Sofia Vendela

Meet Me At: Vetekatten

Hello, coffee lovers!

This week we will be meeting at one of my favourite cafes: Vetekatten. They have a large location with a long and proud history here in Stockholm, with thousands of baked goods and refills on coffee, what's not to love?!

Vetekatten is so gorgeous, with a large location (5 rooms and two places to order). The floor is a dark wood in combination with a white marble tile. There are plenty of windows and walls are a cream white with greyish green moulding to add the Victorian touch. All the tables and chairs in the more modern salon are dark wood with a marble tabletop. The room is bright with simple chandeliers hung from a pale blue ceiling with moulding.

Who would I bring here: Anyone and everyone! Since I love this cafe, I've already been there so many times with so many people and they've all loved it, whether they're a blogging friend (like Ida, seen above), my mum or grandmother.

The crowd: I've seen many different types of people here: Stockholmers, tourists, friends meeting for coffee, family meet ups, couples taking a break from shopping etc.. I don't recommend going here to study since it is quite loud and can get a little crowded so it's a little rude to sit at a table by yourself with just a coffee for two hours.

Internet: Yes, two

Toilet: No

Coffee: Vetekatten's coffee is wonderful. It's cheap and comes in large cups with the possibility of refills, incredible! I give their coffee an 8/10.

Sweets: They have such a huge selection since they're also a bakery. Vetekatten provides lots of vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree, dairy free sweets and pastries. See the menu above. If you aren't sure what to go for, choose the Leo bun which is free of everything except sugar. My favourite things to order are their pistachio buns, Danish vanilla pastry, chocolate croissant and rum balls.

Location and hours: Kungsgatan 55, 1122 Stockholm, a 4-minute walk from Hötorget tube. Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 20 while Saturday and Sunday: 09:30 - 19.

Overall rating: Their coffee is great, the service is lovely and their food is fabulous, this probably explains why their always packed and its so hard to get a table. All in all a 9.7/10.





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