Sofia Vendela

My "Success Blouse"



Jacket - Bershka, Blouse - ZARA, Skirt - Cooperative, Bag - Lindex, Shoes - Unknown

As many of you known, ZARA is one (if not the one) of my favourite stores and the store pulled trough (yet again) since I recently I found an absolutely gorgeous blouse. It is very on trend and at a good price with ruffle styled sleeves, a loose bodice and relaxed collar that could change formality depending on how many buttons are done up. If you know Josefin and Vanja, you may know of the idea of the "success blouse". This being a shirt that makes you feel like a million bucks by putting a pep in your step and making you feel flawless. I have finally found mine! I can wear it with a high waisted skirt or shorts or overalls as well as a pair of tight or even loose jeans. Whenever I don't feel 100% and have little to no inspiration for a nice outfit; I grab this baby blue blouse and I'm ready for the day!






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