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MMA: Ikon Cafe

Hello coffee luvs,

A few days ago, I met up with Tora for coffee and brunch at Ikon Cafe. This is a new location in Birkastan that has really great food. So keep on reading for my review of the cafe.

Ikon Cafe is quite modern, not really my taste of decor but still nice. The tables and chairs are very simple, a light brown wood. The bar is a muted blue, the floor is a muted orange tile and the walls are bare and white. I really like the homey porcelain that everything is served on, very typically Swedish.

Who would I bring here: I would either go here with my parents for lunch or I'd go here with a friend for a coffee and some pancakes, yum!

The crowd: We were there when it was quite empty so at that time there were mainly older people and girls in their 20's meeting up for brunch and a coffee.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: We both ordered drip coffee and it was really fresh. I often find coffee here in Stockholm to be kind of sweaty, heavy and with a bad aftertaste but this was a clear exception. The coffee was light, bitter and acidic, so refreshing and delicious.

Sweets: Ikon cafe really doesn't have much in that way, it's more a brunch/lunch/dinner place so keep that in mind. We shared avocado on levain which differs from the usual avo toast due to the sesame seeds, lettuce and lemon juice that really makes it so much more delicious. We also shared a stack of American pancakes with blueberry jam and berries. The pancakes were so incredibly fluffy, a little too sweet for my taste, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Location and hours: Karlbergsvägen 43, 113 37 Stockholm. A six-minute walk from the Sankt Eriksplan tube station. Monday to Friday: 08 - 23, Saturday: 10 - 23, Sunday: 10 - 17. 

All in all, a cafe with great food and coffee in a central and modern location. There are other places with much nicer customer service but it's almost worth it for the delicious pancakes. I give Ikon Cafe a 5/10.





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