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Favourite Photos of 2016

The year started off in Australia where I spent many of my days at Le Pink Petit Patisserie.

Then we came back to Sweden and celebrated my birthday with the most delicious cake.

In March, I met Ida for the first time at Petite France.

Later that month, I also met Tora for the first time. So many new friendships in 2016!

In April, I had the time of my life in Paris, visiting Arc de Triumph, so many Parisian cafes, the Eiffel tower, Monet's garden and so many french stores.

The view from the Arc de Triumph

Monet's Garden and Champs Elysee

Soon after, it was the summer holidays in early June and Stockholm was so gorgeous and green. This is a shot from my neighbourhood that I'm fond of.

My cousin and I saw Little Mix at Grönalund, so much fun!

Also in June, we got Misha, our little kitten who's now quite big.

Later in the summer, Eve came to visit.

In the end of June, my family headed to our summer house in the Finnish countryside with little Misha.

The first photo that I took when we were back on Swedish soil, a view of Södermalm near Fåfängan.

My cousin Beata and I took the train down to Västerås to visit relatives. That trip was the first time I drove a go-cart, a great time.

In the late summer, We got our little Nea. So so adorable.

A shot that I always look back on fondly. This is a building by my school that has these gorgeous roses weaving up its walls and for some reason I've grown so fond of this photo.

Autumn came to Stockholm. I was obviously excited.

In the new school year, I met Alice and we had an immediate connection, meeting for coffee the very next day after we first met. Such a lovely person.

A shot from an early morning when I wandered around Gamla Stan to take photos for an art project.

The first snow came in early November. So much snow.

And finally, my self-portrait for art class that I'm quite proud of. Such a lovely year and such a lovely way to reflect on it. I've had so much fun, met so many great people and learnt so much. Thank you lovely reader for following along on my journey and I hope you stick around in 2017.





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