Sofia Vendela

Final Art Project

After eight long weeks of brainstorming, sketching and painting, I finally finished my last second-year project. I started by sketching out my face in lead on the canvas and adding strong undertones to create more realistic skin.

Then, I just started started working more on the skin tone and adding darker details to the hair in preparation.

I finished the neck, added more layers to the hair, had basically finished the skin, lips and started working on the eyes and brows.

I changed the background colour from a light pink to a greener tone, added the base for the black jumper and added medium tones to the hair.


And voila! My project is done (except that I added more highlights to the hair and kind of cut a huge chunk out of the canvas but nevermind), I'm quite happy with it; especially the skin and the amount of realism I was able to achieve which really surprised me.





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