Sofia Vendela

Favourite Youtubers

Arden Rose


Arden Rose isn't the typical "beauty guru", she makes very interesting videos about makeup, sex, body image and fashion (among other things). She has a lovely energy and style that I keep coming back to. Find her youtube here!



Connie is the absolute sweetest youtuber you'll ever find. I first found her through her impression videos (which are incredible btw) and fell in love with her positivity, cuteness and pink hair. Find her youtube here and her vlog channel here.


Jessi Smiles

I was recommended this lovely lady by a friend and I haven't been able to stop watching her since, her hilarious videos and mind-blowing storytimes are videos that I keep watching over and over again. Find her youtube here and her beauty channel here.


Clarissa May


I have no clue how I stumbled upon Clarissa's youtube channel but recently, she reinvented her social media accounts and is going in a completely different direction with her aesthetic. Every video of hers is so well shot and innovative, you have to check her out here.


NYC Bambi


Christie Tyler has such an inspiring style, both in fashion and decor. I fell in love with her Tumblr Christie's Closet and have followed her to youtube and to her new blog. I am so excited every time she releases a new video and hope you will be too. Find her videos here and her posts here.


Charles Gross

Also a recommendation from a friend. Charles makes a video every day (!) either in the form of a vlog, story time or something perfume or fashion related. Every since I found out about him, I have been bingeing on his videos and have fallen in love. Find his youtube here.



Kate La Vie

I first discovered Kate through her blog and eventually stumbled upon her youtube channel. Just like her blog, her videos are so beautiful and inspiring with a new video every week that was better than the last. Find her channel here and her blog here.


The Gabbie Show

Gabbie is such a hilarious human being. I don't know how I found her but I am so happy that I did. I've seen all her story time videos at least 3-5 times (I wish that I was exaggerating). Find her youtube here and her vlogs here.


Tess Christine

Last but not least we have Tess. I've been following her for many years now and her videos have just gotten better and better. About a year ago she moved to New York and her unique style just exploded. Watch her show you the best cafes in NYC and how to dress for fall here.





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