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MMA: Systrarna Andersson

Hello, coffee addicts,

This week we will be meeting at an enticing cafe in Vasastan. Recently, they changed their name (or owners, I don't know) from Borgs Bageri to Systrarna Andersson so I thought this would be a suitable time to review this adorable coffee shop!

Systrarna Andersson is a very aesthetic and underground cafe with a high ceiling full of unmatching teak vintage chairs, tables and artwork- creating a lovely comforting vibe. This is contrasted with an industrial renovation consisting of white tiled floors and walls along with dark green paint. So so cute and so so homey.

Who would I bring here: A fellow student/friend so that we can study or talk in the quiet environment, especially for breakfast.

The crowd: We were there on a Monday at 11.00 so there weren't that many people there until an hour or two later. The crowd consists of locals with strollers, people working on their laptops and hipsters enjoying a cortado or two.

Internet: Yes, the code is SemlanNummer1 (if I remember correctly)

Bathroom: Yes. HOWEVER, make sure you have a friend waiting on the other side of the door because the door jams shut due to the inside door handle not working. If Ida wasn't there, to open the door from the outside, I would still be in that bathroom.

Coffee: Their coffee is pretty great, strong but it was roasted for too long, creating a sweaty aftertaste that doesn't leave you until you go into retirement. Harsh I know, but I'm just so tired of coffee being ruined by this. A 6/10.

Sweets: Their pastries and desserts are reason enough to visit this cafe. They have several counters covered in brownies, biscuits and buns. Not to mention, very aesthetically appealing.

Location and hours: Karlbergsvägen 45, 113 37 Stockholm, a two-minute walk from S:t Eriksplan tube. Monday - Sunday: 08 - 18.

All in all, Systrarna Andersson is a great cafe with lovely desserts, food and interior that I'll definitely be visiting again soon for some study time and a breakfast or two. An 8/10!





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