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Favourite True Crime Podcasts

Once Upon A Crime

A really well-structured and well-formulated podcast that keeps you wrapped. Esther Ludlow tells us about cases in the format of short series. Her first series was about people who've been kidnapped and found (alive). So fascinating and frightening. She has since also done series on children who were killers, fanatic fans, musicians who died tragically and so much more.

My favourite episode: Episode 001: Lost and Found: Chapter 1 - Jaycee Dugard


Generation Why

A long time favourite of mine as I started listening in Spring. Aaron and Justin discuss true crime cases like that Pamela Smart and Charlie Brandt. They have been podcasting for a long time (more than 200 episodes) and its obvious in their professionality.

My favourite episode: Death of Tina Watson - 183 and Jonbenet Ramsey Case - 129


Talking Crime

A relaxed podcast where H. Alan Scott and Margot Leitman watch true crime documentaries and talk about them. I can't describe what makes this podcast so enjoyable, maybe because like they say; they're your true crime BBF's and are very entertaining. They actually started with a short podcast called The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey Response Podcast where they responded to the JonBenet documentary made by Jim Clemente and Laura Richards (from Real Crime Profile, below). Check that one out too!

My favourite episode: Episode 1 - Amanda Knox Part 1 and Episode 2 - Amanda Knox Part 2


Real Crime Profile

I found this podcast through Margot and H. Alan of Talking Crime since they were raving about it. Jim Clemente, Laura Richards and Lisa Zambetti discuss and profile real crime cases. They are all really intelligent and actually work in profiling so they know what they're talking about. Their recent episodes have been going into depth into the death of Meredith Kercher and why Amanda Knox is innocent. As both a true crime and psychology buff, I love this podcast.

My favourite episode: Episode 37 - The Death of Meredith Kercher (all episodes about Kercher)


True Crime Fan Club Podcast

A podcast that I found through Once Upon a Crime. Their style is very similar with a female narrator (who has a very calming voice) who talks you through a case each week.

My favourite episode: The Most Dysfunctional Family in America, Pt. 1 (Listen with caution, very graphic)


Bone Palace Ballet

It seems like almost all of my favourite have been recommended by another podcast that I love. This one is no exception.Bone Palace Ballet did a collaboration with True Crime Fan Club about two very graphic cases: Sylvia Likens and Erica Parsons (again, listen with caution, the Sylvia case made me want to throw up).

My favourite episode: Episode 10: The Likens/Parsons Murders



This is a podcast that differs from other podcasts that discuss true crime. We hear stories about people who've been wronged, done something wrong or were caught up in the middle of something. So if graphic or bloody podcasts aren't for you, try Criminal.

My favourite episode: Episode 53: Melinda and Judy and Episode 54: Melinda and Clarence



If you are a true crime buff then you already know about Serial but I thought I'd include the podcast that started the true crime frenzy for any people who are new to true crime podcasts. Their first season discusses the murder of Hae Min Lee and goes into depth about whether Adnan Syed is innocent or guilty. (Note: if you listen to this case, you should listen to Undisclosed because they go into incredible details pertaining to this case. After listening, I'm sure Adnan is innocent.) Their second season follows Bowe Bergdahl who disappeared from his post and was held by the Taliban for five years. They were releasing season three in the Spring of 2016 but nothing has come of it

My favourite episode: S01 Episode 01: The Alibi (and all of season one)


The Peripheral

Justin from Generation Why has his own podcast where he interviews individuals with personal stories that most consider to be taboo or shameful. Justin has a very casual and nonjudgmental attitude that allows those interviewed to relax and feel comfortable when telling their story. 

My favourite episode: Ep 8 Authoritative Religion



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