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Meet Me At: Hagabageriet

Hello, coffee lovers!

The reason why I've been a bit absent in my Meet Me At posts is because I can't find that many more potential favourites and that makes me quite sad since that very much cuts this series short. So if you have any favourite coffee places, please leave a comment! Anyways, this week we're meeting at Hagabageriet in Vasastan. They have several locations here in Stockholm but I chose this one due to the nice area and since it seems to be their largest.

The Hagabageriet that I visited is located in Vasastan, at Torsgatan 75. The interior is a mix between modern and classic Swedish. With marble countertops and the counter's sides and certain walls are a "faluröd" painted wood. The cafe is down a flight of stairs. To your left, you'll see the fully stocked disk of pastries, sandwiches and sweet treats that are baked just metres away. To your right, there are plenty of marble tables with low hanging lights, all set with a candle for a homey atmosphere.

Who would I bring here: Since it's white a comfy environment, I'd bring a friend who I have lots to talk about with or my parents or grandparents since it isn't too busy and has plenty of tables.

The crowd: Locals buying pastries to-go. A slightly older crowd than my usual cafe favourites (by that I mean 40+).

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Acidic and strong but not (as I like to say) "sweaty". Aka their coffee doesn't have that flavour that sticks in our mouth for the next two days and leaves a gross aftertaste. Surprisingly common at cafes in Stockholm.

Sweets: Since it is a bakery, there are plenty of desserts that'll tickle your fancy (of course). I mean, just look at the photos. It would be silly to come here and not order a mouth-watering slice of cheesecake or chocolate macaroon.

Location and hours: Torsgatan 75 Stockholm (the cafe I went to). They're open Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 19:00, Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00 and Sunday: closed.

All in all, a lovely cafe and bakery that is clean and nicely decorated with a stress-free and homey atmosphere that is perfect for a coffee and pastry of your choice. I give Hagabageriet 7.5/10 as I'll definitely be coming back here in the future.





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