Sofia Vendela

MMA: Snickarbacken 7

Hello coffee lovers!

Kaffeverket is one of my favourite cafes and before Kaffeverket was Kaffeverket, Kaffeverket was actually located at Snickarbacken 7. Now, they have become two more separate entities, I'm unsure if they have the same owner but I know that they have the same baker, making them quite similar in style. So if you like Kaffeverket, You'll love Snickarbacken 7 (and vice versa).

Snickarbacken 7 is very cool. Its hidden away from the general public on a side street called Snickarbacken (therefore the name). The cafe has high white ceiling with arched doorways, exhibiting art collections by local and international artists and photographers. The location is huge with plenty of space during their busiest hours. The tables vary in size but are mostly marble or gold, each with a candle and set of industrial style chairs. Snickarbacken 7 also has a shop and functions as an art gallery since you can buy the art featured if you have 30 000 SEK left over from your fika. A really cool and relaxed place with an artsy vibe that is perfect for both catching up with a friend and catching up on your studies.

Who would I bring here: I would bring a fellow art student or artistic type due to all the art and creative atmosphere of the place.

The crowd: At Snickarbacken 7, you'll mainly see young people and artistic types since this is a really cool n' hip location.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: The coffee is strong and bitter, not at all (for a lack of better words) "sweaty" in any kind of way. I ordered a cappuccino and have previously had their latte and have been happy with my coffee both times. (But to be honest, I'm not that picky, I just get bothered when the coffee tastes like it will haunt your tastebuds for the next two days. I think that's probably due to the beans those types of cafes use gahh).

Sweets: I personally am more of a pastry and French dessert type of person while Snickarbacken 7 provides mainly types of cake, small biscuits and protein balls along with sandwiches which aren't really my thing. All of their stuff tastes great but I'm more of a Sophies Canele or Vetekatten type of person.

Location and hours: Snickarbacken 7, 11139 Stockholm so about eight minutes from Hötorget tube station, a really short walk actually. Monday - Friday: 08 - 18, Saturday: 09 - 18 and Sunday: 10 - 17.

All in all, I really like Snickarbacken 7. I will definitely be heading back here because I enjoy their coffee, location, service and calm/artsy vibe. I give this cafe a 7/10.





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