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Meet Me At: NEWT

Hello, all you coffee lovers out there!

Sorry for a bit of a lull in my posting but I've just gotten a new kitten and have been a little busy (photos coming soon). This week we will all be meeting at the coffee shop NEWT, it is a cute little place close to the water along Kungsholmen where you can grab a piece of cake and a coffee in a modern, quiet and warm environment.

NEWT is a coffee shop that I first visited early this year and since then, it has become by favourite place to get coffee on Kungsholmen. The cafe is near the water so it's perfect to go for a walk along Norr mälarstrand with a takeaway coffee cup in hand. Whenever I bring a friend here, I like to describe the decor as " modern scandinavian with a Viking like twist". Although I don't really know how I came up with this, it feels pretty accurate due to the natural wood finish on the simple yet modern furniture, the birch tree wallpaper, dark iron candlesticks, dark and the warm colour theme of the establishment.


Who would I bring here: I'd either go here with my mum in between errands for a quick coffee or with a friend so that we sit undisturbed and talk for a while.

The crowd: Mainly locals; a mum with her child, some guy who popped down for a coffee, two friends meeting for a catch up...

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Those of you who've been following this series for a while may see the connection between my favourite coffee shops and the quality of their coffee and this is no exception. One of the many draws to NEWT is the quality of their coffee. Their lattes are strong, the beans are good quality and there is a good balance between the acidic and base flavour. An 7.9/10.

Sweets: Although delicious, the portions are very small which (depending on who you ask) can either be a good or bad thing. You'll just have to give NEWT a visit to decide for yourself (I recommend their mud cake)!

Location: Polhemsgatan 15, 11236 Stockholm







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