Sofia Vendela

Finland 2016 Vlog

Hello lovely people of the internet!

I'm baaack! You probably didn't notice since I've had scheduled posts going up, but if you read a recent blog post you would be aware that I've been in the Finnish countryside and got back on Thursday. Last year, I compiled several clips from my trip into a video/vlog type of thing where I showed the highlights from my trip. This year, I thought I'd do the same so throughout the whole trip I shot little clips of what I was doing, where I was going and what I was eating as well as my surroundings.

This video really just shows the details of my trip but also gives a vague idea of what I spent my time doing since the majority of the time, I had my nose buried in a book with loud music in my headphones haha! The video spans from us queuing for Viking Line to the car ride home to Stockholm. I hope that you still found it enjoyable since I had fun putting it all together!





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