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Best Comedy TV Shows

Hello, lovelies!

I thought I'd share my favourite light-hearted tv shows that cheer me up any and every day. I was inspired to create this list, both for myself to keep track and for you, because sometimes it's really hard to find something to watch when, magically, every show slips from your memory and you're left there, switching between channels (or youtube videos) with nothing else to watch. Fear no more- here are my favourites! And note: these are probably not all of them since I probably forgot some...

Friends: I mean, it's a classic. If you haven't heard of Friends,

then you need to watch it.

Parks and Recreation: A great show following the Parks and Recreation department

in Pawnee, Indiana. The show follows Leslie Knope and her co-workers as they

fight for their city and make memories. 

Big Bang Theory: A sitcom that follows four scientists and their neighbour Penny.

The show is a classic with great jokes and a fun storyline.


2 Broke Girls: This is one of my favourite "sitcom style" shows. I've written about

it before but it deserves yet another moment on my blog. It follows two broke girls

(hence the title) as they try to get their cupcake shop off the ground.

Arrested Development: A show from 2005 that follows the very dysfunctional

Bluth family after a huge financial scandal when they all try to fend for themselves.

It sounds pretty serious but I promise, it's hilarious!

How I Met Your Mother: Currently, I am rewatching this show since it is very easy

to watch and enjoy. The story is told from 2030 when Ted Mosby (as seen above)

tells his kids how he met their mother (thereby the title).

30 Rock: Liz Lemon (above) is the head writer on a comedy show where she has

to deal with an annoying boss and frustrating actors while driving the

show towards success.

New Girl: I am rewatching this show for the third time because I love it! It is lighthearted

yet sweet and hilarious with great characters who work well together. New Girl

follows Jessica Day after she moves into a loft with three roommates and

follows her passion of teaching.

Community: Although I haven't watched this show recently, I have seen the

whole show twice. It is an incredibly creative show that differs from other

comedy/drama shows by its irony and meta way of talking about other

shows. I know, that doesn't really make sense but just watch it! Danny

Pudi does a great job in instilling this feeling.

Modern Family: Three connected and complicated families face trials and

tribulations in their daily lives with great comedic timing and awesome actors.

Saturday Night Live: Is a sketch comedy show with 41 seasons that features

famous guest hosts in incredibly hilarious sketches and parodies of

recent events.

Gilmore Girls: The show follows a mother and daughter who have a close bond

and a love of coffee (yes, this is the perfect show for me). It starts with Rory in

high school and Loralie as she runs a hotel and strives to open her own inn.

Sex and the City: An oldie but a goldie, this tv series is about four women in

New York City as they find love and work on their careers while commenting

with wit on many aspects of daily life

Mike & Molly: Although I haven't watched more than two seasons of this show

this show, I still find it incredibly funny with Melissa McCarthy in a lead role

and you know that if she's in it then it's bound to be great!


I hope this gave ya'll some inspiration as to what to watch!






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