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Tips For Reducing Anxiety

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

One in four people suffers from mental illness and one in 13 of anxiety. I am one of those suffering from an anxiety disorder and am currently having a bad day. Today started with the worst stomach pain that I've ever had and was followed by that constant nagging anxiety that won't leave me alone, despite me having almost nothing on my plate. So today, I thought I'd give some advice as to how to handle those days where your anxiety flares up (or just a bad day in general). These tips are what work for me and they may not work for you so take what you want and leave anything that you don't want.



Take some deep breaths and try to focus on what is happening in the moment, not what will happen or has happened. I like to use logic to ease any stressful situation and to try and conquer my overly emotional side by saying things like: "That future assignment is no closer to completion if you are stressing over it. My two favourite apps of the moment have been helping me a lot with mindfulness and breathing are as follows: Kenkou Breathe and Kenkou Stress Guide.


Drink tea

 For me, I don't really feel a difference between green and black but if you're unsure you should definitely go for a good cup of green tea due to the lack of caffeine. Tea is both good for you and cosy, not to mention that it can be a caffeine free option instead of coffee. However, sometimes I want to have something that is better for the soul than for the body because it makes me feel better mentally. On those days I go for what I'm feeling- even if it's a cup of coffee, it still has plenty of health benefits and makes me very happy and relaxed even though it is very caffeinated. If you are unsure, try decaf!


Listen to a podcast

This can be a nice distraction and may sound counterintuitive to distract yourself when I previously spoke about mindfulness, but it depends on how you feel. Sometimes I want to sit in my anxiety and accept it and other times I want to think about something else. I have two posts about my favourite podcasts but one has mysteriously disappeared so here is my master post! While I'm listening to a podcast I'll make myself busy by cleaning the house because you know, tidy room, tidy mind. And also because it makes you move around and not just sit and wallow in your bed. If this isn't for you then I suggest you go outside, go out in the sun and get away from your house for some fresh air and a walk with a capturing podcast.



Write down your fears

This doesn't really help me because my GAD can make it very hard for me to find a source for my anxiety but I know that it helps a lot of people I know and can help me if I am stressed or feeling something unrelated to anxiety. If you can't think of any reasons, don't push yourself. Just do what makes you happy!


Talk about it

When I'm overwhelmed or just anxious, I like to sit down with my mum and just talk through how I'm feeling and what I should do. She comes with a new perspective and gives me support. If there is someone in your life that you feel comfortable going to then, by all means, grab a cup of tea with them and ask for help. If you don't want to go to anyone in your life you can always send an email to me: or find one of those sites where you can anonymously chat with a professional about your feelings.





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