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Meet Me At: Fabrique (Gamla Stan)

Hello, lovely readers!

It's the weekend and time for us to catch up, this week we'll be meeting at Fabrique in Gamla Stan for a latte and a brownie. They are the hipster of the coffee chains and their level of quality never fails. Scroll down to read more...

Fabrique is a coffee chain here in Sweden with cute interior design, lovely coffee and several central locations. The one in Gamla Stan is large with white tiles/dark grout on the walls, blue patterned tiles for the floor and low hanging bare lightbulbs that create a lovely mood. The walls are decorated with hipstery posters (and other such pieces like the one behind me in the picture below) and the tables are a mix of shabby chic pieces, coupled with uniform low back wood chairs.

The Crowd: Judging by the times I've gone to any Fabrique location, it seems to be a place where friends go to catch up or where a local (maybe with their kid) goes to pick up a loaf of bread on the way home.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Fabrique's coffee has a good and well-rounded balance in its flavour but when I was there last, the coffee was a little lukewarm and too weak for my taste. This isn't a very big deal for me so it's still a 6.5/10.

Sweets: Okay their brownies are incredible! (You can see it in the pictures either below or above). It was a turtle brownie with a moist and mud cakey centre while not being too rich nor too sweet. Ida can also guarantee that their chocolate cookies are fantastic.

Location: Fabrique has thirteen locations (!) so you'll just have to google the one that's closest to you. The one that we went to (and where the photos are from) is at Lilla Nygatan 12, 11128 Stockholm. It is about 30 seconds from the Gamla Stan tube station, 50 seconds if there are a lot of Pokemon Goers in the area.

All in all, Fabrique is a great chain for all those hipsters and coffee lovers (like me) who don't go to Espresso House or Wayne's and want an overall high level of quality with delicious food, a nice environment and good service. A 6.8/10.





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