

Autumn is so much fun because it provides photos like this. There is nothing better than the whole world winding down for the colder weather with the crisp air, orange-hued trees and misty morning atmosphere. Not to mention that it provides plenty of Instagram photos that perfectly fit my theme... I'm not ashamed. Find the outfit I'm wearing here.




Fall Walks w/ Ida

Walking through the woods with nothing but your camera and a lovely friend (like Ida) is such a serene and lovely way to start the day, not to mention one of the best things about autumn.




Fall Makeup Trends 2016

Intense Lashes

This season it has been a real mixing pot of the Swinging Sixties and Grunge of the 90's, especially when concerning lashes. Fashion brands were going in different directions with some going bold falsies to replicate the great Twiggy, some going simple with a minimalistic use of mascara. Others chose to bring back the clumpy lashes that compliment an oxblood lip (as seen above on Kendall Jenner) and it strangely works. I remember the 2013 spider lashes all over Tumblr but this is a different take with shorter and larger clumps of lashes that look more planned than the small and strangely long groupings of the early teen years. For an extra twist, go all out with more 90's vibes by choosing a coloured mascara.


Natural n' Illuminated Skin

The fashion industry's staple is fresh, dewy and simple makeup, hair and nails to show off the clothes but this season it has been different. The glowy natural look was a staple for almost every designer with strobed skin, shimmery eyes, a little mascara, brushed out eyebrows and a natural peachy or glossy lip. This will be a great look for winter due to its simplicity since you'll be waking up way too early when its dark outside and you don't want to do anything except lie in bed and drink coffee... Oh boy, that was a little too close to home... If you take anything from this trend, the key is to keep it natural and strobe, strobe, strobe.


Blue eyeshadow

80's fashion is beginning to come back and I have to admit, I'm not at all a fan but I can see this 80's trend working. The bright blue eyeshadow has resurfaced. I feel that you can use a subtle blueish purple on your lids along with long natural lashes, brushed out brows and glossy lips for a more day to day adaptation of this trend.



Pat Mcgrath is a true genius, bringing so many of the trends I'm mentioning in this post, including this one: glitter! And no, not for New Years but for fall. More specifically, loose and large glitter (not pigment) that you apply to your face, like your eyes, cheekbones, brow bone, cupid's bow or lips. Just make sure to be gentle on your skin when removing it, I've seen that vaseline or oil are the best ways to go.


Dark Lips

Yes I know, dark lips for fall is a reaaaal shocker. But the thing is that every season the shade is different and reflects the future colours of winter and spring. This year I've noticed two main colours, the first being a dark blackcurrant. This colour is closer to black than to either red or purple and feels very grungey (or grungie or grung-esk..?). Next, we have the classic red lip with usually a blue undertone that says 50's Hollywood glamour turned modern and polished. With both of these styles I'd suggest large yet natural lashes to balance the bold lip.


Brushed Out Brows

This is a favourite trend of mine and I was very excited to see it at fashion week. Although big Cara Delevingne brows have been a staple of the 2010's, this season it is all about unruly and natural brows that aren't perfect. A type of "lazy" eyebrow look where you avoid plucking or waxing excess hairs and just let them grow out. To achieve this look, use your usual brow product with a light hand so to avoid dramatic lines then use clear brow gel to brush your hairs up n' outwards.


Intense eyeliner

Makeup inspired by grunge was a common thing seen at fashion week and the dramatic eyeliner was one of them. It is a great and eye-catching (pun not intended) look for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to achieve the perfect smokey eye. It is very simple to achieve, just grab a gel or pencil eyeliner and go to town! For added effect, use a blending brush to smoke the look out and hide any mistakes.







Favourite Burgundy Pinafore

Pinafore - Cooperative, Top - ZARA Boots - Vagabond, Necklace - Efva AttlingEarrings - Brandy Melville

Yesterday's outfit for school where my cat kept interrupting my photos ahahah! Cooperative is one of my favourite brands (sold at Urban Outfitters) for all things fashion like the corduroy pinafore I'm wearing. I am so obsessed with this pinafore, the material, fit and colour are all perfect for autumn and it goes with everything in my wardrobe. I hope you've all had a lovely week!




