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MMA: Robin Delselius Bageri

Hello, luvs,

Its time for another meet me at post where I disguise my coffee addiction in the form of something productive and creative for this blog (yay). This week we'll all be meeting at Robin Delselius Bageri in Södermalm. Although I have a lot of trouble spelling it, it is now one of my favourite cafes in Södermalm and I'll definitely be heading back there for a coffee sometime in the near future.

Robin Delselius Bageri is a super trendy and cute cafe that reminds me Vetekatten quite a bit in style (mainly in colour palette and moulding). The cafe is filled with cute little tables adorned with candles and walls clad with dried herbs and low hanging lamps for an atmospheric yet industrial feel. I think of this bakery/coffee shop as a mix between Vetekatten and Pom & Flora, that perfect trendy Stockholm aesthetic.

Who would I bring here: I'd probably go here with a friend in between classes for a coffee or to pick up pastries because it's quite close to school and of course because they have delicious pastries.

The crowd: Locals and trendy/well-dressed young adults alike

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: I actually wasn't feeling coffee today (I know, huge surprise) but next time I'll definitely try their coffee, I'm sure it's lovely.

Sweets: Since it's a bakery, they have so many different options from savoury to sweet. They also have gluten-free and lactose-free options, so all inclusive.

Location and hours: Renstiernas gata 19, 11631 Stockholm. An eight-minute walk from Medborgarplatsen tube. Monday - Friday: 07-19, Saturday and Sunday: 07-17.

All in all, it is a lovely cafe/bakery that has a large selection for its customers, has a really great n' friendly staff and a very aesthetically pleasing interior. I am a little hesitant to rate this cafe because I didn't try their coffee so I give Robin Delselius Bageri a 7.5/10.





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