Sofia Vendela

Random Favourites

New Monki Sweater

My favourite clothing item of the moment is this sweater that I just came across when I was browsing in Monki. I find it difficult to find a sweater that fits well and actually flatters me. Finally, I found it! A low turtleneck, wide sleeves, a cropped hem and red detailing around the sleeve.


Loka Crush

This has been my latest obsession, I've been drinking the pear flavour of Loka Crush so much recently that I'm a little worried. It's like soft drink but it's way less sweet and made from fructose so it's kinda healthier. Don't judge me.


Hotel Halcyon

A few weeks ago, mum and I finished Hotel Halcyon and I loved it (however the ending was rushed, making it less effectful than I thought it would be). The series uses the amazing juxtaposition of upper class 40's glamour and the threat of Germany invading during World War Two. If you haven't seen it, you have to.


Estee Lauder Foundation

My favouuuurite foundation ever. Don't get confused by my face looking disinterested, this foundation is a (way too expensive) miracle foundation that makes my face look good due to the full coverage and combination of a matte yet glowy finish. Love, love love.


Oil PaintI don't know if all of you know that I am an art student but this will definitely prove that to you. For my current art project, I'm painting a portrait in water soluble oil paint (more details when I'm done in early May) and I'm loving it, the slow drying time to let me make mistakes along with the ability to build colour, tone and depth.


Frozen grapes

Last but not least, I have a bit of a weird favourite but I know some of you will agree with me (Ida, I'm looking at you): frozen grapes! This is a trick that I learnt from my Australian primary school days. Instead of eating ice cream, freeze some grapes and you have delicious individual cold sorbet-like things. Yum!





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