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Valentine's Day Makeup

Hello cuties!

Happy Valentine's day! Although I think this holiday is overrated as there is so much pressure put on society to be codependent or in a relationship; I still love any day where the colour pink is everywhere! Thought I'd share my simple makeup look for a day to celebrate love of any kind!

I have other posts with my face routine so I'll just skip that! For my eyes I started with my regular Urban Decay eye primer in Eden and for eyeshadow I used their Naked 3 palette since it is filled with pink colours that also compliment my green eyes. I started with applying Limit on my lids and following up with a little Burnout before adding a mixture of Buzz and Factory in my crease.

To finish, I used my finger and lightly applied Dust (as it is very flakey) to the centre of my lids as well as Strange to my inner corners for a highlight. Finally, I added a small cat eye with my favourite Maybelline Master Ink in Matte as well as two coats of their Push Up mascara. For my eyebrows I used Anastasia's Dip Brow in Taupe.


For contour, I used the Chocolate Soleil bronzer in Medium/Deep from Too Faced as well as their Peach Beach Sweethearts blush. For highlighter, I used my all time favourite The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer and all though my photos aren't doing it justice, I promise it is so incredibly gorgeous!

Finally, for my lips I applied a dark Clinique lip liner before using a liquid lipstick from Too Faced in the colour Melted Fig. I Hope you have a nice Sunday, celebrating your loved ones!





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