Essential Autumn Trends

Reconstructed Jeans

This year has been about used denim: ripped jeans, vintage denim jackets and faded denim but now the fashion world is bringing back the material in a whole new aspect. The reconstructed look. Many runways (and street style icons) showed off jeans that had been cut up and sewed back together for that careless chic look that the fashion industry emulates. Wear yours with chunky heeled ankle boots and a feminine blouse for a nice contrast between vintage and romantic.


Muted Orange

Muted orange is this season's colour with almost every designer featuring the shade in their collection. It is colour that is adventurous, versitile and suits all skin tones. Autumn is all about the warm fall shades but don't forget about your mustard yellow and maroon colours.



 Florals are very overdone in Spring so it is so lovely to see the pattern reinvented for the colder season. Several designers including Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe showed off their designs featuring delicate yet bold flowers on anything from dresses to sweatshirts to skirts. A piece that is worth investing in is the floral maxi dress. This item has been reinvented by almost every designer and is perfect for a bohemian yet chic look that can be dressed either up or down depending on your shoes and bag.


Puffer Jackets

This season sports wear has been reinvented in the form of the puffer jacket. It is a statement piece that will keep you warm and snug the entire season. For an effortless look, I suggest an oversized puffer jacket, skinny jeans and chunky heels that emulates Balenciaga's shrugged off the shoulder version seen in the middle image above.



Luckily, comfort has been the front runner this past season and will continue to be so this autumn. We have Fenty creating a trendy gothic version, Lacoste going for a preppy 90's look and H&M selling more feminine and romantic styles inspired by the runway.



Many brands are coming with their own "school uniform" look with Thomas Maier trying out the plaid pinafore and crisp button down, Jason Wu going for Clueless-inspired mini skirt suits and brands like Victoria Beckham and Clavin Klein creating modern and more simple tartan creations. You can never go wrong with plaid in autumn.


Long Sleeves

Extra long sleeves was a favourite for the designers this season. With Chloe creating romantic blouses with delicate long sleeves and Fenty showing off a modern gothic look that coincides with the hoodie trend. This style can both be practical for cold hands and create a nice silouette that creates a contrast. I'd aim for purchasing a delicate sheer blouse or thin sweater with long and wide sleeves since it would look great with anything from high waisted jeans to a mini skirt. I recommend Chloe and ZARA for anyone interested.


Shearling Jackets


For autumn we have a style that has already hit the shops, the classic shearling (or sheepskin) coat is back and trendier than ever. Now, experiment with different colours and cuts from brands like J.Lindeberg and Burberry. 


Statement Chokers

This summer was all about the thin 90's choker in velvet, suede and mocha but now, large chokers that cover your neck are taking the spotlight. Design houses like Chloe, Lanvin and Balmain have all created their own versions and stores like ZARA and River Island selling many styles. Invest in a nice chunky metal choker or a silk scarf for the fall season, I promise it will go with any outfit.





Halloween Movies You Need To See

Hello and happy Halloween!

Well... We still have a few weeks to go but it is officially October and no one can deny that autumn is in the air. In a recent post with some cosy autumn questions, I mentioned that I had a post with my favourite Halloween movies that disappeared so I thought I'd recreate it and add any new movies that I forgot. Oh and btw, these movies aren't scary, I hate horror movies so this is a list of great Halloween/autumn movies that I watch every year to get into the cosy spirit that is required for autumn!


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite movies, I don't know if it's the Tim Burton style, soundtrack, animation or storyline but whatever it is, it works. I've loved this film since I was a little kid and the story between Jack and Sally doesn't get old.


Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a spooky drama that still manages to be funny and romantic. Being an avid Sex and the City watcher, it is so different to see Sarah Jessica Parker without the Manolo Blahniks and iconic curls. This iconic 90's film is perfect to get you into the Halloween mood!


The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a recent favourite of mine, I'm talking the 1991 movie (although the 1664 TV series is also great). The mixture of creepy, funny and ironic isn't lost on me and it even reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas with its comedic timing.


Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is an oldie but a goldie. This is also a movie from my childhood (thanks to my dad's appreciation for Tim Burton) that I love and have very fond memories of. Corpse Bride is what would have happened if Shakespeare's Romeo got engaged to an undead Rosaline and Juliet was still set up with Paris.


