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Winter Beauty Trends


Red Eyeshadow

 For a long time, red eyeshadow has been a real no no but thanks to the French It girl Soko, red eye makeup is back in business. Depending on your style, you can go for a darker red that may be intense but not as red and eye catching (pun not intended) as a pastel would be. If that doesn't suit you you can go simple and sweep any red tone over your lids for the iconic "Soko look" or go for a pink or orange hue if red is too much for you. Recreate the look: NYX red eyeshadow or MAC red glitter.


The Perfect Red

Dark lips are always a staple for autumn and winter. This year, the shade is a classic red. The colour of red naturally depends on your colouring and undertone. If your cool, go for a red lipstick with a blue undertone, if you're warm, go for something with a yellow undertone. If you're unsure, you may be neutral like me and if you're not sure what any of this means, go to your local beauty store and ask an employee. Recreate this look: NYX lipstick for cool undertones or NYX lipstick for warm undertones.


Copper Eyes

In previous years, the focus has been gold eyeshadow. But now, its time for the more subtle and versatile colour that is copper. Copper suits any skin tone and works really well with neutrals so a smokey eye is always a good and easy option. Recreate this look: Elf eyeshadow pot or Isadora eyeshadow quad.


Neutral n' Natural

This trend encompasses two very similar yet distinct things. One being the bare face look (not "no makeup look") where you do nothing except maybe a little concealer and strobing. While the other includes keeping your face neutral, aka using the same shades for your eyes, lips and cheeks. An easy way to do this is pick a pink close to your skin tone and dab it on your lips, cheeks and eyelids for a rosy and subtle look. Recreate this look: Laura Mercier brightening powder or Yves Saint Laurent sheer lipstick.


Bleached Brows

Unusual eyebrows were produced at a few fashion shows this autumn winter season. When I say unusual I mean both bleached and colourful eyebrows. This is a look that emerged through pop culture (probably thanks to Miley Cyrus) in 2016 and has been appearing at Fashion Week for 2017. Depending on your style, you can go daring and bleach your eyebrows or you can use a colour mascara as a brow gel. Recreate the look: Bleach cream or NYX colour mascara


Dramatic Cat Eye

The cat eye is a classic that will never go out of style and this season, its cousin is coming onto the beauty scene. To bring focus to your eyes this winter, thicken and extend your usual eyeliner for a sultry sixties look that will bring you into the spotlight. Recreate this look: Smashbox liquid liner or L'Oreal kohl pencil.


Lip Gloss

Lastly, this season brings lip gloss back from the nineties. Liquid lipsticks are no good for the chapped lips that occur in winter so its time to change up you routine to include a glossy lip that'll bring life to your face. When it comes to this trend, colour and amount of lip gloss you slather on doesn't matter. As long as your lips are catching the light a little, you're good to go. Extra tip: pop a little lip gloss on your eyelids to be extra trendy. Recreate this trend: Laura Mercier lip glace or Clarins lip perfector.





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