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Meet Me At: Mellqvist Kaffebar

Hello, coffee lovers!

After a few weeks, I am finally back with another cafe for my Meet Me At series. I can't believe that I haven't talked about Mellqvist before since it is such a staple for me. Since school starts early on Fridays, mum and I most usually head to Vasastan and sit down with a latte and cardamon bun each as breakfast before heading in two different directions for our job/school- the best morning ritual for the darker months to make every day a little brighter. Keep in mind, I couldn't get the quality of photos that I wanted inside the cafe because my camera has too slow of a shutter speed for the dark interior and my phone's photos are a little grainy and really and truly don't show off what the cafe really looks like. I promise it is so much lovelier and aesthetically pleasing in real life! With that addressed, let's move on. Grab a cuppa coffee and continue reading...

Mellqvist Kaffebar is a coffee shop that is perfect for the cold months, let me explain... Firstly, it is always dark in there with the main light source being candles at every table and small ceiling lamps here and there (and also because I always go there in the morning). Also because there is a certain cosy atmosphere in the cafe due to the darkness and homey feeling of the exposed brick, brown tiled floor and dark furniture covered in sheep's wool.  

Who I'd Bring Here: My mum since we already have a long-standing tradition but otherwise I'd bring a friend who is also headed to school and is up for a morning coffee before heading our separate ways.

The Crowd: I've always gone there in the morning and during that time there are mainly people sitting alone, either working on their computers or enjoying their morning latte. However, you will still find friends catching up over coffee at their local cafe Mellqvist. 

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Mellqvist has delicious coffee. It is one of the reasons that I go there, the coffee is always the same standard and is hot with soothing yet sweet base notes while somewhat strong. I give it a 7/10. 

Sweets: Their cardamon buns are incredible, I've ordered one almost everytime I've been there and oh my god they are delicious! They have a cute system where you grab your own plate or takeaway bag and pick whichever bun you choose. Sweets are not the main focus of the establishment and I'm not sorry about that, that's not really why I go to Mellqvist anyway.

Location and hours: Rörstrandsgatan 4, 11340 Stockholm, about 10 steps from the subway entrance to St Eriksplan and they're open between Monday-Thursday: 06-21, Friday: 06-19, Saturday-Sunday: 07-18

Overall rating: Due to the general feeling, my own memories of the place (sorry, I'm biased) and quality of the coffee, I'd give Mellqvist Kaffebar in Vasastan a 7.5/10.





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