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Fall Makeup Trends 2016

Intense Lashes

This season it has been a real mixing pot of the Swinging Sixties and Grunge of the 90's, especially when concerning lashes. Fashion brands were going in different directions with some going bold falsies to replicate the great Twiggy, some going simple with a minimalistic use of mascara. Others chose to bring back the clumpy lashes that compliment an oxblood lip (as seen above on Kendall Jenner) and it strangely works. I remember the 2013 spider lashes all over Tumblr but this is a different take with shorter and larger clumps of lashes that look more planned than the small and strangely long groupings of the early teen years. For an extra twist, go all out with more 90's vibes by choosing a coloured mascara.


Natural n' Illuminated Skin

The fashion industry's staple is fresh, dewy and simple makeup, hair and nails to show off the clothes but this season it has been different. The glowy natural look was a staple for almost every designer with strobed skin, shimmery eyes, a little mascara, brushed out eyebrows and a natural peachy or glossy lip. This will be a great look for winter due to its simplicity since you'll be waking up way too early when its dark outside and you don't want to do anything except lie in bed and drink coffee... Oh boy, that was a little too close to home... If you take anything from this trend, the key is to keep it natural and strobe, strobe, strobe.


Blue eyeshadow

80's fashion is beginning to come back and I have to admit, I'm not at all a fan but I can see this 80's trend working. The bright blue eyeshadow has resurfaced. I feel that you can use a subtle blueish purple on your lids along with long natural lashes, brushed out brows and glossy lips for a more day to day adaptation of this trend.



Pat Mcgrath is a true genius, bringing so many of the trends I'm mentioning in this post, including this one: glitter! And no, not for New Years but for fall. More specifically, loose and large glitter (not pigment) that you apply to your face, like your eyes, cheekbones, brow bone, cupid's bow or lips. Just make sure to be gentle on your skin when removing it, I've seen that vaseline or oil are the best ways to go.


Dark Lips

Yes I know, dark lips for fall is a reaaaal shocker. But the thing is that every season the shade is different and reflects the future colours of winter and spring. This year I've noticed two main colours, the first being a dark blackcurrant. This colour is closer to black than to either red or purple and feels very grungey (or grungie or grung-esk..?). Next, we have the classic red lip with usually a blue undertone that says 50's Hollywood glamour turned modern and polished. With both of these styles I'd suggest large yet natural lashes to balance the bold lip.


Brushed Out Brows

This is a favourite trend of mine and I was very excited to see it at fashion week. Although big Cara Delevingne brows have been a staple of the 2010's, this season it is all about unruly and natural brows that aren't perfect. A type of "lazy" eyebrow look where you avoid plucking or waxing excess hairs and just let them grow out. To achieve this look, use your usual brow product with a light hand so to avoid dramatic lines then use clear brow gel to brush your hairs up n' outwards.


Intense eyeliner

Makeup inspired by grunge was a common thing seen at fashion week and the dramatic eyeliner was one of them. It is a great and eye-catching (pun not intended) look for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to achieve the perfect smokey eye. It is very simple to achieve, just grab a gel or pencil eyeliner and go to town! For added effect, use a blending brush to smoke the look out and hide any mistakes.








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