Sofia Vendela

My Weekend In Photos

On Thursday I met up with Ida at Vetekatten for some tea and cake. Delicious.

On Friday, Alice and I headed to Urban Deli for a lunch consisting of antipasti and rhubarb lemonade.

On Saturday, lovely Alice turned eighteen and had organised a mingle with champagne and Italian/Pinterest style antipasti. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.

On Sunday, I was once again, out and about; meeting Beata for brunch. Since Greasy Spoon was packed, we ended up at Pom & Flora with yoghurt bowls (is that the term for trendy expensive yoghurt with muesli?), tea and vegan hot chocolate. Lovely!

I then went for I walk around Kungsholmen and listened to an episode of Talking Crime. Probably one of my favourite things to do besides go out for coffee...

During this stroll, I also stumbled across this optical store with a sign that referenced Doctor T.J. Eckleberg from The Great Gatsby which I thought was very clever and a little creepy if you stare at it too long. Hope you had a great weekend!





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