Sofia Vendela

Packing for Portugal

Hello, lovely readers,

As you're reading this I am in Lisbon, Portugal, having flown out on Friday. I thought I'd share the state of my luggage as I was packing and my best packing tips for you to use the next time you're travelling.

Make a List

About a week before you're travelling, write down all the items you want to bring because you won't remember everything off the top of your head. This way, you won't forget your toothpaste or charger again. Then when packing, tick items off your list as you pack them into your suitcase; easy as that. 

Pre-plan Outfits

As a person focused on fashion, pre-planning your outfits ahead of time saves you so much confusion, unnecessary packing and stress when you're throwing your stuff together. Instead of being stuck with an involuntary all black outfit or one with an odd mix of patterns, lay your clothes out into their designated outfits and take photos so that you'll remember later. You'll thank me later.

Focus on Versatility

When packing, it is crucial that you prioritise items of clothing that you can use in several different outfits. This way, you can pack light, save space for those travel purchases and feel comfortable in your fashion choices. Versatile pieces I recommend include a plain white tee, your favourite jeans, white tennis shoes and a black skirt among other things. To add to this, when packing, pack the basics but focus on your accessories. This way, a white tee and your favourite jeans can be jazzed up with a pair of statement earrings, your new slip ons or an eye-catching bag.






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