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MMA: Wienercafeet

 Hello, readers!

This week's Meet Me At post is about Wienercafeet, an affluent and French inspired cafe in Östermalm on Bibloteksgatan, opposite COS's store. Last Wednesday I was there for afternoon tea with a friend of mine (see picture below) which spurred on the idea of finally reviewing this place, a little out of my comfort zone since I usually stick to the western side of Stockholm but I thought I'd try something new!

Wienercafeet is a cafe in Östermalm that has a lovely and chic interior. A lot of warm turned wood furniture, dark chairs, chandeliers,  marble counter tops and warm lighting to emulate comfort.

Who would I bring here: I often go here with my mum but it is also nice to go here with a friend for a cuppa, especially in summer.

The crowd: Business men, "östermalmare", friends and a lot of mums and daughters.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Wienercafeet has great coffee, strong, full of flavour and in a large cup. The only bad thing is that the beans are too roasted, creating a sweaty feel in the mouth and sadly this is typical for Swedish cafes.

Sweets: One of the best things about Wienercafeet are there pastries and sweet things. Since this is a French cafe, their entire bar is filled with gorgeous dessert after gorgeous dessert. So, so delicious!

Location and hours: Bibloteksgatan 6, 111 46 Stockholm. A minute or two from Östermalmstorg tube or just a 10-minute walk from T-Centralen. They are open: Monday - Friday: 07-22. Saturday: 09:30-22 and Sunday: 09:30-19.


All in all, just a lovely cafe at the higher end of the scale, I love going there for a coffee break while out shopping or after being at the Opera with mum. Great coffee, great interior, great food (especially their fries). A 6.8/10.





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