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Pre-Summer Fashion Trends

Hello lovely people!

Sydney Fashion Week has just kicked off and I thought I'd give you a roundup of the Pre-Summer trends for the season. Although I already have a post on the Spring trends (find it here), there are always new trends emerging on the scene and this time it is all about the relaxed romantic look.





There are two trends in this post that are related but this one is on its own due to its versatility. Either you can choose a piece with a big ruffle if you want a statement piece or maybe a few small ones for a more relaxed look. A crop top with ruffles could be styled with jeans, boots and a leather jacket for an edgy look or worn with a high waisted skirt, block heels and a bomber jacket for a more feminine look. Combined with the 21st-century oversized trend, ruffles will be really good this summer due to their looseness that will let your skin breathe. If you are interested in trying this trend, I recommend ZARA (yes, I will be recommending them a lot in this post because they always have on trend pieces) since they are currently fully stocked on a lot of ruffles, shoulder detailed as well as blue and white pieces that are all very popular this season.




Flat Shoes

Another comfortable shoe trend and just in time for summer! Although sneakers have been a trend for the past few years, there is a new trend right around the corner. I saw the first whispers of this trend two years ago when Birkenstocks came onto the scene and now flat shoes are a thing. By that I specifically mean slippers since they were dominating the runway but oxfords and relaxed ballet slippers(as well as Birkenstocks of course) are also a part of this look.




The Denim Jacket

Stockholm has just exploded with nice weather for the past few weeks and it is just in time for this trend. The denim jacket serves the function of comfort and warmth while still looking relaxed and prêà porter. Another bonus with this trend is that is can be (and often is) worn oversized. I've been on the look for a good denim jacket and was unhappy with the regular sized ones since they look uncomfortable, cheap and unworn. And today I actually found a lovely oversized jeans jacket at H&M in size 50. If you are having a hard time finding "the one" I recommend checking out the male section of stores since they tend to have a less tailored yet relaxed fit than the women's section. Another tip is to go several sizes too big (like I did) and then you can roll the sleeves up for a casual look. I know that both H&M and ZARA (both the male and female section) have a good selection of denim jackets for a good price.





This is a trend that I am very enthusiastic about, well I am enthusiastic about all of these trends but this is a trend that I was very eager to get behind. Patches! These can be applied to any item for a young and edgy look. Many pieces come with pre-attached patches but they tend to be a little more expensive than the regular garment and if you are like me and don't want to make that commitment I suggest making your own. All you need to do is buy a plain piece and then find some patches online (I also know Monki sells them) and apply them. This method is cheaper and fun since then you can pick both the clothing you want to match the trend as well as the patches themselves. Another idea that I prefer is to buy those patches in the form of cute pins that you can easily attach and detach from any piece! 




Heels with Socks

This next one is a favourite of mine but sadly hard for me to recreate since wearing them in school is impractical and feels strange as well as the fact that I have a very high arch that makes them very painful. But I will try to recreate this trend for a party or maybe some OOTD shoot. I know I've written about this trend in a post a looong time ago but now heels with socks are coming back with a bang! The fun thing with this is that this trend is easy to personalise, whether you want to try platforms, court heels, kitten heels, closed toed shoes, wedges or sandals- it is all possible. Not to mention the type of socks you want to style them with: lace, sheer, glittery, ruffled, knitted, brightly coloured or classic white ones! Another plus is that this trend is great for spring when the weather is still warming up and wearing high heels with bare feet can be a little cold.





Many tend to avoid incorporating metals into their outfit because they feel too out there and maybe too futuristic but have no fear- even this trend can be applied to regular people like you and I. The trick is always moderation- by just finding one metallic piece, your whole outfit will have a new light without you having to give up any minimalist ideals. I highly suggest silk pieces because they have a natural sheen (furthest to the right) that mirrors that of a metallic colour. I also suggest wearing metallic shoes if you want to be able to mix and match easily. Right now I myself am eyeing a pair of silver low block heels that I know would go great with any look and spice it up.




Prairie Dress

The prairie dress is a perfect bohemian piece for summer since it is comfortable, romantic, easy to style and breathable. Of course, you don't need a maxi style like those pictured above since there are many modified versions of runway pieces. As long as there is an element of either floral, lace or ruffles- you're good to go! This is a trend is back from the late 1800's and adapted to the 21st century- think Little House on the Prairie meets Devil Wears Prada. I personally would style this piece with a pair of court heels (to add a modern edge), a leather jacket over the shoulders (for a timeless yet edgy side) as well as a large clutch (for some reason clutches always look good when wearing a jacket over the shoulders).



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