Gilmore Girls

Last but not least, we have an autumnal tv series. Gilmore Girls is about the friendship between a young mother and her daughter as they go about their lives in Stars Hollow, drinking too much coffee and being too witty for their own good. The intro is very seasonally appropriate along with the shows colour theme and cosy autumn decorations. I am currently binge watching this show again so that I'll finish it in time for Halloween!




Cosy Autumn Questions


What du you most look forward to when you think of autumn?

I am looking forward to the general feeling in the air that feels like the world is slowing down after summer along with the changing of the leaves and chilled temperature that just makes you want to wear a cosy sweater and walk around with a take away cuppa coffee.


What is the worst thing about autumn?

The fact that everyday its getting darker and colder. Although this can be cosy, it can also be quite difficult for me due to my anxiety that acts up when I'm out when its dark.


What is the best?

The fact that Christmas is almost here! No but in all seriousness, I love the rain, the leaves and the way too sweet seasonal drinks.


What does your autumn outfit look like?

Either a mini skirt with maybe a pair of tights or just skinny jeans along with a top or cropped jumper, ankle boots or sneakers and a coat or denim jacket; it varies but those are my staple pieces that I am often drawn to so look forward to predictable outfit of the days ahah!


What is on your to-do list?

Incedently, I have already written a blog post listing things to do this autumn which you can find here. Other than that I just want to spend my time studying deligently (let's see how that works out...) and sitting at cafes with a friend or two as we chat over steaming cups of coffee while the chilly autumn air changes outside. An important focus of mine is this very blog because I know that it gets difficult to post quality posts when school takes up such a huge chunk of time but I am determined to try my best!


How to help autumn depression?

This is something that I often experience when daylight dissapears. My main piece of advice to anyone suffering from seasonal affective disorder or autumn depression is to take vitamn D and to start taking it right now. Other tips are to purchase an a SAD lamp or alarm clock to put a pep in your step during the dark months ahead and to just spend time with the people you love to cheer up up!


Best music for rainy days?

I have four playlists to recommend on Spotify. Three of them are made by Spotify (here, here and here) and this one is my favourite cosy playlist that I've compiled. Other than that I really suggest you just listen to The Nightmare Before Christmas's soundtrack.


Things I'm purchasing?

I want to find some fairy lights, festive candles, a good winter/autumn coat, a little black bag, chelsea boots, a light grey scarf, more chokers, a new curling iron, a black tennis skirt, a pentax K1000 and polaroid film.


What is the best autumnal series and movie to watch?

My number one favourite show to watch is Gilmore Girls! I've already written about this series on my blog previously since it is such a cosy series about a mother and daughter who go about their lives as the years go by. Last year, I wrote a blog post about my favourite halloween movies but for some reason it seems to have dissapeared but annyway.. I recommend my favourite: The Nightmare before Christmas.


What is your best autumn meal?

Soup! Especially soup with some form of pasta mmmm.. My favourite dessert for autumn has to be pecan pie- it is to die for, you have to try it!


Where do you prefer to spend your free time?

I love spending my free time either at a cafe with a latte and a good podcast or at home under a blanket with a cup of tea plus the book Jane Eyre.


Do you have a planned trip this season?

No, since school has just started and my whole family is pretty busy, and doesn't really want to travel anywhere. Maybe next year...


How are you preparing for winter?

I am so incredibly excited for Christmas but preventing myself from starting to listen to Christmas music until November first. Otherwise, I am looking up good winter and autumn recipies, eating vitamin D, looking for a few pieces for my autumn wardrobe, reading classic litterature and re-watching Gilmore Girls!

A Sweater n' Mini Skirt


Sweater - Sportsgirl, Skirt - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Bik Bok, Hat - H&M, Boots - Windsor Smith

The ideal autumn outfit is complete with a mini skirt, booties, a cropped sweater and broad hat. These elements can be personalised and customised to each wearer by adjusting colours, patterns and styles. A look straight from Pinterest.




Best of Sthlm Fashion Week

Since Stockholm FW Fashion Week 2016 just ended I thought I'd share my favourite looks from this past week.



