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Favourites: Josefin och Vanja

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Todays post is mainly for my Swedish followers but is also relevant to anyone who wants o find bloggers who are very inspiring. As many of you know, I am Swedish and last June I moved back to Sweden after eight years in Australia and it was quite difficult to go through this huge change but in the midst of it, I discovered a podcast called Josefin och Vanja and it really helped and inspired me. Although I can't quite remember if I found Josefin's blog first or their podcast... They are two amazing women who are very smart and creative in the blogging/fashion industry which I one day wish to work in.

Their podcast is so interesting, funny and empowering as they touch on important topics like happiness, feminism, self confidence and the fuck it attitude. Soon after this discovery, I found their blogs, found them on Snapchat and Instagram and joined their community of lovely followers.

Not only have they and their podcast improved my self confidence, general attitude about life and made my morning commute to school more interesting but they have also helped me find new people. In recent blog posts, they started a way to find new friends through their blogs. All you had to do was leave a comment about yourself and then scroll through the comments and reply to anyone who you liked.

After doing this, I have talked to several really sweet girls that I would never have met if not for Josefin and Vanja. A few weeks ago, I actually went out for coffee with one of them and sent a snapchat to Vanja which she posted on her blog and spoke about in their podcast, making us very happy ahahh!


And I am so happy for these two amazing women since they were in the new PLAZA magazine which is so great since they both deserve it so much and more than deserve the title of superkvinnor (super women)! So I highly recommend you go check out their podcast (its called Josefin och Vanja as previously mentioned) but its in Swedish so for any Aussies out there- I recommend you still check out their blogs because their photos are very pretty too! Link to Vanja's HERE, and Josefin's HERE!

If any of you are interested in the friendship post I was talking about before, the links are HERE and HERE.






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