Sofia Vendela

Autumn Vibes

Hello, lovely readers!

Today has been such a lovely day, One of those perfect Sundays that we all dream about and that only roll around once it a while. I fueled up on coffee as the rain trickled down outside with some nice acoustic music in the background. From my bed, I have a perfect view of the water and could see how the wind was carrying the waves and swaying the autumn-tinged tree branches in perfect timing with the lilting tones of each song. I also managed to study maths and work on a speech for Swedish not to mention several blog posts that made me feel very productive and happy.

I now realise that I need these types of days regularly: maybe every Sunday. A day where I don't just do all the things that entertain me but the things that feed my soul. I want to listen to more acoustic music, read my magazines and my books in peace, light candles and draw or paint in my sketchbook away from the haze of constant TV shows, scrolling on my phone and looking around on my computer . As an introvert, HSP and generally anxious person, I've always known that this is what I should do but now I really want and need to do these things as a form of mindfulness and as a break away from the internet. I hope you do the same for yourself.





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