Sofia Vendela

Meet Me At: Blå Porten

Hello, Coffee lovers of the world!

This week's Meet Me At is at Blå Porten, a cafe on the island Djurgården that is surrounded by an amusement park, the ABBA museum and many other tourist attractions. This place acts as a quiet place where you can sit down and grab a cup of coffee along with a piece of cheesecake while the tourists and locals alike, mill around the island in search of fun.

Blå Porten is a cafe that I've been going to for years due to the great location and good coffee. This is an old cafe with great seating in the courtyard leading up to the location. The cafe's plain wood decor is a little basic for my taste but the dessert table makes up for that! But more on that later...

Who would I bring here: I'd bring my family including my grandparents because this cafe is a is a famous classic here in Stockholm with lots of room, a pretty garden and a great location on Djurgården.

The crowd: The people that you will find here are mainly older ladies and gentlemen or maybe a woman with her child in her stroller who is meeting her own mother for a quick catch up over coffee.

Internet: No.

Toilet: Yes but there is often a queue.

Coffee: Their coffee is really good but can be a little weak and heavy in flavour for my personal taste. I'd say about 6.5/10.

Sweets: Okay now here comes the part that at least I've been waiting for... their dessert! They have a looong table that is crowded with cakes, biscuits and tarts in many different colours and flavours so that you'll always find something you fancy.


Location: Djurgårdsvägen 64, 11521 Stockholm. To get here you either need to walk for about 20-30 minutes from the tube or take the tram which will take about 5-10 minutes extra.


I love Blå Porten because it is such a staple with a friendly feel, delicious desserts and plenty of space to relax outdoors. I give Blå Porten a 6.5/10.





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