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Sickness Survival Guide

Hello, luvlies!

'This the season of the flu and many people, such as myself, have been affected. So I thought I'd gather together six of my favourite tips and tricks to beat that nasty cold and nurse yourself back to good health. Pretend that you just called me asking for some advice and settle down with a cup of tea and some biscuits under a warm blanket as I dish my two cents!


Drink lots of fluid

Whether that be water, tea, juice or whatever; as long as you stay hydrated by drinking a lot- you'll get better soon! What I like to make is green tea with two spoons of honey and a little ginger along with a squeeze of lemon. But my top tip is definitely water, I can't stress enough how important it is you drink a lot of water.


Take a shower

This may sound incredibly obvious but taking a steaming hot shower or bath will make you feel so much better because it will help clear your sinuses. Although I prefer taking a shower when I'm sick; if you prefer a bath I suggest adding some essential oils to your bath water for some aromatherapy that will help boost your mood and calm you down.


Change your sheets

Although you are sick, lying around in your own filth is not good for your current state. After a quick shower, change your sheets for some nice n' clean ones and you'll feel so cosy so quickly.


Entertain yourself

Whatever this may be: watching your favourite tv series or movie, reading a book, writing, painting or taking photographs... finding things to do that will distract you from your misery is always a good idea and what I am doing by writing this very blog post.



Letting yourself get some sleep is incredibly important when your body is suffering from some type of flu or sickness. This doesn't mean you have to sleep because just by lying in bed and relaxing, you'll do youself so many favours.


Make Soup

Lastly, drink/eat (still don't know which verb to use) soup. The chicken noodle soup is a classic and a favourite of mine, in fact here's my favourite recipe: link. It has actually been proven that soup with chicken and pasta helps you get better, not to mention the placebo effect of consuming some steaming and delicious soup!


I hope these tips helped and that you get well soon!




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