7 Things to do this Autumn

Hello, luvs!

Autumn is already starting to appear and I thought I'd share my a few of my favourite things to do during the fall season. Later in the week, I will be posting another fun autumn themed questionnaire so stick around for that!


Cosy up at a cafe


This is probably my favourite thing to do on a more regular basis. I often go alone to one of my favourite cafes (find an in-depth post about one here) on a Sunday or a morning before school, order a latte and sit down with a book, my phone or computer (for blog posts or school assignments) and just relax and have some "me time".


Bake cinnamon buns


One of my favourite things to during the autumn season is to bake, specifically buns and different types of biscuits. It is just the cosiest thing: a warm and sweet cinnamon bun with maybe a cup of coffee and a good tv series.


Cosy up with a book


I can't think of anything better than curling up in bed with a great book, a cup of tea as the rain pours down outside. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourites to give y'all some inspiration: Lolita, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Mrs Dalloway and Jane Eyre.


Carve a pumpkin


Growing up in Australia, we were influenced by many American traditions. One of these was Halloween and more specifically carving pumpkins. It is a fun but messy activity where you customise a pumpkin of your choice before putting a tea light in it so that it can serve as an autumnal decoration. 


Create the perfect autumn playlist


This has been a favourite of mine, no matter the time of year or occasion; I am always ready with the appropriate playlist. (Especially when concerning matters of cosiness and indie or acoustic music). I have a playlist featuring cosy acoustic tracks that will be perfect for those relaxed autumn days featuring you and your laptop. Find it here.


Go for a walk


Now, yes this sounds very basic but let me explain. Think of taking an aimless walk on a misty morning or walking in a forest that is dressed in shades of red and orange with nothing but a camera to capture its beauty. Trust me, all your Instagram followers will be very jealous.


Make soup


Now if cinnamon buns and other sweet deliciousness is somehow not your thing (or you just want to do something else), make soup! I love this so much since the process of making soup is simple yet somehow relaxing while still being delicious to devour later! Here are three of my favourites that I've made recently: here, here and here.






♡ Our Podcast

Hello lovelies!

(This is a quick post for you swedes out there). Some of you may know that my cousin Beata and I started a podcast back in August called ”Tonårs Tankar” where we talk about our experiences and thoughts on pop culture and society! You can find us on Youtube, Soundcloud and iTunes if you search Tonårs Tankar but just beware that if you search us on iTunes there are two items that pop up and you should choose the one by ”Sofia & Beata” because the other one is our Podomatic that we have stopped updating!


A link to our iTunes: HERE

A link to our Youtube: HERE

A link to our Soundcloud: HERE

By the way: we have an autumn themed episode coming on Wednesday so be prepared for episode #4 soon! And yes I know that Halloween has just been but it is still going to be very ”Autumny” weather and fashion so we have some time before the exciting season of Christmas is upon us (aka as soon as Beata's birthday is over ahah)!




♡ Last Day of Autumn pt.2


♡ Last Day of Autumn pt.1


♡ Lil' Pumpkins

♡ Happiness and a cappuccino

Hello dear dear readers!

As I'm writing this I am on the tube, heading home. I was getting a really bad headache so I left school a little early but on my way home I stopped by Götgatan and purchased some amazing LUSH bath products as well as a cappuccino and pecan square from Starbucks. I don't know if it's the caffeine buzz or the autumn air but I am so incredibly happy right now and can't wait for the weather to get colder, the drinks to get hotter and festive season to grow bigger.

Tomorrow my school is doing a Halloween costume day as it is the last day of school before Autumn break. All of the corridors (well.. the whole school) are decorated with pumpkins, spider webs, and orange and black balloons. They have also put black covers over the windows so that it is dark and a little creepy when you're waiting for your social science class to start.

It's going to be so great to have a week home so that I can finish my assignments, watch Gilmore Girls (great Autumn show btw), make cinnamon buns and drink lots of coffee!





♡ Study Tips

Hi Luvs!

Since school started about a month ago here and Aussies are soon starting their next term I thought I'd give ya'll some tips and tricks to help you study!


