Sofia Vendela

The Last Few Days

Hello, readers,

I haven't posted for the past few days which is unusual for me but my energy, inspiration and pre-scheduled posts finally ran out. I have been off school for a little less than a week and a lot has happened. I have been busy with my new part-time job, I have finally gotten grades (that I'm very happy with by the way), I have found out some other news that is too trivial or too distant to disclose right now. After taking what feels like years off of the blog, I feel stressed as to what I should post so I thought I'd just share some photos from the past few days including a picnic on National Day, a trip to the Nordic Museum and lunch at Rosendahl's Garden. I won't be keeping up with my post schedule and may not post as often since I really want to increase the quality (rather than quantity) of my blog and that is going to take some time.

Also, I heard that there is a problem commenting on my blog (I was almost going to ask you to comment if you experience a similar problem but.. that doesn't work..) so I'm doing all I can to fix that issue.




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