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Meet Me At: Fikabaren

Hello, lovely readers!

This is the first meet me at that is not about a cafe that I've already visited and loved. Last Sunday I met up with Ida for a coffee at Fikabaren here in Södermalm and was a little disappointed with their coffee. Don't let this discourage you from visiting the establishment though, I'm just a coffee addict who has grown to realise that I'm a little picky therefore probably won't be visiting this cafe again.

Fikabaren is a modern and trendy coffee shop in Medborgarplatsen that serves a range of delicacies and drinks along with a calm atmosphere. The cafe has a dark wood, grey, beige and concrete colour palette that can be seen in the classic yet simple floor and walls, industrial chairs and marble tabletops. To add a personal touch, the walls are covered in artsy photographs.

Who would I bring here: I'd go here by myself to study since it is quite calm with many places to sit or I'd go here with a friend from school if we didn't have enough time to go to another cafe like Pom & Flora.

The crowd: When we were there it was quite quiet but the people there were mainly locals who were gabbing over coffee or working in the peaceful environment.

Internet: No

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Not at all for me. I really don't like writing anything negative but this coffee was acidic and bitter, small yet quite expensive. The flavours didn't at all work for me but I think this could improve if they changed their beans and bought some larger coffee cups. Sadly, 3/10.

Sweets: Although I didn't order anything, the sweets out front looked delicious. There were may different types of buns, cakes and sandwiches to choose from, quite similar to that of Cafe Pascal, Kaffeverket and Snickarbacken 7.

Location and hours: Södermannagatan 10, 11623 Stockholm, a short walk from Medborgarplatsen. Monday-Friday: 07-19, Saturday and Sunday: 09-18.

All in all, this coffee shop is very nicely decorated with friendly staff but sadly, isn't for me. 4/10.






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