Sofia Vendela

My Current Favourite Youtubers

Cat CreatureProbably my favourite Youtuber at the moment. She vlogs and makes such incredibly aesthetic videos from her dorm at RISD. Not to mention that she often shows her subscribers her art and I loooove itttt.

Hannah Witton

A British Youtuber who talks about sex, periods, life, relationships and self-love. You can think of her as the British version of Clara Henry who talks more about sex and relationships.



Table Top


Table Top is a show on Youtube where Wil Wheaton invites different people to play board games for about an hour. These episodes are always so entertaining and let me embrace my nerdy side. 


Ashley Maries Vlogs

You may already know who Alisha Marie is but have you seen her vlogs? She really puts a lot of effort into her vlogs and they are always so much fun to watch. Not to mention that she has just moved house and I always love watching people move and redecorate.

Casey NeistatI I am a little bit behind the trend but I only just discovered Casey's vlogs and I loove them! They are so well made and always so interesting, I have nothing more to say except, watch his videos!
Mr Kate
If you haven't heard of Mr Kate, how dare you. She has a great series on her channel where her and her husband redecorate YouTubers homes (Lilly Singh, Joslyn Davis and Meghan Reinks etc) and another where they remodel their own. Another great aspect are Kate's vlogs where she shows the behind the scenes of each redecorate themed episode, so much fun!
Clevver Style
Clevver TV has created another channel called Clevver Style where they have a number of different series like Beauty Break where they talk, review beauty products in a comedic way. They have Lunchy break where you see the team go for lunch vlog style, I promise its super entertaining, especially after you grow to love the whole team. Finally they have Beauty Trippin where they go on some for of trip or excursion to do something involving beauty like making their own lipsticks (see it above), workout under water or get strange facials.


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