Find a good place to study- This is the first step to having good habits when it comes to studying. If you have a nice environment where you feel safe and relaxed then sitting down with your books won’t be as difficult. A desk is always a good idea as you will sit straight, whereas a bed can make you a little too comfortable. I have studied on my bed in the past but occasionally I get distracted and have to move.

Another tip is to find a place with good lighting; this is not for a good Instagram picture but to make it easier to see. It sounds silly and really obvious but if you’re studying after school it will be quite dark and you don’t want to be squinting. I suggest somewhere quiet and aesthetically pleasing, if you’re a HSP (hyper sensitive person) like me then I would choose a place that isn’t too cluttered (aka lots of decor pieces or items- even if they’re pretty).

For me, I study on the sofa in my room occasionally but now I tend to be in our ”study/office” which only has a small table, chair, fuzzy carpet and some pillows. Since it’s very plain and has a door that can close I find it relaxing and a place where I focus my energy on productivity instead of distractions.


Find what your learning style is- There is a test you can take to determine how you best take in information. (you can find it HERE). I personally am 45% a visual learner so I learn best with colour coded things, flash cards, visualization, key words, mind maps, planners and lists.


Learn to take breaks- Study for 30 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break is really helpful for me! I set a timer and work until the time is up then go and get a cup of tea, a snack or check social media. Taking breaks isn’t lazy, it’s a way to let your hard work sink in.

My old science teacher said that when it comes to tests you should get plenty of rest the night before and to NOT study in the hours before. If you try to cram everything the day of you will only remember what you revised minutes before the test- not all of it.


Repetition- testing your knowledge and repeating it is the key to remembering it. Cutting down your notes/paragraphs into short sentences is very useful as that required less information to take in and more key words. I love using flash cards, there are some great apps that are really helpful (suggestions below). Getting a family member or friend to grill you is also very useful. Doing these exercises gives you an idea on what you need to revise further.


Stay organized- Having a planner and checklist are immensely helpful when it comes to studying. I use both and have noticed a huge difference since I started a few years back. Using a calender, diary or planner are great choices; I would also suggest developing a habit of making lists and mind maps to give you a clear idea for what you want to achieve for that assignment or test.


Apps to help you- All of the apps below I actually use so you know that they aren’t pointless!

A good app for your computer is Self Control, it blocks a list of your chosen sites that you get distracted by.

Istudiez Pro is an app that I’ve been using since primary school, it tells you when and where you have classes and if you forget to bring a planner, you can write down important dates and assignments there.

A good app for all you visual learners is SimpleMind, I’ve been using this one for a year now and it’s just a spin on list making but you can make it easier to understand steps.

Flashcard+ is such a great app for revision! You write questions and add answers or hints then use them to go through your work, (or get someone to help you). They updated the app recently so there are new features as well.

  So those were my tips for an effective study session! Remember not to overwork yourself and to give yourself rewards for reaching certain/important goals!





♡ Autumn Makeup Trends

Hello luvs!

So I've been reading up on magazines, seeing popular looks in store catalogues and looking through fall fashion week in different countries. I noticed some reoccuring trends within their makeup choices so I decided to write a lil' guide on autumn makeup trends!Dark Lips- Berry lipsticks are always popular around autumn and winter but this season there is a twist on it. Black lips are making a comeback, other popular colours are a dark purple and other berry colours! With this season's lips it's either all in or nothing at all! Bare lips with nothing but a chapstick or light gloss is also popular! This trend helps when focusing on the two eye trends that I'm writing about next....

Lip products that are part of this trend: MAC lipstick, Urban Decay lipstick, NARS lipstick, Urban Decay lip pencilGlittery Eyes- This makeup look has been seen on the catwalk over the years but now it's coming back! There are many different ways to complete this look: a subtle sparkly eyeliner, a dust of glitter on the lids, or thicker sparkle pieces to cover undereye circles!

These are some shadows that will help you achieve this glamour: Makeup Forever eyeshadow, Make up Store glitter, NYX loose shadow, Make up Store shimmerBlack Shadow- Replace the thin winged liner with thick lines and dark shadows. Although lips are a feature in autumn, eye makeup is the star of the season! I personally I would keep it simple with a thick line of eyeliner that also covers the lid (like the look on the far left). Another trend that has come back is kajal; black eyeliner on the waterline to darken up your eyes!

