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Winter Fashion Trends

The Pleated Midi Skirt

This is a trend that I've seen at both fashion week and on fashion influencers' blogs. Midi skirts with small pleats may not be the best trend for winter but pair one with tights or some high boots and you're in business. The most common colour palette for this trend (that I've seen) is metallic, whether that be silver, gold, pink or green. Budget friendly alternatives: H&M and Pull&Bear.


Turtlenecks under dresses

From Tory Burch to Valentino, layering is the way to go this winter. Not only is this a cute and wearable trend, a turtleneck under a dress is also very warm. To cover up your legs you can wear tights, thigh high boots, pants (another trend, pants under dresses) or a jumpsuit. I personally would wear a delicate turtleneck top, maybe with longer sleeves and layer that under a more chunky dress, like a denim pinafore for some contrast and added warmth. Budget friendly alternatives: ASOS and ZARA.



Ruffles. A trend that has been on-going since summer. Now, ruffles are really popular on sweaters so you can stay warm and still be on trend. I'd wear an oversized ruffled sweater, a pair of slightly boot cut jeans and brown sock boots. Budget friendly alternatives: H&M and Gina Tricot.


Sock boots

I love sock boots. so. so. much. Depending on the length and thickness of the heel, sock boots can be very comfortable, not to mention, incredibly stylish and kick ass. This trend is often found in velvet, lacquer, leather, an array of colours... Whatever tickles your fancy. Budget friendly alternatives: Mango and ASOS.


Masculine fashion

 From Ralph Lauren to Balenciaga, masculine/androgynous fashion has been a major staple on the runway. When I say masculine fashion, I'm talking very preppy and typical British style in the 1920's (google Edward VIII). Suits, pinstripe, platform boots, suede and neutrals are the way to go. Budget friendly alternatives: Bershka and ASOS.


Extra Long Sleeves

 Extra long or/and wide sleeves have been a bit of an underground thing since summer of 2016. Now, something that can be either very delicate and feminine or masculine and preppy. Right now, there are lots of alternatives in more common stores which really proves that this trend is on the rise. Budget friendly alternatives: ZARA and H&M.


The Baker Boy Cap

This is a trend that I'm a fan of and that I've written about in my post about how to be stylish in the cold (find it HERE). Baker boy caps come in different colours but usually, navy and black are the most popular colours. This trend is such an it-girl trend that looks effortless, stylish and covers up any bad hair day. Budget friendly alternatives: Bikbok and ASOS.


Sheer Items

When I mean sheer, I also include tulle, fine mesh and glitter items (there are so many synonyms). Although these aren't warm, a mesh dress over any old outfit can jazz it up and add an element of fun. I personally really like the black glitter tops and would wear one over a singlet or large bralette to feel more comfortable. Budget friendly alternatives: Brandy Melville, Mango and Monki.


Straight Jeans

Skinny is finally starting to decrease in popularity (ever so slowly). Now, mum jeans, boyfriend jeans and straight jeans are the way to go. This is an extension of a previous autumn trend that I wrote about, namely reconstructed or/and vintage jeans. Budget friendly alternatives: Beyond Retro, Pull&Bear and H&M.


 Chenille sweaters

 This trend hasn't emerged from fashion week, this is a warm trend that came from more common trends and bloggers. Chenille sweaters are a modification of the usual sweater, being more sparkly, cosy and eye-catching. Budget friendly alternatives: Pull&Bear, ZARA and Bershka.


Plastic 60's sunglasses


Last but not least, we have retro sunglasses. By that I mean mainly 60's and 70's sunnies in either plastic or metal, often in round or rectangular shapes. I am such a huge 60's fan and am so excited that stores are releasing affordable and unique sunglasses. Budget friendly alternatives: H&M, Pull&Bear and Mango.





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