Sofia Vendela

Cosy Autumn Questions


What du you most look forward to when you think of autumn?

I am looking forward to the general feeling in the air that feels like the world is slowing down after summer along with the changing of the leaves and chilled temperature that just makes you want to wear a cosy sweater and walk around with a take away cuppa coffee.


What is the worst thing about autumn?

The fact that everyday its getting darker and colder. Although this can be cosy, it can also be quite difficult for me due to my anxiety that acts up when I'm out when its dark.


What is the best?

The fact that Christmas is almost here! No but in all seriousness, I love the rain, the leaves and the way too sweet seasonal drinks.


What does your autumn outfit look like?

Either a mini skirt with maybe a pair of tights or just skinny jeans along with a top or cropped jumper, ankle boots or sneakers and a coat or denim jacket; it varies but those are my staple pieces that I am often drawn to so look forward to predictable outfit of the days ahah!


What is on your to-do list?

Incedently, I have already written a blog post listing things to do this autumn which you can find here. Other than that I just want to spend my time studying deligently (let's see how that works out...) and sitting at cafes with a friend or two as we chat over steaming cups of coffee while the chilly autumn air changes outside. An important focus of mine is this very blog because I know that it gets difficult to post quality posts when school takes up such a huge chunk of time but I am determined to try my best!


How to help autumn depression?

This is something that I often experience when daylight dissapears. My main piece of advice to anyone suffering from seasonal affective disorder or autumn depression is to take vitamn D and to start taking it right now. Other tips are to purchase an a SAD lamp or alarm clock to put a pep in your step during the dark months ahead and to just spend time with the people you love to cheer up up!


Best music for rainy days?

I have four playlists to recommend on Spotify. Three of them are made by Spotify (here, here and here) and this one is my favourite cosy playlist that I've compiled. Other than that I really suggest you just listen to The Nightmare Before Christmas's soundtrack.


Things I'm purchasing?

I want to find some fairy lights, festive candles, a good winter/autumn coat, a little black bag, chelsea boots, a light grey scarf, more chokers, a new curling iron, a black tennis skirt, a pentax K1000 and polaroid film.


What is the best autumnal series and movie to watch?

My number one favourite show to watch is Gilmore Girls! I've already written about this series on my blog previously since it is such a cosy series about a mother and daughter who go about their lives as the years go by. Last year, I wrote a blog post about my favourite halloween movies but for some reason it seems to have dissapeared but annyway.. I recommend my favourite: The Nightmare before Christmas.


What is your best autumn meal?

Soup! Especially soup with some form of pasta mmmm.. My favourite dessert for autumn has to be pecan pie- it is to die for, you have to try it!


Where do you prefer to spend your free time?

I love spending my free time either at a cafe with a latte and a good podcast or at home under a blanket with a cup of tea plus the book Jane Eyre.


Do you have a planned trip this season?

No, since school has just started and my whole family is pretty busy, and doesn't really want to travel anywhere. Maybe next year...


How are you preparing for winter?

I am so incredibly excited for Christmas but preventing myself from starting to listen to Christmas music until November first. Otherwise, I am looking up good winter and autumn recipies, eating vitamin D, looking for a few pieces for my autumn wardrobe, reading classic litterature and re-watching Gilmore Girls!


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