Different ways to accomplish a black eye (hehehe...): MAC shadow, L'Oreal eyeliner, Maybelline kajal, L'Oreal smoky eyelinerGlowy Skin- During summer the ”no makeup” look was very popular among fashion shows but now in fall it's more dramatic. In previous years, glowy skin has been reserved for the summer and a matte face for the autumn and winter; but no more! This autumn bronzed cheeks and high points are the new craze; I love that! This trend accompanies/ can work with the others as well.

For a dewy look: NARS the multiple, Makeup Forever foundation, NYX setting spray, Burberry liquid highlighterOn fleek cheekbones- This makeup look is under the glowy skin umbrella trend but slightly different, it can be done with matte skin and a highlighter for those of us who aren't such big fans of a shiny face. There are several ways to do this: liquid highlighter (to look natural, instead of a powder), a light blush, or/and a glowy bronzer!

Here are some recommended products: NARS blush, Too Face multiple compact, Hourglass highlighter, Benefit high beam

So those are the biggest autumn/ early winter makeup trends, they are all so gorgeous and I cannot wait to experiment with highlighters and lip colours!




♡ Monday Nail Inspo

Hello dear readers!

I love doing my nails, it's so relaxing and luxurious to have some nicely painted nails! I have qute short n' tiny natural nails so I usually use fakes because I find that the polish stays on longer and I can choose the shape that I want for my nails! Right now I love almond nails, they look so pretty and aren't as intense as stiletto nails. So today I thought I'd share some Monday nail insp incase you need some ideas for a new manicure!As you can see I am currently obsessed with nudes and light pastel colours because those colours elongate you fingers while adding a pop of colour!

Hope your day is going well! Remember that monday is a new beginning and not just a ”bad day”.




♡ New Background


♡ Trend: Metallic Nails

Hey luvs!

So an autumn trend that I have been noticing (somewhat on the runway, but mostly on bloggers n aspiring fashionistas) is the metallic nail trend! I first saw it in some magzine, then on Ariana Grande and then at H&M. So naturally I bought their most suiting colour Android and I love it! 

There are two main categories that I would place under this new trendy and cute nail polish option: plain nails and detailed nails! I'll expand on that a little bit more...

Plain metallic nails are a bold option as they catch your eye and can really bring a whole outfit together! I would definitely sport some rings that bring even more attention to your hands. You can either match metals and stay simple or you can mix them and get an edgier combination that catcher your eye. I personally have worn fake nails with this colour but short and natural nails would also look amazing as it may help you stay inside your comfort zone but still experiment with something new! Another option is to buy those stick ons that they offer at H&M which are a metallic colour which is hard to achieve with nail polish.

Metallic Nails


There are many different options to complete this gorgeous manicure! You can add a gold coat then some studs or tiny balls for texture, a more tame rose gold and silver french manicure strips or just go simple and easy with a quick layer of somethin' sparkly and head out the door!

The next metallic trend is gold detailing! I have mostly seen this look in the form of a nude base and lil' gold lines but you can put your own spin on it to make it suit your taste! I haven't tried this one yet as I need to buy some supplies but as soon as I do you can expect some photos!

I love this trend because it is perfect for those who prefer something simple that will draw attention but for its detail, not boldness! I would pair this look with fake nails since that would give the longest/most noticable lines but you can go natural as well (of course).

Pink & Gold

1. H&M Pink Base polish 51 SEK - 2. Gold Nail Tape (Can also be found HERE)

There are a few different ways to go about creating this look, either you can start with a white, pink or nude base or you can go natural and apply a clear topcoat (I would recommend applying the top coat as the gold will not stain your nail then). For the gold you can either do what I plan on doing and purchase some gold (or silver) nail tape, I found some on ETSY for around 15 SEK (theres a link above) or you can use a nail brush and pain the gold vertical, diagonal or horizonal stripe yourself. Either way the colour combinations can't go wrong! If you do mess up then you can start again or paint the entire nail tip gold so that it looks like a french manicure!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little trend report/how to since I had alot of fun writing it!