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My Favourite Blogs

Hanna MW

My current favourite blog. Hanna is a stylist and works for my favourite magazine Chic so it makes sense that I am head over heels for her style. Every post of hers is like flipping through a magazine with glossy photos, vacations in Italy and unique outfits. Find her blog HERE.


Sandra Beijer

Sandra Beijer is a Swedish author (and blogger of course) who blogs about fashion, her travels, thoughts and experiences. Incredibly interesting to read about. Find her blog HERE.


Josefin Dahlberg

Josefin's blog is a long time favourite since she was even featured in my last blog favourites that was a while back. Her style is unique, feminine and edgy, going against the typical Swedish uniform of black on black on black. She's such a positive breath of fresh air for Swedish bloggers Find here blog HERE.


Flora Wiström

I found Flora's blog through her podcast with Frida and have been reading it every day since. She has such cute style and a really unique way of blogging so you have to check her out! Find her blog HERE.


Aurora Mohn

Probably the first blogger that I started following (ever). Recently, she started a new blog and is posting very cute pictures that speak to the minimalist in me. Find her blog HERE.


Christie Tyler

To me, Christie is pretty much the epitome of Brooklyn style and aesthetic. She posts really cute outfit pictures, photos from her stylish apartment and Brooklyn. Find her blog HERE.


Kate La Vie

Kate blogs about decor, lifestyle, advice, tips and beauty. Her photos and layouts are always so pretty and so inspiring. Not to mention that her apartment is INCREDIBLE, so gorgeous, so stylish, so chic. Find her blog HERE.


Isabella Thordsen

A recent find. Isabella is a Danish blogger living abroad with her boyfriend and bulldog. Her theme is similar to Christie Tyler's so if you like her style, you'll like Isabella's blog. Find her blog HERE.


Eirin Kristiansen

Eirin is a Norweigan blogger with the most iconic minimalist style and gorgeous loft apartment. She blogs about fashion, health, her travels, and cute puppy. You should definitely check her out, find her blog HERE.


Kelsey Simone

I first found Kelsey through her Youtube channel (which you should subscribe to by the way). Recently she started a blog and has so far posted outfits, beauty favourites and inspirational layouts. If you know her youtube then you know her blog is just as cute. Find her blog HERE.


Emma Hiltunen

I found Emma Hiltunen through Josefin Dahlberg's It Girls competition. I love her attitude, style and of course, her art! If you like Josefin Dahlberg's blog, you'll love Emma's. Find her blog HERE.


Amanda Maria Josefina

I have no clue how I found Amanda's blog but I'm very glad I did. She blogs about books, vegan recipes, lifestyle posts and her everyday life. Find her blog HERE.


Tuva Alicia

 Just like Emma Hiltunen, I found Tuva Alicia through the It Girls competition that Josefin Dahlberg hosted. She was actually the winner and I can understand why: her style and attitude is goals. Find her blog HERE.


Alice Catherine

I found Alice's blog around the same time as Lizzy's (down below). She's a fashion blogger living in Machester who shares her style with her readers. Find her blog HERE.


Lizzy Hadfield

Last but not least, I recommend Lizzy Hadfield's blog. She posts such cute photos of her style, every outfit post is flawless. She also has a really fun thing series where she shows her week through 36mm film and as an analog camera lover, I love that idea so much. Find her blog HERE.





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