Sofia Vendela

Meet Me At: Greasy Spoon

Greasy Spoon is a cafe in the heart of Södermalm that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and everything in between. The name "Greasy Spoon" comes from the English term meaning a small and cheap restaurant or diner. This cafe has put a spin on that term by creating a modern and warm environment that suits the general feel of Södermalm. The walls are draped in an old-fashioned wallpaper along with white tiles with dark grout for a contrast between old and new. The floor and furniture are an auburn wood and of simple design that feels simple yet homey.

Who would I bring here: I would bring a group of girlfriends here for a Sunday brunch or alternatively, heading there with them for breakfast before the school day starts.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes. large clean and no queue.

Coffee: I didn't try their latte since I chose brewed coffee instead (due to the fact that it included top ups). Although brewed coffee is often bitter and acidic in taste, Greasy Spoon's option has a much more well-rounded flavour that doesn't grow too bitter as it cools. Since their brewed coffee is so good, I am sure their latte is wonderful. I think a cautious 8.9/10.

Sweets: Since this is more of a brunch place and less of a typical cafe, there are only three desserts offered. However, even if there was more available, I feel that I'd still prefer to grab a meal here due to the cosy atmosphere.

 Location: Tjärhovsgatan 19, 11628 Stockholm and it is just a 5-minute walk from Medborgarplatsen. This is definitely a place that I'll bring my friends to so that we can talk over coffee and pancakes after school. Due to the hip yet old-fashioned decor and atmosphere along with the delicious food, I give Greasy Spoon a 7.5/10!






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