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Meet Me At: Cafe Saturnus

Hello, lovely readers,

Today we will be meeting at the trendy cafe Saturnus, I don't know why I haven't reviewed this coffee shop before because it is right up my alley, I mean, look at their adorable coffee cups, I want one! So keep reading if you want to know my thoughts on cafe Saturnus.


 Saturnus is a French-inspired cafe in Vasastan. Compared to other trendy cafes, Saturnus is quite different with colourful mosaic walls, blue and red striped walls along with large gold frames containing their selection of dishes throughout the day. This may sound like quite unappealing but they've managed to style it really well and make it light, colourful and parisian, the pictures don't do it justice.

Who would I bring here: I'd go here for a catch up with a friend since their cinnamon buns are so huge that you have to share.

The crowd: A lot of people 25 - 45, tourists as well as locals who are there for breakfast or coffee, just like Ida and I were.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Before, I've found their coffee incredibly disappointing because it was so incredibly weak, but I think they have a new barista (thankfully) so their coffee is a lot stronger now without being too bitter.

Sweets: Saturnus is known for their desserts, especially their giant cinnamon buns so that alone is a reason to visit this cafe. Although the cinnamon buns are huge and well-priced, they are dry which is quite disappointing, however, I've tried their cheesecake and that was delicious so there's still hope.

Location and hours: Eriksbergsgatan 6, 114 30 Stockholm. A nice 15-minute walk from Rådmansgatan tube station. They're open: Monday to Friday: 07.00 - 20.00, Saturday and Sunday: 08.00 - 19.00.

 All in all, a cheerful cafe with good coffee and nice food, especially nice when you can sit outside in the sunshine with a cuppa. However, when Ida and I were there, we didn't experience great service from the waitress and this ruined our experience quite a bit. I give Saturnus a 7/10 and I will definitely be back this summer.



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