Sofia Vendela

43 Questions about Me

(this post was written in December)


Who do you trust?

My parents


Where would you like to be right now?

Right now I want to be somewhere like Bali or the Maldives. Or maybe Australia, New York or Paris.

Favourite city?

Stockholm or Paris, followed by New York and London.


What is your favourite number?



What is the last thing you ate?

Breakfast consisting of two sandwiches, coffee, orange juice and tea with the family in Uppsala on the day after Christmas.


If you were a crayon, which colour would you be? 

Maybe white or pink.. Never really thought about it..


How is the weather right now?

 It's actually pretty sunny, about five degrees outside.


Who is the last person you were on the phone with?

Probably my mum, we call each other a lot.


What is the first thing you see in the opposite sex?

It depends how close I'm standing to them: hair, clothes and eyes.


Favourite tv series?

Oh god, I have so many favourites! Sherlock, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Community, SNL, Sex and the City and so so so many more. I actually have a post with my favourites that you can find HERE


Do you have any siblings?

Nope, only child



Something like 164 - 166cm


Hair colour?

Blonde in summer, dark blonde in winter.


Eye colour?

Greenish hazel


Do you use contacts?

I'm usually too lazy to use contacts even though they aren't hard to put on so I go for glasses but for special occasions or when I feel like I go for my dailies. 


Favourite holiday?



Favourite month?

I like June the most since it's summer and it contains the initial excitement of school holidays



Celebrity crushes?

Amanda Seyfried, Elsa Hosk, Jude Law and Olivia Palermo. (among others)


Have you ever cried for no reason?

Well, I think there's always a reason for me to cry, even if I don't realise it, it could be something that's built up that I've repressed so it's very cathartic to have a little cry.


What is the last movie you saw?

Love actually on the 23rd with the family


Favourite day of the year?

December the 23rd or/and 24th


Hugs or kisses?



Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla ice cream


Do you have any tattoos?



What are you listening to right now?

I'm re-listening to My dad wrote a Porno podcast: AMAZING! I should write an update post on my favourite podcasts...


Favourite movies?

Love Actually, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Guy from U.N.C.L.E and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Favourite sport?

Netball, Ballet, Ice skating and badminton


What are you doing right now?

Writing this post, listening to MDWAP episode "Texas, USA" and drinking fruit tisane


What books are you reading right now?

Lolita, just finished Frankenstein and wanting to start on Welcome to Nightvale



Just my ears, want to do another set though 


Buttered, natural or salted popcorn?

Buttered and salted popcorn 


Favourite flower?

Peonies, eucalyptus and baby's breath, together, they're even more gorgeous!


Who do you want to see right now?

Kate and Eve.


 Are you still friends with people from school?

Well, it depends on which school in which country... But I have friends who I still talk to from all my previous schools


Do you like flying?

Yes! I love flying, probably because I started travelling at a very young age very frequently and haven't stopped since


Right or left handed?

Right handed

  Dogs or cats?



How many pillows do you sleep with?



Do you miss someone?

Of course


Do you listen to the radio?

I love the idea but no I don't, not even Ekot. I am a huge fan of podcasts though and am almost always listening to one (that is not an exaggeration)


Best decision you've made all year?

I don't really know... I can't think of any major decisions that have affected my life... I really enjoyed a spontaneous trip to our Finish summer house that I decided to join last minute...?


Worst decision you've made all year?

No clue, my life is pretty good right now so I don't see the point in regretting something that I can't change


The latest app the downloaded?



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